1 Zero 1 Knowledge Event powered by Astar Network İstanbul/Turkey

Greetings Astar team, agents, project owners and dear community.

I am Emre, an official agent (ambassador) from Turkey. I am planning a new real life event and I need your support for it.
Turkey is currently the heartbeat of crypto real life events.
Many of the biggest organizations have already organized hundreds of events and hackathons in Istanbul as prestige.

The biggest projects that prefer Istanbul are; Ethereum, ZkSync, Aptos, Arbitrum, Scroll, Linea, Polygon, Phala Network, 1inch, Avalaunche, Solana, Cardano, Binance, Binance Smart Chain, Starknet, Optimism, Mina, Chainlink…

In addition, Turkey and Istanbul people are among the top countries that adopt crypto the most, use it in daily life and invest in it. The teams of ethereum, zk and crypto projects that receive millions of investments come out of turkey (clave, chainway etc. etc.).

Turkey has a very important place for the crypto ecosystem. It hosts hundreds of developers, students, investors and community members. Our Astar community of over a thousand people is the biggest proof of this, and these people only originate from the polkadot ecosystem. This event is a great chance for us to introduce our newly developed zkEVM network to the Ethereum and ZK community in Turkey!

So do I and my team have the qualifications to organize this event?

I am the co-founder and past president of Blockchain DEU, one of the largest blockchain university clubs in Turkey. In this adventure, I have taken part in the organization of dozens of events.

My most well-known events were organized in the city of Izmir, in parallel with Devconnect’s choice of the famous crypto city of Istanbul.

The most famous ones are Etherwave and Devconnect Side Events.

Etherwave is sponsored by Ethereum Foundation
To browse: x.com

Devconnect Side Event sponsor: Starknet/ Starkware Foundation
To browse: x.com

My team members are as experienced as me.

Team members such as Vitalik (founder of Ethereum like GavinWood), leading Ethereum ecosystem speakers, designers of ETHday and NotDevcon, etc. are part of the event team I am organizing now.

Now, together with this unique team, we are planning to bring 120 crypto lovers together at the ‘** 1Zero1Knowledge**’ event on July 28th.

This event will be the first Astar Network event in Turkey. It will also be AggLayer’s 2nd event in Turkey and the world. (I organized the first one in Izmir last month at the Block Chain Summit for 500+ people).
To check it out: x.com

The main focus of our event will be Astar Network, Astar zkEVM, dApp Staking V3, AggLayer and Aggragated Networks, Account Abstraction.

In the program, which proceeds with a keynote format, our expected speakers are:

Astar Network (if someone from the team does not come, I will represent as an agent)
Phala Network (contacting for a speaker)
Polygon (We are in contact for speaker, financial and moral support)
Neurolanche x Labs

We are also fully supported by the Turkish ZK community. This includes Mina Protocol, Risch Zero, ZK TR, rust tr community, aleo and others.

20+ university clubs ready to become community partners!

5+ media organizations are ready to become media partners!

We are now waiting for the budget to be approved. We will share our partnership announcements and detailed speaker panels on social media 1 month before the event.

Currently we need a budget to cover expenses such as stickers, merch, accommodation in advance. We are waiting for a positive response from our community, after this response we will speed up the process even more.

Post-event goals:

I plan to organize a Hackathon for ZK, Ethereum, Blockchain developers to deploy their projects on Astar or develop new projects after we have explained what Astar is and got them interested!

Also, half of our team, including me, is involved in the Izmir Blockchain initiative. We can organize the second edition of this event in Izmir with less cost (no transportation, accommodation, venue, rollup, stickers, etc.) Izmir is the 3rd largest city and we have done many real life events with Izmir BC team.

You can check them here: x.com

Value and Purpose for Astar

Astar will increase its recognition in the Turkish market. It will be the center of attention by WEB3’s leading developers, investors and community members. It will increase the brand awareness of our project and show everyone that it is the ideal blockchain network targeted with the 3 networks it supports for Web2 and Web3!

> You can check our event presentation file here:

What is 1zero1knowledge?
What is the format?
What will be discussed?
Location and time?


> You can check our file for the cost:

Cost total:

135.342tl, 4122.5$ (1$=32.83 turkish lira), 58892 $ASTR (price 0.07).

Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world and even just for the venue, it can cost 10.000$, but we were able to do it for around 1000$, or I will bring everyone with my personal vehicle as it is extremely costly for the team to reach Istanbul. We made very good bargains on things like trophies and t-shirts. Or instead of paying hundreds of money for a hotel, 6 of us will stay in the same beds in Airbnb. Also VAT (taxes) is included in these prices.

Event Area visuals:

Our website: https://www.1zero1knowledge.com/



Thank you for the proposal, it sounds great.

I would love to see you host the event, but I have a few questions.

  1. There is only one month left until the event, but will you be able to apply for the budget at this timing and be prepared in time?
  2. I have read your materials, but are you looking for sponsors?

Same here , I really like this proposal. Do you think you can make a marketing campaign out of it? The event seems interesting and I hope as many interested people as possible will participate. I will support the proposal :saluting_face:

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Istanbul, Turkey is definitely one of the most important spots for crypto and blockchain at the moment, many crypto events have been held there which already makes it a reference point for all communities.

It definitely seems to me that Astar’s presence in this event is of great importance, as it will allow to get a great brand recognition.

I would love to see you as a speaker and workshop leader for the event as you are the one proposing the event and requesting funds from the treasury for travel, so please consider representing us at the event.

Another very important thing I want to recommend you is: focus on creating a lot of publicity about Astar, hire a photographer to take good evidence of the event, make shorts for instagram and twitter, make more merch. In crypto we love merch and to make a big impact there must be a lot of merch.

Finally I congratulate you and I reiterate my support to the proposal, I WANT TO SEE ASTAR PRESENT AT THE EVENT!

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The link to X page you posted for @1zero1knowledge has 2 followers (of which you are one of them lmao) and no tweets

The official website link you posted leads to “Coming Soon”.

Your strategy on the surface seems to be to appear professional, spam useless information and then hope for an easy “Yes” from all your ambassador buddies.

I see you on your Twitter profile you are an official Ecosystem Agent of Astar while also working Business Development for Neurolanche.

Expected Speakers:
Astar Network (if someone from the team does not come, I will represent as an agent)
Phala Network (contacting for a speaker)
Polygon (We are in contact for speaker, financial and moral support)
Neurolanche x Labs

So you want to represent the Astar Network at this event?

Does anyone else not see the clear conflict of interest here?

Looks like a proxy event to market Neurolanche if i had to hold this event proposal to scrutiny.

Were any other dApp staking projects offered the chance to speak or be represented at this event?

I’ll be voting hard and easy No for this waste / misuse of funds.

Greetings, community member FFR23. @FFR23

As someone who has organized many events before, I can say that budget is the main lifeblood of the whole event.

At the moment, I have taken care of everything that does not require a budget with my software, social media and communication teams.

You don’t seem to understand where we are. Maybe I couldn’t convey it.

We have done everything that does not require a budget. We contacted partners, university clubs and brands. Let’s say we didn’t get the budget. I will still meet with other companies and ensure that this event is realized and represent us in the best way as the OFFICIAL ASTAR NETWORK AGENT.

But let’s say we didn’t get support from anywhere, then how will we pay all the expenses? Not being able to pay the costs means that a lot of the work that has been done will be wasted. And we give space to brands and projects on our site in vain and we put the communities in vain expectations.

I and my team are now waiting ready with all the preparations made. Once the budget is approved, you will see the flow of events and many more details wherever ‘soon’ is written!

Let’s talk about the number of followers. Since you have checked my profile, you should know that I have 7000 organic followers (you can check the strength of my interactions). I can get the 1Zero1Knowledge twitter account to hundreds of people very quickly with one or two quoted posts, or I can announce and increase our deals with our media partners right now. This follower count thing is quite simple and easy. Even after our strong Astar community approves this budget, we can reach hundreds of followers with strong members of the simple Astar community. Please don’t underestimate the power of the community!!!

As for the speakers, they are all here for a reason. First of all, I can reach them all quickly with my network. Do you know Utilify? One of the participant projects of Sony X Astar program and a team member of Scroll, one of the most important Layer-2 of Ethereum, based in Turkey, resides in Istanbul and I have met him face to face dozens of times.

Clave, which is collecting investment under the leadership of Matter Labs, the developer of ZkSync (LAYER2), is also a pearl of Turkey.

