Renaming dApp Staking. Any ideas?

DApp staking is one of the most undervalued features in the entire ecosystem. I think one of the reasons is the name itself. So, I would like to re-name this feature and make it more understandable for general people.

We would like to decide on a new buzzword like “liquidity mining”.

How about

  • Protocol Farming
  • Protocol Mining
  • Prtocol Rewards

Is there any better idea?


As a one line explainer I like "Basic Income for Developers"


I prefer a functional word, rather than one sentence.

  • Utility Rewards
  • Utility Mining
  • Utility Farming
  • Developer Income

Smart Rewards

Smart Contract Rewards


How about “DApp Mining”

  • Decentralized Application Yielding
  • DApp Yielding
  • Software Engineering [Skills] Yielding
  • PDDRV - Programming Driven by [Delivering] Real Value*

1.Dapp Of Stake----" DOS ";
2.Dapps Yielding ;
3.Developer Yielding ;
4.Developer or Dapps Farming /Yielding ;

  • Shiden: thunderbolt :zap: / Astar: starlight :star2:
    -Are you kidding? No, it’s as impactful as this

  • ShidenIncome / AstarIncome
    -It will be a buzzword for developers. It’s reminiscent of basic income

  • Develop Mining
    - Literally, a token is minted/rewarded when develop dapps

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I think, it would largely depend on whether:

  1. We are trying to attract devs to earn income.
  2. We are trying to attract stakers to stake into DApp.

For #2 “DApp Mining” sounds like a concise way to get the point across.
For #1 How about “Deployment Rewards”?


Protocol industry

Protocol production

Protocol enhancement

Protocol interest

Protocol feedback

I like ‘dApp staking’ for me this sounds great.
It’s possible that I’m used of using this and have explained it for 100x.

dApp staking = staking mechanism on dApps in the Astar ecosystem.
We use the word dApp a lot in our description and what we want to achieve, so why not use the word dApp also in our unique staking mechanism?

I’m open for a new name. I’m just used of using this :slight_smile:
Already saw great suggestion


From the branding perspective, it would be good to include networks name, since this unique feature only on Astar/Shiden ecosystem.

Name such as Shiden Farming, Shiden Yield or Shiden Mining will be good too, although I recommend the name to Shiden Build, since Astar and Shiden focused as one stop destination for they who want to build dApp for users.

Description could be as follows, “Unique feature on Astar/Shiden where Developer can build their dApp and be rewarded by the community who stake their ASTA/SDN with their dApp. Reward will be divided between Dev and Stakers.”

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Why we should renaming it? :thinking:

I agree with @Maarten and @souleater : I think that DApps Staking is the perfect name for this staking function. I don’t think we have to rename it. In addition we could add “Shiden” or “Astar” word before “DApps Staking”

My suggestion are:

  1. Shiden DApps Staking
  2. Astar DApps Staking

Imo dApp staking is quite an interesting name. but if we are still exploring another branding option we can look at:

Option 1:

Keeping two separate and distinct identities for Dev and validators/community members for staking. This will simplify things for community members as well and help us to have two distinct communication with both developers and validators/community members.

  • For validators/community:
    • DAPP STAKING INCENTIVE – adding “incentive” to the term to make it an action-driven activity.
    • REWARD MINING – reward makes it simpler for people to know that there is some form of incentive to it and mining adds a feel that they’ll need to do some activity to derive some reward.
  • For Devs:
    • DDP - DEVELOPERS DAPP REWARD: Add a little seriousness to the activity.
    • DAPPING REWARDs – like making a cool word out of “dapp” and give it a pop-culturish feel. Dapping will also refer to an in-action activity. Like playing, running, staking, mining. So we can use it as a branch in multiple forms of communication

Option 2:

If we just go with one branding initiative. Then below are my suggestions:

  • NETWORK STAKING REWARD – Cos we will have like a network of dApp which users can choose to stake
  • SYSTEMATIC STAKING FOR DAPPS (SSD) – Systematic denotes how we are introducing a newer way of staking and things are well organized for Astar | Shiden network.

Also, some other names which are creatives and can be explored from the campaign/marketing perspectives:

  • STAKING 2.0 << moving away from old way of staking to a newer way of staking>>>
  • STAKING REIMAGINED << staking never reimagines in this way, and also highlights our USP>>

Out of this my personal fav. is DAPPING rewards. It’s kinda cool and adds a new lingo to the world of staking/nomination.


Maybe exclusive only for Shiden and Astar:

Shiden staking tools
Astar staking tools (AST :+1:)

I think, ‘Protocol Farming’ much better. cus, it’s easy for people to understand who are farming at ETH, BSC,HECO,etc

how about

  • dAppstar staking :rofl:

My opinion is that we should stay with word “Staking”, because everyone in Polkadot ecosystem knows what it is, you lock tokens and get rewards. For me word “Farming” associated with providing liquidity, word “Mining” associated with proof of work.

So I would stay with “dApp Staking”, “dApp Staking Rewards”, “Application Staking”.

I like the name dApp Staking. Maybe not many know what is dApp - Decentralized Application Staking (DApp Staking) maybe it better to write like this for some time . The problem is not the name, the problem is explanation, we need to work on it harder. We are planning to make content on this topic soon.

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I’m agree. If we go with something else then Staking, it will be confusing for the community.

I like “dApps Staking” and like @AlexPromoTeam, I don’t think the problem is with the name but more with the understanding of the feature. When It will be realized, I’m sure it will be easier for the community and the projects to understand by experimentation.