Slash Vision Labs : dApp Staking Proposal

Dear Astar community,

Hi, I’m Yagi, CTO of Slash Vision Labs.

I’m writing to the Astar community about getting our project, Slash, to become part of the Astar dApp Staking ecosystem.

Project Overview

Slash Vision Labs is a dedicated team committed to exploring the limitless potential of Web3 technology, with a mission to empower creators, businesses, and individuals. We provide accessible and innovative Web3 solutions to foster a future where everyone can thrive in the decentralized digital landscape.

We are building a crypto payments solution called Slash Payment.

Slash Payment ( is a decentralized and non-custodial payment gateway that enables merchants to accept any type of ERC20 tokens as payment while receiving the same transaction in their preferred stable token. In other words, a consumer can pay for a good/service in whatever token of their choice and the merchant can receive that payment in USDT, DAI, JPYC, etc.

In short, if a merchant has Slash enabled

  • you can pay using any tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, Astar, BNB, or Avalanche
  • each payment is swapped real-time utilizing liquidity from DEXs
  • Merchant receives the transaction in a stablecoin of their choice.

We have also recently partnered with JPYC to enable businesses to off-ramp the crypto revenue into JPYC without having to manage wallets or digital assets at all. We aim to create a market environment that makes it easy for Japanese companies to receive crypto as a form of payment.

We really want more users to actively transact using ASTR and JPYC and hope that we can work closely with the Astar community to make it happen.

Merchant onboarding is super simple, without any KYC required. Dapps and EC sites can use our API by simply logging in with their crypto wallet, selecting the sales receipt settings from four types of stable coins, and issuing a contract.

・SVL (Slash Vision Labs) Ecosystem

We are also building a token ecosystem with our own token Slash Vision Labs Token (SVL), which is scheduled to be listed on overseas crypto asset exchanges in Q1 of 2024. We’ve adopted a vote-escrow model, that will, that returns 100% of the collected payment fees back to the ecosystem and veSVL holders.

Right now, the only source of revenue is the Slash Payment product, but we are releasing an NFT enabled product called Slash Vaults very soon. We’re also planning to launch our own crypto powered credit card as well.

・Slash Vaults

Slash Vaults is an application that elevates the concept of NFTs to the next level. Unlike traditional NFTs that focus solely on ownership, Slash Vaults introduces new utility and functionality specifically designed for NFTs. It is a new solution that enables wrapping fungible tokens around an NFT of ERC-721 standard. NFT owners can access a vault for each NFT they own by visiting the Slash Vaults platform and connecting their Web3 wallet. Furthermore, the assets deposited in the Slash Vaults can be utilized for payment using Slash Vaults Pay.


Alice is our NFT project that combines crypto-native culture with the essence of cyberpunk. Through 20 characters, it explores the identity and worldview of the new digital era, offering innovative stories and art. We’re advancing our unique ecosystem forward, where cryptocurrency and art intersect, to shape the future of blockchain and digital content.

Up until now, Astar and Slash have supported the growth of the Japanese market through hackathons and other activities. Let’s create a new future together by promoting collaboration with Japanese companies.

Team members

Shinsuke Sato CEO - Founder | Representative Director

In 2011, he established a creative production company, Holyday Inc., in Akasaka, Tokyo, and has developed a wide range of businesses, including system development and creative design. Since 2020, while developing a payment system development business based in Singapore, we have been working as a project management support and development partner in the Web3 field. He started developing the Slash protocol as a Web3 project in Singapore in 2021, and established Slash Fintech limited in British Virgin Islands in May 2022.

Tatsuya Yagi CTO | Chief Technology Officer

After working as a Japanese mega-venture and freelancer, he joined Amazon Web Service Japan in 2017 as a solution architect. In charge of startups, DNB, and the media industry, and since 2019, he has led the entire enterprise newspaper/publishing industry. In addition to technical support for customers and the industry, he also estimates the sales potential of the industry, formulates basic policies for sales strategies, formulates medium-term growth plans, and contributes to SalesOps, Sales, and business development. In 2021, he gave an invited lecture at a technical seminar hosted by the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association, and many other public speaking. In 2022, he decided to change jobs from AWS JAPAN and assumed his current position.

Tokio Nakamoto COO | Chief Operation Officer

He holds a Master of Science (MS) degree from Johns Hopkins University. After graduation, he worked for Meta (Facebook) Singapore and SBI Holdings, where he was involved in business development/marketing/partnership related activities. In 2022, he joined Slash Fintech’s Business Development Department and currently serves as COO, overseeing all company management operations to increase business value.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown

Slash Project Operations(100%)


Japanese developers know Slash from [ Astar × Slash Bounty Bootcamp Hackathon ]

And Japanese Web3 paticipants know Slash from [ Bybit × Slash collaboration ]

So I’m very happy to hear this proposal. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Now Slash Payment main users are in Polygon, Ethereum chain. Astar is already suported but very small part of it. So We have big potential !!


So happy to finally see Slash on our forum applying for dApp Staking🚀

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Glad to see your team joining Astar. Also already saw your dApps on Astar.
Btw, can your team show us documentations where Slash already accepted as one of payment options in offline (such like cafe, restaurant, event booth, etc), or any online marketplace or website that already accepted Slash?

