Request astar token to support event in Chinese community

Hello Astar community, I am DrCAO, astar ambassador, and also the founder of AIWeb3. I would like to request 5000 Astar tokens to support the Astar & AIWeb3 “The road of Astar 2.0” video and article competition program.

Special thanks to Ramz for his support, providing great ideas, suggestions, and being willing to serve as advisor of this event!

Astar Address: akBsuDRUzk9hRxiLRdQTcFsgsHoa5PvWQuPVjrEK6zkLU3X

Here is the basic introduction of AIWeb3 community: The AIWeb3 Chinese community is a decentralized Web3 education platform that uses technologies, including AI, to help more people deeply understand and learn about Web3 and the Polkadot ecosystem (Right now, it only focus on Chinese community, and it is supported by Kusama treasury now). What sets this platform apart is its adoption of the Create 2 Earn model, meaning content creators can earn token rewards by producing educational videos, articles, translations, and more. For instance, over the past few months, not only have over ten talented creators produced wonderful content, but we have also collaborated with multiple Dotsama Chinese communities to organize various events. The target audience of the AIWeb3 Chinese community is those interested in the long-term development of Web3, including both educational content creators and the enthusiasts and users of the Web3 ecosystem. The core philosophy of the community is to establish a decentralized, open, and inclusive Web3 learning platform where everyone can create, share, and exchange knowledge. The goal is to be value-driven and to create a community where members can both learn and exchange Web3 knowledge, grow together, and reward content creators with tokens for their outstanding content, thus amplifying their impact. Here is the twitter of AIWeb3: , and Discord: 爱Web3中文社区 and TG: Telegram: Contact @aiweb3dao

We expect that this competition will generate at least 10 videos or articles related to Astar Network and stimulate discussion and enthusiasm within the Chinese community. AIWeb3 will dedicate a channel exclusively for Astar in Chinese community, where we will promote and address questions concerning Astar. Astar is also welcome to share news or updates with us, and a member of our community will translate it into Chinese and promote it. We are poised to assist in establishing an additional Chinese community for Astar, complementing the existing Astar community. Furthermore, we aim for the competition’s timing to align perfectly with the launch of the Astar supernova event. We also plan to offer tutorials or guidance for educational purposes to users. The AIWeb3 would provide at least 20 KSM for this event in additional to the astar requested. Since it is co-sponsor by AIWeb3 with KSM, there is no need to request a lot of astar token.

Here are possible tasks for this fun competition:

Task 1: “The road of Astar 2.0” Video and article Contest

Use creativity to produce videos and will receive up to 3 KSM (Provided by AIWeb3) + some Astar (Provided by Astar) + AIWeb3 Chinese community creator role and level rewards + continuous support from AIWeb3 Chinese community and Astar community for creators, and more!

The AIWeb3 Chinese community continuously produces high-quality content for the Polkadot community. In order to better help the Polkadot community and help everyone to better understand the products in the Polkadot ecosystem, the AIWEB3 & Astar jointly created the “The road of Astar 2.0” content sharing bounty program for the first time.

Anyone can create content related to Astar and participate in this event, and you will receive generous rewards! For everyone who participates in this event, KSM rewards will be given as long as the requirements are met!

Task 2: twitter space ama or other formats of the event for users
We can organize Twitter space ama and share the update of Astar network, users can also share their opinion and support for Astar network. We will collect ideas from the community and be open to any other formats of events for content creators and users.

Encourage and find more content creators to produce and share educational videos or articles related to Astar network, and for general users to try Astar’s products.

Content includes at least one of the following points:

1、Introduction to Astar Network: A comprehensive overview of the project, its goals, and the team behind it.

2、How the Astar dApp staking works.
3、Astar 2.0: A walkthrough of the key features of Astar 2.0, promote the supernova, share the latest update and share your opinion about Astar 2.0.
4. Any other cool ideas to generate contents related to Astar network

*Content must be positive and uplifting.

