Proposal for Astar Network marketing, campaigns and web3 education in Africa by Afrocritik


We are Afrocritik, Africa’s prime media outfit showcasing African art and entertainment on a global scale, with a diverse portfolio that includes entertainment, arts, culture, and lifestyle.

Cognizant of our diversity and rich multi-cultural uniqueness, we tell African stories through African lens, inviting the world to the luxury that is Africa. Our mission is to foster a thriving ecosystem for African creators and enable them to flourish within the realm of emerging technologies, including web3 undertakings which Astra Network provides.

At Afrocritik, we recognize the power of blockchain technology, and we are eager to leverage the Astar Network to catalyze the growth of digital creativity and innovation across the African continent. With your support, we aim to initiate an extensive marketing campaign focused on fostering web3 education and facilitating the seamless integration of African creatives and entertainers into the Astar ecosystem.

With over a million web impressions, hundreds of thousands of page views with over 80k organic monthly visitors on our website (, 3k plus followers on Instagram and X (formerly twitter) respectively, and about 1k weekly X spaces listeners, we have the capacity to drive proper web3 education in Africa that highlights the unique value proposition of Astar Network, bring African creators into the Astar ecosystem, help them in appreciating the sophistication of web3 technology, drive user acquisition and retention and let them know that this is the best place for them to develop their creativity in art, fashion, music, film and poetry.

By providing editorial and media services, we’ve gained the trust of creators who are still in the web2 world and we are of the strong opinion that it is the right time to facilitate a seamless transition into web3 offerings, with the support of Astar Network.

We must reiterate that a major goal of Afrocritik since inception has been to push existing boundaries with the goal of fusing entertainment with emerging technologies, as web3 offers countless opportunities for the near future. We believe this goal can be accomplished as we partner with Astar Network to create more wallets, transactions and familiarize with Blockchain activities like minting NFTs, Defi, DAO, smart contracts and other dApps building on Astar Network.

We have attached a comprehensive proposal detailing action points and proposed benchmarks to aid the success of this initiative.

Links to our social media pages:

X (formerly twitter):

Instagram: Afrocritik (@afrocritik) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook: Afrocritik


Web3 Education


Afrocritik Tech Talk with Astar Network

In December 2023, we aim to launch a weekly newsletter and biweekly X spaces titled “Afrocritik Tech Talk with Astar Network” to create more awareness about blockchain technology and web3 in Africa.

The weekly newsletter will be published on our website with over 80k organic visitors while our X spaces have over 1k listeners and with the support from Astar Network, we can advance on our marketing for the X spaces and draw more attention of Africans to the creativity in Astar Network.


Raise awareness on how Astar Network can be beneficial for African creatives.

Bridge the gap between Astar Network and African entertainers and creators.

Identify and invite African artists, film makers, and poets to join, trade and transact on Astar Network through web3 education and campaigns.


9th and 30th November 2023 - Afrocritik biweekly X (formerly twitter) spaces; “AfroTech Talk with Near” X spaces

1- 30 November 2023 - Afrocritik weekly newsletter; “AfroTech Talk with Astar Network” weekly newsletter to be published on our website and other channels

23 November 2023 - Review and interview of top web3 creators on the Astar Network

November 2023 - Drive the Astar Network campaign in Africa through Afrocritik channels.


X spaces host $200

Editor for weekly Newsletter
“Afrocritik TechTalk with Astar Network” $400

Marketing and campaign for
“Afrocritik TechTalk with Astar Network” X spaces $500

Graphics design $100

Production and promotion of a
short video Instagram reels $250

Total $1,450

This an appeal for funding of marketing and campaigns of Astar Network and web3 education in Africa.

Kind Regards,

Douglas Efeeloo
Business Development Manager

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Hey! I really like the approach of marketing events, but where these numbers come from? I feel quite expansive, and I don’t see how it fits with Astar marketing strategy. Even our community members don’t get those rewards to grow and engage the community.

Also, I would like to see the outputs. What this campaign will bring to Astar?
How many new users? Is there are any PoC?

Thanks for the proposal, but I do not support it.

These type of outcome is very subjective. Please give us some numbers.

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