FAQ: Why You Don't List PLM Now?

This is a very frequently asked question from the community. And here is the answer :point_down:

To list token, obviously we need to launch the network. To launch the network, Kusama/Polkadot needs to be ready for Parachains.

The truth is more complicated than you expect. Polkadot/Kusama doesn’t have a hot swappable consensus implementation yet. This means an independent Substrate chain can’t become a Parachain seamlessly.

In addition to that, the genesis file should be registered at the beginning of the Parachain auction. If I understand correctly, it is a “fixed” state. However, since the blockchain is running
during the auction, the genesis file will be definitely different from the state of the running blockchain.

So how can we make the update feasible?

Honestly speaking, I don’t know how a blockchain that has already been deployed becomes a Parachain. (Please let me know if you know how!) In my humble estimation, I think they may need to stop the entire network or make a new chain by using snapshot. But this is not a decentralized way and in this space, artificial changes to the state of the blockchain are very controversial. (e.g. Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic)

In summary, in my opinion, considering the implementation of Kusama and Polkadot, it is better for us not to launch the independent chain earlier. But obviously speaking, each project has its own development speed and philosophy, so I don’t intend to say it is better not to launch the network.