Likewise Neurolanche, like it or not, is the number 1 (in terms of the number of locked Astars) Astar Network project and the strongest community in terms of the number of unique holders. Leo, the Founder and Official Ambassador, will be in Istanbul on the event dates.

These projects are the ones that I can reach fast and won’t cause us problems and costs. All of them have been chosen because they can benefit Astar with their location.

We would love to see other dApps among us, but the time to rent the event space is not enough for everyone. Also, the number of Astar dApp projects residing in Turkey is almost non-existent. It is very costly to bring other teams to Turkey, don’t you think it is the best option when Leo is already in Turkey and can be reached quickly?

Of course, I would be very happy if you volunteer and mediate for other projects to participate. Let’s do the best together so that the funds are not wasted. I would like to believe in your sincerity, so I would be very happy if you act as a bridge with the dApp Staking projects you want to see!!!

Greetings Carlos, you are probably the most experienced person in real life events in my ecosystem (Astar events in particular). That’s why everything you say is very valuable to me. Thank you for showing your support at every opportunity.

We have arranged someone who will shoot videos with a good bargain within the venue cost and will make both videos and visuals for us. Also included in this is the montage fee!

Your speaker request made me very happy. I will gladly accept to be among the speakers. If the event hours are not enough for us, I will definitely take part in the opening and closing speakers.

Thank you for your support. It will be very happy to see your supportive spirit here on the voting day.

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Greetings King, VasaKing.

Thank you for your support. Good to hear from a valued ecosystem stakeholder!

Even though I haven’t opened Luma registrations yet, I can see that there is a lot of demand for people to participate (this is due to my strong WEB3 network in Turkey)

We will probably have more applicants than the venue can accommodate. That’s why I will hand pick the participants one by one (via luma). I am very happy to include web3 enthusiasts in this event, especially those who can be useful for the AstarNetwork ecosystem.

A marketing campaign is actually possible. What do you have in mind?

First of all, I would like to extend all my love and respect. When Emre asked me if I could be a speaker for this proposal he prepared, I said that I would definitely accept if it would benefit Astar Network.

If you just want to see the data; you can compare the number of Stakers on the portal with the total number of Stakers of other projects. I do not wish to discuss this, but 90% of our Stakers are individuals I introduced to Astar Network during my time as an influencer.

During this period, I will participate in this event completely voluntarily, and the main theme will not be Neurolanche. Even if it were, Neurolanche is an integral part of the Astar Network as Community.

Additionally, I would like to thank Emre for his efforts in this matter. After Polkadot Decoded and EthCC, I am looking forward to coming to Turkey and promoting Astar Network in our homeland as much as I can.

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It’s great to see you here, thank you for your comment.

As for the questions;

Our team is now completely ready. As I mentioned above and in other comments, we are waiting with our team in the ‘get ready’ position for the next step, budget approval. Don’t worry, we are completely ready now.

Yes, we are. I am a person who wants Astar to be used more and have more developers. Even if the AstarNetwok Treasury is not approved at the required point, I want to organise this event with another sponsor and introduce Astar Network to people in the best way.

Another question is, what if the budget is approved and it is not ready for payments? At this point, I am ready to take my hand under the stone and pay the expenses from my own pocket. The only important thing is that the budget is approved, it doesn’t matter when it arrives.

My only concern is that if the market continues to fall too fast, there may be a change in the amount of $ASTR token, although there is no change in the allocated budget on a ‘$’ basis.

Thank you very much for your reply. We’re excited to have you on board.

Dear @MrKarahanli-Emre - i have added some bullet points in bold in response to your comments. I would appreciate if you could help my understanding.

Thanks for the reply.

I understood that the preparation is not a problem.
My concern about the sponsors is that they will exceed the amount required when combined with the budget we have applied for. I believe the budget is the full cost if we do not get sponsors, so we need to consider how to treat the excess. Do we return the excess to the Treasurer, or do we give them half the amount first and give them the missing amount later?

Also, I think the concern about the volatility of the ASTR should be calculated based on the price at the time of handing it over, not the price at the time of application. So there is no need to be concerned about the 58,892 ASTR that is being offered.

