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Project Overview

Valerian is a truly deflationary yield farm protocol with various features designed to bring high APRs, in addition to the most popular features tailored to the needs of the community. We have built our ecosystem to be sustainable in the long term, where we can maintain the development of the project on a continuous basis.
Valerian’s main goal is to combine the existing DEFI + NFT worlds and add our unique solutions to give holders even more opportunities to achieve higher returns.
Valerian is the first ecosystem on the Astar Network that is based on a deflationary model, for high rewards we don’t need to mint tokens.
Our community can stake Valerian tokens and earn ASTAR and USDC tokens as a reward. Staking is a very important point of the project, not just because you will earn passively, but you have many great opportunities if you are one of our stakeholders because you can take part in new projects pre-sales on our launchpad.
We have developed a system that could change the way we think about DEFI projects.
The NFTs living their haydays, we combined the benefits of them with the already known and used DEFI solutions. You can also participate with our NFTs and stake it for additional revenue.
3 different tiers will be available, all in very limited quantities:

Scream Ticket - Total Supply: 700 NFT

Slayer Ticket - Total Supply: 900 NFT

Clown Ticket - Total Supply: 1000 NFT

How the system works?
Valerian is using a new type of solution to provide the ASTR+ USDC rewards for the staking pool. On every sell transaction, there is a 8% fee and the contract split into ASTR and USDC tokens which is automatically added as rewards in the staking pool.
We use an Early Unstaking Fee solution for the Farm, which means a 25% fee for if you want to unstake within 6 weeks. This mechanism ensure the price of the VAL and allow stakers to enjoy the high APYs without getting sceptic, because if someone early unstake their tokens, helps stakers with even higher APYs.
Early Unstaking Fees:

  • 16% to the reward pool (…+…)
  • 4% Auto-Burn
  • 5% Marketing

Neo Farm - Protocol owned liquidity

The biggest problems with existing yield farms:

  • Impermanent Loss

  • Sell Pressure

  • Price + Liquidity Volatility

Holders can reserve their LP tokens in the same way as in existing farms, after which they can receive high rewards.
Our holders will stake their LP tokens in the Neo Farm and will be vested for 7 days and after the vesting period, it will be exchanged to VAL tokens, while the LP Tokens will be kept for the usage of liquidity, holding the price floor, reduce the sell pressure and transient liquidity.
It’s a win win for both side, stakers receive a very high APY reward in addition to the value of their LP tokens in VAL tokens. The Neo Farm can provide for our ecosystem a steadily increasing price floor and liquidity, reducing the impermanent loss of stakers and sell pressure.

Laci - CEO: He is one of the founders and developers. He is responsible for dreaming and implementing the new features.

Mate Co-founder: He is our CO-Founder who responsible for development processes. Mate is the product leader in the team.

Anna: She is responsible for our marketing activities and to find new potential partners

Sergey developer: He is our main developer who is working on our smart contracts and DAPP integration
Jimmy developer: He is our front-end developer who is creating our website designs/banners

Important Links:
Discord: Valerian Protocol

Past Performance and track record

  • We held our pre-sale on Alnair finance on 25th of April and beside of the bad market situation we managed to raise the 81% of the fund.

  • Within 2 day after launch we were in the top 4 on DappRadar

  • We have partnerships with AstarCats and AstarLabs and several ventures such as like Cwin Capital and Webcoin Cabital.

  • Reached more than 5000 community members

Milestone 1: Successfully complete the Pre-sale and community building
Estimated Date of Completion: 25/4/2022-Already completed.
We needed to start the community building cause every great project is nothing without their community. We managed to raise 81% of the decided fund on our pre-sale. After that the 60% of the circulation coins are staked on our platform.

Milestone 2: Scream NFT minting
Estimated Date of Completion: 31/5/2022
Our tiered NFT collection is a base of our launchpad. We will give other benefits for our NFT holders such as staking or participating on our gamify platform.

Milestone 3: Setting up the ValerianLaunchPad
Estimated Date of Completion: 31/7/2022
To give new projects for our community we would like to start our LaunchPad as soon as possible. The launchpad gonna work like a WhiteListed pre-sale. Only Val holders or Scream NFT holders can take part in them. We would like to build bigger and stronger community till then.

Future Plans

We would like to release the following features in order:

  • 2nd NFT collection the Clown ticket
  • 3rd NFT collection the Slayer ticket
  • Gamify platform
  • More collaboration
  • Partnerships with NFT projects and create common NFT collection
  1. Are the team members profile public?
  2. Do you have a public github?
  3. Do you have the audit report?
  4. Have you done any projects in the past?
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The core members profile are public of course. We have github, you can check it there: ValerianProtocol · GitHub
We have both the token and staking contract audited. smart-contract-audits/Valerian_0xE1af4d744e2A66Cd07c474bED167960BE872fcD9.pdf at audit-updates · interfinetwork/smart-contract-audits · GitHub
Our core devs worked with several projects.

Where can I see the team profiles? Any linkedin?

@tomasz-waszczyk Feel free to see the github.

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Thanks for the proposal. Could you verify the smart contract? Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

Subscan allows for verification.

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