Protofire - dApp Staking Application

Hi everyone, we are Protofire. Recently we have deployed Gnosis Safe multisig on Astar network and we are looking forward to supporting, maintaining and implementing improvements on it.

Being a part of the dApp Staking program would be an honor and the rewards will be a great mechanism to incentivize our node members to keep committed in order to proactively improve Astar’s ecosystem.


About Protofire

ProtoFire helps decentralized protocols and developer platforms to accelerate growth of their ecosystems. By delivering hands-on coding and contributions, Protofire specializes in supercharging developer adoption and network usage. We help at pre- and post-ICO stage with legal, marketing, and actuarial services, as well as protocol and smart contract engineering, and risk modeling.

Also, we are an active member of the Safe community (Safe Guardians); we use our powers to contribute positively to the ecosystem, aligning with Safe vision to drive the adoption of smart contract accounts.

Gnosis Safe

The Gnosis Safe Multisignature Wallet is the most trusted platform to store digital assets on EVM compatible networks for high-net-worth individuals, companies, hodlers, funds, developers, DAOs, and investors.

Because of its programmability, Gnosis Safe Multisig is widely adopted by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and is used by DeFi, and other Ethereum ecosystem protocols as a building block.


The motivation behind this application is the intention of contributing to Astar Safe development and expanding the collaboration over time.

We would be happy to propose additional infrastructure and ecosystem collaborations, which increase TVL and interest in Astar. At the same time, we would like to become a senior partner, since we believe in Astar and share its values.



In order to enable and maintain Gnosis Safe on Astar ecosystem, we propose a 2-step project:

  1. Deployment - Targeting a fast Gnosis Safe deployment. We deploy the latest Gnosis Safe version with the basic features on a default, robust and secure infrastructure model. It’s done on the main Astar network ( and we are planning to release the latest version additionally on Shiden and Shibuya networks.

  2. Maintenance - Targeting gnosis safe updates, infrastructure upgrades and monitoring, features enablement and support.

Project UI Preview

Project Phases


  • Gnosis Safe Smart Contract & Custom Web Application deployment
  • DevOps Monitoring


  • Gnosis Safe updates
  • Gnosis Safe features enablement
  • Infrastructure support & monitoring
  • General support

Project support detailing

As the upstream Gnosis Safe codebase is being constantly updated and changed by the Gnosis team, new releases need to be merged making sure it is updated and compatible with Astar Gnosis Safe instance.

Regular Gnosis Safe updates will be performed and released on Astar networks. Updates consider Frontend (mainly user experience improvements), Backend services and Smart Contract.

Also, support includes research and implementation of such features like Safe dApps, Modules, Guards, External Wallets Connectors, client customization, etc, according to community needs.


  • Field CTO: Ivan
  • Project Manager: Eduardo
  • Blockchain Engineers: Nick, Dani and Guille
  • DevOps Engineers: Leonid and Ilya

Protofire links


Gnosis Safe deployment on Link
Gnosis Safe deployment on Moonbeam Protofire secures assets and transactions in Moonbeam
Gnosis Safe deployment on Evmos Protofire deploys a Gnosis Safe to Evmos
Gnosis Safe deployment on Astar Protofire is building a Safe Astar

Future Plans

We plan for the future to keep Gnosis Safe up to date and research and implement features like Safe dApps, Modules, Guards, External Wallets Connectors, according to community needs.

Also, as the next step, we would like to add Gnosis Safe in Shiden and Shibuya networks.


We will start the vote on Monday!
@Ambassadors please check.


Fantastic. Multisig are very important for a safe development, and using Gnosis Safe based contracts creates even a bigger trust.


Thanks for this proposal.

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Thanks for application. Do you have a solid road map to deploy on Shiden or it is just an future idea?As long as Shiden is our canary network we DO need Gnosis Safe wallet on it to make development safe for builders. I am looking forward to see multi-sig on Shiden as well. Thanks .

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Hi @pitcoin777 , hopefully you are well.

Shiden is one of the high priorities! As soon we start working on backlog we will pick Shiden and Shibuya deployments, and a rough estimation to conclude it is between 3-5 weeks.

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