SUSHI TOP MARKETING Astar Dapps Staking Application

We would like to apply Dappstaking program on Astar network.

Sushi Top is company, aim to create the culture of token graph marketing,
With many solutions of NFT distribution, Audio Token Distributor : sending NFTs via sound, IC card shot : sending NFTs via NFT card touch. etc.

We’ve already Dappstaked by Shiden as well , and contributing unique wallet user of Shiden and found the unique way , Shiden works best.

I have given the Astar team NFT business card for their use.

With Astar, we will create NFT selling stand for enterprise customers, firstly, we will start with ZATSUDAN,AnimeNFT,

By selling digest NFTs like Horie and Zelenskyy interview, if you have that one , you can unlock full movie.(NFTs are on Astar)

■Time Schedule
NFTs published by Horiemon will be sold on Astar

NFT of famous animation content will be sold on Astar

NFT vending machine on Astar will be released

SUSHI TOP collaborate with Zatsudan on its first anniversary and hold an event to distribute NFT.

Zatsudan is a subscription-based audio content delivery service initiated by Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. Holliemon, that allows users to "enjoy chatting with other professionals active in various fields”.

Mr. Takafumi Horie, the instigator of the project, founded a company called Livedoor, Inc. and has grown that company to a “market capitalization of 980 billion yen(then about 8.5 billion dollars)”.
He is an influential figure in the Japanese business world.

SUSHI TOP has been using the Shiden Network to distribute various NFTs, but now use the Astar Network to distribute & sell NFTs at Zatsudan.

Users will get the NFTs that will be distributed and connect the wallet containing the NFTs to the website.
NFT holders will be able to unlock various features of the website, participate in closed events held at Zatsudan, and listen to radio programs that are not open to the public.

Past cases

Future Plans
SUSHI TOP will continue to collaborate with a variety of people and content, including Japanese and international influencers, anime, and manga, to distribute NFT on the Astar Network and Shiden Network.
Please make a slot for SUSHI TOP’s Astar Network Dapps Staking.


Thanks for your application!
We can start the voting in a couple of days.



Thanks for your confirmation!
I made a mistake and submitted it in the middle of a sentence, so I have edited it.
I would like to ask you to check again to make sure there are no problems.

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dApp staking submission Astar
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Started the poll to join our dApp staking on Astar.

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Please make sure you meet the requirements:

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One of the most important ones for you is:

  • Ambassador KYC, this is done with an AMA with Ambassador with video on.

Please contact our community lead to set this up @moonme


Well done Odoriko, We will make huge traction on Astar from Japan🚀
Our records are available on medium!

Hi Maarten , Sure thing!
Lets do that!

@moonme Hi, how can I do AMA?

Please dm me on this forum.


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I met the team in Tokyo and what they are doing in Japan is amazing!


I appreciate sota-san!
We are actual Astar separate troopers in Japan.:ninja:

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Tokunaga did an AMA with Ambassador on video.
Do we have anything else to do?


Perfect! I will follow up on Telegram.