Proposal to rescue ADAO liquid staking depositors

I am truly grateful for the Asta community’s decision to Delist the ADAO platform. This decision was a measure to increase the stability of the many investors that will flow into Aste in the future.

Separately, I would like to discuss relief measures for users currently directly tied to Adao liquid staking.
Currently, over 300,000 Astas are bound, and there is a problem with unbinding due to high gas fees.

Is there a way to find the ASTR currently frozen in ADAO using Asta Network updates or technical methods?

Since many issues such as research on the project before staking and DYOR have already been covered in the previous ADAO Delisting forum, I will skip them in this

If there is an ASTR-related developer or engineer who is good at blockchain technology, I would be grateful if they could help us with this issue.

If this issue is resolved, I am willing to provide up to 50% of my ASTR as a bounty.

I ask for the ASTAR community’s cooperation in unbinding the 360,000 ASTRs incorrectly bound to ADAO.

Since I am not familiar with English, the sentences may not be smooth due to the use of a translator. Thank you for your understanding.


Hi @ChoiKyuWan,

For the sake of clarity, I’m adding the previous discussion here:

In order to carry on your discussion and turn it into a proposal to be voted on, we need to understand a clear set of actions or what is being voted on here.

If the discussion is about researching and collaborating to find a solution to the problem, it will remain open for as long as necessary.


I was defrauded of $4K by ADAO. I pledge ASTR for a long time because I am optimistic about ASTR in the long term. Unexpectedly, after surviving the virtual currency winter, it would be robbery. The most basic pledge is not safe, what else is safe?