What is 2C Application?

Hi guy
I’m Business Developer from WEB3 platform
I’m looking around the forum but didn’t find any clue about 2C Application
Which is gonna happen in Hackathon by Astar this April.

I’m Honestly want to join the event but I need to crystal clear about this first



Hello Chard! Are talking about this application?

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Hello @CHARD_CC,

The 2C application is a “to-consumer application”, meaning not infrastructure or tools, but blockchain applications on Astar zkEVM that users can interact with (defi, NFTs, social, gaming, art, etc.).

Pitch deck: Astar + Teamz Hackathon Deck

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Absolutely yes Mr. Deiguy

Thank you.
your answer is crystal clear !

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Hello, @CHARD_CC
When I try to anticipate the intentions of the organizers a bit more, they might be expecting a killer application that can aim for ‘mass adoption’. This is just my speculation, though.


Hello @tksarah
First, Thank you for your useful opinion.
My team goal is bring people from web2 in to web3 with seamless experience.
It worked, low cost maintain and mass adoption but, need to marketing so much
BTW will try our best. :grin: