Register Billcoins as an XC-20 Shiden network

XCM Asset Registration (Billcoins - Asset Hub ID 223)

Billcoins are perhaps the first Kusama Asset Hub asset to see widespread usage, and with 767 accounts holding Billcoins, are the third most widely held asset on this parachain (after RMRK and Gear Bonus, but ahead of USDT).

Up to now, I have only given them out freely to people asking me for them on Twitter, Matrix, Subsocial, etc. I would like to add a faucet on Shiden which would allow people to add Billcoins to a vault and allow every account to claim 5 Billcoins once per day. This is based on the original Bitcoin faucet ( Free Bitcoins )

Please note that Billcoins do not have any value. Consequently, I do not plan to provide any financial incentives for this. Billcoins will continue to be freely available.


I propose to add XCM Asset BILL (Billcoins) on Shiden Network, from the Kusama Asset Hub. This will require actions on Shiden Network.


I propose to add XCM Asset Bill (Billcoins) on Shiden Network from Kusama Asset Hub. The initial use case will be to use create a Billcoin faucet on Shiden.

It is hoped that others will find uses for Billcoins in the Shiden ecosystem.

Billcoins are a Kusama-native asset and there are no plans to support them on Polkadot and/or the main Astar network itself.


There is no on-chain proposal. The proposal created in this forum acts as an official proposal with Shiden Network.

Technical details

Asset Id on Polkadot Asset Hub: 223

Token information:

  • Asset name: BILLCOIN
  • Asset symbol: BILL
  • Asset decimals: 8
  • Proposed minimal balance (ED): 0.0001 BILL (this is the same as on Kusama Asset Hub)

Hi Bill. I also read your X post.

I welcome Billcoin!

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Glad to see showcase for smart contracts coming, I’ll support this proposal.

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Hey Bill, I also read your post on twitter, of course I support the proposal! Interesting to see new initiatives for the Shiden network ecosystem.

Welcome to Astar!!
This initiative looks very interesting. I’m excited to see how Billcoins will spread.

Hi Bill, welcome to Astar Network and thanks @you425 to share such important info to know more about Billcoins. Hope to see positive activity inflows on the community!

I will be glad to see Billcoins in Shiden.

Hi Bill, glad to see you here! Will support this proposal.

Register BILLCOIN as an XC-20 asset on Shiden Network
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  • No
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Welcome to our family. The propsal is very interesting. We glad to have you here =)

100% AYE, welcome onboard!

In this case, we need to use Shiden for more aggressive purposes and try to stress test as much as possible. Memecoins are a way to onboard users; take Solana and Base as examples. However, it needs to be accompanied by effective marketing and targeting the right influencers and on-chain

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This proposal was adopted.

The foundation will register BILLCOIN on Shiden Network and inform the community once this is done.


Thank you everyone!

Looking forward to Billcoin being part of Shiden. =)

Welcome to Shiden, let’s make it great together!

This is very good news!

welcome to Astar, always great to see more assets on Astar network!

let’s gooo. bilcoin in da house

I love this kind of projects, it’s like going back to the origin and the reason why we are here, fun incentives while trying new technology! Welcome!

Hello @Bill,

BILLCOIN has been registered as an XC 20 asset on Shiden network.