Some people are concerned about the speaker, Neurolanche x Labs, so I think it would be better if they could give a convincing answer. In reality, it will be difficult to say whether Astar-related projects can go to Turkey, but it is necessary to eliminate the aspect that seems to be an exercise of privilege due to the relationship.


Hello @mknzrs :smile: and thanks for sharing additional information and answering back on this topic.
I think it’s not necessary to overcomplicate the things so I was thinking about classic paid promotion offered by any social platform (right now every social have it ) , I may only suggest to focus on the most used in Turkey. So far as I remember Facebook was the most efficient for this type of marketing.

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Hi @FFR23 , I can understand your concerns about the event and the Neurolanche dApp but in my opinion it is always useful to share knowledge, ideas and opinions to make Astar known. I hope everybody is able to DYOR on any proposed project or chain and make a personal valid opinion about it.

The fact is that being present in Tier1 or Tier2 during the first phase of the B&E leads to having more resources to dedicate to developments and apparently the team is able to finance the participation to this event for some members from Neurolanche.

You make some very valid points but I don’t necessarily see the simple organization of this event as a negative thing. Just to remain as transparent as possible, I hope that the answers that @MrKarahanli-Emre will give you can resolve (at least partially) your doubts :slight_smile:

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Very good questions, first of all thank you for these questions!

This budget is the minimum budget that we can realize without compromising the quality standards of the event. So every cost is minimized. As the budget and sponsors increase, the standards will be raised.

For example, 18 pieces are allocated for merch/tishört in the budget. This means a cost of around 250$. We plan to distribute these t-shirts to an estimated 10% of the participants with some kind of game. But let’s say we find other sponsors, then we can increase the number of t-shirts to around 120 and give t-shirts to all participants.

Or we are currently distributing the most appropriate snack category for each participant (it costs almost 12$ per person), but the event will last all day long and people will be really hungry. A dry snack menu might not be enough for people. In the same way, if we find another sponsor, we will raise the standards of the food this time.

You can adapt these to other costs as well.

In short, this budget requested from the forum is the minimum cost budget necessary for us to realize our event, to realize a quality and enjoyable event without compromising our quality. For every penny that comes from other places, for every other sponsor support, we will make our event better. No penny will be wasted and we will spend it to take our event to the next level.

On the second point, the amount of ASTR, yes you are right. This is not something to worry about.

About the third issue, I wish it was possible to host all our projects. We are open to all the projects that we can reach the most cost-effective, the most efficient and the fastest. But it is very difficult to give every project, and the event will not last for days. For example, Utulify was chosen to explain the sony program (we did not invite all other projects) Why? It is very simple. The founder is in Istanbul, I know him closely, he doesn’t ask for money to talk. Isn’t one project enough to explain the AstarNetworkXSony program? Yes, it is.
Then one project is enough to explain the dApp Staking mechanism. When we look at who we can reach first, who does not ask for a budget like utilify, who is in the ecosystem, who can gladly participate and who lives in Istanbul, we see Leo. His project is a beautiful project in dApp staking and in the ecosystem. Then it means we can invite him to explain the dApp staking mechanism.

So if you look at the Tracks, we choose a project for each title and we should choose the best option we have. After all, the event is a look at dApp Staking projects, not an event.

I think the explanations under this and other comments answer a lot of questions. I will continue to answer every single person who is concerned about Neurolanche, one by one. I am active here to address all concerns. Keep an eye here if you have similar questions or concerns. I will continue to answer them all.

Thank you very much for your excellent questions.

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I will talk to my team to evaluate this. Thanks for the suggestion

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  1. No. I state with all my transparency that I will not receive any money / fee from Neurolanche on my behalf. For me, AstarNetwork comes first. That’s it. I have many titles. Content producer of the Tracker community, university club president, BD in NL, Agent in AstarNetwork. For example, Tracker will be attending this event as a community partner, but I will not be representing Tracker. The same goes for NL. I will NEVER. I never mentioned that I will be representing NL. I only said that I will be representing AstarNetwork, as I said in the first post.(you can look at the image.)

I said;''In the programme, which proceeds with a keynote format, our expected speakers are:

Astar Network (if someone from the team does not come, I will represent as an agent)‘’

My title here is Astar Network ambassador and event organisation leader. That’s all.

So I will not receive any remuneration from NL or any project, you can be sure of that.

2-) I repeat, I am not being rewarded by NL for this event. These are your assumptions and you have no basis! These are things that will cause slander. Please take a rational approach. Another point, why are there no other dApp projects? The answer is quite simple. As I answered in another pos

‘’ We wish it was possible to host all our projects. We were aiming for the most cost effective, most efficient and fastest reaching projects. But it is very difficult to include every project and the event will not last for days. For example, Utulify was chosen to present the sony programme (we didn’t invite all other projects) Why? It’s very simple. Its founder is in Istanbul, I know him well, he doesn’t ask for money to speak. Besides, isn’t one project enough to present the AstarNetworkXSony programme? Yes, it is enough.
Then one project is enough to explain the dApp Staking mechanism. When we look at who we can reach first, who does not want a budget like utilify, who is in the ecosystem, who is happy to participate and who lives in Istanbul, we see Leo. His project is a good project in dApp staking and in the ecosystem. Then we can invite him to explain the dApp staking mechanism.
So if you look at Tracks, we choose a project for each topic and we have to choose the best option we have. So the event is not a dApp Staking project overview event, it’s a 1 Zero 1 Knowledge event.‘’

I understand that due to your aggressive and harsh attitude towards NL, you do not understand the flow and logic of the event, and even do not understand the logic of the event properly. I invite you to look at the first post again.

Please comment objectively after reading. It is very wrong for you to speculate that ‘you are probably being rewarded’ when I have not received any payment from NL for this work. I would like to hear your rational comments, not guesswork.

3-) Another baseless slander. You and the NL team? Where did you get this information. There is no such thing? There is no NL member among the 1Z1K team. As I wrote above, the team consists of BlockchainDEU, Izmir Blockchain, ETHday members. From here, I understand again that you did not read the post properly and I understand that you cannot make constructive criticism in line with your surt attitude towards NL.

If you find 1 NL team member in this event team, I will resign from the embassy on the same day. Please do not slander anymore.

4-) Of course you can confirm it. Interaction/follower rate, comment, like and quote rates. With these, you can understand whether a person is organic or not.

Even and even if you follow my monthly reports of the Ambassador programme, you can check how my number of followers has slowly increased organically within 1 year, if you wish, you can check the weekly daily monthly status of my profile statistics :slight_smile:

5-)‘’’ "Astar community = “Official Ambassadors” I see now. The majority of normal users do not visit this forum or really participate in the administration. You yourself are the proof that this statement is a big mistake.

You are not an official ambassador, you are completely anonymous, but you are very active here. You are here even though you are not an ambassador. It doesn’t matter if your comments are right or wrong, but you are a community member who is active here :slight_smile:

Your presence proves that the Astar community is not just about ambassadors :slight_smile:

6-) Your statement ‘‘Yes the Discord is pretty dead though, less than 10 people play ZKstrike and the “AI” is a chatbot.’’ Why did the topic come here? Is NL a project listed by votes of the team, community and ambassadors? Yes, it is. Does it have the highest number of unique stakers? Yes. Is it the community project with the most $ASTR stakers? Yes. Then the project that will explain dApp Staking can be selected. We are not currently evaluating the NL project. Please go to another thread for this. You can send your complaints to the project. At the moment, as I have said fifty times, I am not here to represent NL. Our topic is the 1Z1K event.

7-) As you put it ‘Now you want me to work voluntarily for your initiative, i take my hat off to you that you are an excellent salesman.’

Thank you for your praise. You will see how good an event organiser I am when we complete this event :slight_smile:

We would like to see you among us at this event. You will definitely see my sincerity if you come there. It is quite obvious that you do not know me. You will understand that AstarNetowrk is the foundation of our mission during the event.

I have clarified many other issues in this post. You can also look at. 1 Zero 1 Knowledge Event powered by Astar Network İstanbul/Turkey - #18 by MrKarahanli-Emre

Thank you for the great explanations.
I’m glad you’re here!

I am here to address concerns and answer questions with full transparency.

I have seen that dear ffr23 has not been able to read the discussions and has made hypothetical*, speculative* comments and slanderous comments.

I hope he can see our sincerity and our aim to bring AstarNetwork to better places. I gave him 3 long answers to his concerns, which is quite nice in case someone else confuses him about NL!

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