Many thanks!


Hello Yagi and the Slash Vision Labs team,

Your project, Slash, with its decentralized payment gateway and focus on simplicity for merchant onboarding, is promising. Your upcoming NFT-enabled product and crypto-powered credit card are also interesting.

Can you elaborate on your plans to integrate with the Astar ecosystem and drive ASTR and JPYC adoption through Slash Payment?

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Slash allows you to pay with tokens on Astar, so it can be linked with various products.

The products announced at Astar×Slash hackathon will further develop the Astar ecosystem!

・Cross-border EC site “Cryptomerce”
・Back Slash
・Business Use Cases with Slash QR Code
・In this big wave you have no choice but to ride
・Slash Everything


I think if payments on Astar become popular on e-commerce sites and sushi restaurants, it will lead to further mass adoption!



In Japan, it has been introduced in CryptoBar P2P and Singularity, and recently we are also providing proposal sales to online services!


If JPYC Pay supports Astar in the future, businesses introducing Slash will be able to exchange sales into Japanese yen by setting the sales receipt to JPYC.

Many Japanese companies do not support the cryptocurrency tax, so we think this system will greatly contribute to the general adoption of Astar!


Definitely, can’t wait to further collaborate with you guys!


The web3 payment projects are booming, they are not very popular, I think it takes a link between the merchant and the users to definitely massify the payment with cryptocurrencies, I hope your NFT collection can help in the massification of decentralized payments as it is a good way to attract attention.

I am skeptical in this type of projects but follow the example of Astar and its partners through the NFT can attract the attention of business owners and users. Good luck.

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Interesting product! I like the option of being able to use cryptocurrencies to buy goods and services in real life.

How do you handle supporting multiple chains while still offering stablecoins or JPYC? Does the merchant choose which blockchain to receive payment on? For example, can I pay with ASTR in a store where the merchant wants to receive USDT on Polygon?

I’m thinking of supporting your application, but I’d actually like to see the actual uses of ASTR tokens as a means of payment and also your product supported in more shops in Japan.

Gaius, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador :astar:



We are looking to grow our business by holding NFT campaigns on Galxe according to the payment amount

In Japan, PayPay has popularized cashless payments with its enormous financial power, so we are promoting token incentives that sample it.

We want to build a new future for payments, just as the partnership between Circle and FamilyMart was announced in Taiwan today.


Users can switch blockchains on the payment screen.

It is already possible to issue contracts on five types of blockchains, and we are also proceeding with research and development on bridge services.


Hi Slash Vision Labs,

welcome to the forum and glad to see your proposal. :slight_smile:
You have nice videos on your Youtube channel, and I liked them.

  1. However, I am not sure how the dApp can be easily used in real payment if it is on web. Perhaps, the built-in browser of MM or other Web3 wallets will be used for making transactions. But I was curious if you would plan to provide your own wallet or app for making such transactions in an easier manner. Or please correct me if I do not understand your product enough.

  2. For SVL tokens, if veSVL holders can get SVL rewards, and if APR is quite high, then it might end up increasing sell pressure of SVL. Do you think there will be ample utilities of AVL for holders other than minting veSVL by locking SVL tokens? Or would there be any possibilities to make this work with ASTR?

Thanks again, and please feel free to let me know for any further clarification, if necessary. :slight_smile:



Thank you!

I think our strengths are community activation measures such as video promotions and event goods.

1 It integrates WalletConnect V2, so payments can be made with various Web3 wallets.

Basically it can be used in a browser.

2 We plan to reduce selling pressure by limiting the supply of tokens.

We are also building tokenomics to return profits to veSVL holders in wbtc, and we believe that we need to collaborate with more people towards a co-creative payment business.

I think the important utility is how much cashback(return profits) it can give veSVL holders.

And it is important that more people use it for many services and increase GMV.

ASTR campaigns may also be effective.


This is a solid proposal! Thanks for it.
I support what are you guys doing in Japan and I see a lot of value coming to Astar with your project. I support it.



Astar is a highly recognized blockchain in Japan and Asia, so I would like to create an easy-to-understand usecase.

I think there are big business opportunities in Astar’s T-shirt and goods sales site with Slash and Astar collaboration NFT campaign.

If many people use tokens on Astar for payments, it will also lead to the creation of new utilities.


Our next vision is to grow gasless payments and DeFi investments with tokens deposited in Slash Vaults contracts.

Crypto payments that do not require native tokens will create new business value.

Deposited tokens can be allocated for investment purposes. The yield generated is deposited into Slash Vaults and can be reinvested. NFT owners are free to transfer or sell NFTs with a portfolio built in Slash Vaults.

It is expected to create use cases similar to ERC-6551.New monetary value for NFTs backed by FT portfolios.

List Slash Vision Labs for dapp staking
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  • No
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Voted yes, Let’s build astar


I think it’s a good way to connect users to Web3. I like the proposal and I will support it :+1:

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Lfg ser, grow up and make proposal i will vote