Video Requirements:

(1) The video should be at least 3 minutes, and the end should include the AIWeb3 community:

The following information should be included in the video description:

Welcome to join the AIWeb3 Chinese channel:


Discord: 爱Web3中文社区

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @aiweb3dao

Welcome to join the Astar community channel:

TG group: Telegram: Contact @astarChinese


(2) We only accept content in Chinese.

(3) Content must be original (not plagiarized), and videos need to be publicly available (accept platforms such as Youtube or bilibili).

Event Time: Aug 25 - Sep 25 (This may be updated later on)

Content Submission: AIWeb3 Chinese community Discord (爱Web3中文社区), please indicate: Astar & AIWeb3 competition bounty.


First place: 400 Astar + 3 KSM (provided by AIWeb3) + AIWeb3 Chinese community content creator level upgrade by 10 credits.

2nd-5th place: 300 Astar + 2.5 KSM (provided by AIWeb3) + + AIWeb3 Chinese community content creator level upgrade by 5 credits.

5th place and beyond: All other qualified participants can receive KSM rewards from the AIWeb3 Chinese community, and AIWeb3 content creator roles, and can participate in future activities and receive support from the AIWeb3 Chinese community.

So if there are 10 submissions, AIWeb3 community would provide 3 + 2.5 * 4 + 2 * 5 + others, at least 20 KSM in this case.

Selection Criteria (Astar ambassadors can judge this competition):

  • Video originality and quality (60%)
  • Video influence (including the number of views on YouTube videos, the impact of reposting on other social platforms, etc.) (40%)

We will share the content generated from this competition with the community, and request astar ambassadors or the whole community to vote for the winner.


More than happy to see this funded and begin forming ways to support our dedicated Ambassadors. I do believe Dr. CAO has great intentions with this event. By being funded by two parties, the collaborative front is a great addition as well.

I do know that we still don’t have a viable, clear pathways to fund initiatives like these but I do think theres value in this. Im happy to provide the upfront allocation of the requested amount. Based on the deliverables by the contestants, it will be up to the community to vote if myself should retroactively receive the funding back.

Im a huge fan of native language content and when it comes to basic educational videos that can last quite a bit, than I’m even more supportive.


Thanks for doing this. Let’s make good videos.


Great initiative! Let’s make Astar great in China!



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I am a subscriber to Dr. Cao’s channel. His work is periodical. He always informs everyone what is happening.

This is not marketing, this is educating.

If we want web3 for billions of people, one of the things that is needed is to educate. We need more Dr. Cao.

I agree with the proposal because it will teach more people what Astar is and what it is for.


This model is very interesting. I support this proposal, and I’m looking forward to see continue developing AIWeb3. I would like to see it expanding to more communities!
Thank you


支持aiweb3,感谢aiweb3位波卡生态和start network做的一切

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I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for your support and belief in my proposal, and also your help and suggestion when I write this proposal, thank you Ramz!


Thank you, this would be a competition and let’s see what kind of video submission we will receive during the competition :slight_smile:

Thank you Matt! With your support, my confidence has grown. Astar is already well-known in China, and we’re eager to introduce it to a wider audience

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MacZam, thank you so much for your kind words and unwavering support, I have the passion for educating people about web3, about astar, and I am so glad to hear that someone like you recognize the importance of education and even subscribes to my channel! Thank you!

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Thank you Dennis for your support and the great suggestion for expanding AIWeb3 to more communities, I think we will be there one day :slight_smile:

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谢谢你的支持! 是Astar Network啦

Total support for this proposal, Dr. Cao is super competent and a very viable proposal! Also, we need to expand our network in China, bringing more users on board.



I assume the tokens need be sent after the winners have beeb selected, right?


I proposed myself to be one of the judge DrCao :slight_smile:


That’s a great initiative to grow our community in China. Let’s go.


Thank you very much for your support! We hope that we can bring more users on board, that’s one of the goal for sure :slight_smile:

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