Astar Network in Maracay, Venezuela 🇻🇪



Venezuela is a country with a remarkable adoption of the crypto ecosystem. Due to the nation’s economic challenges, the people have turned to cryptocurrencies to preserve the value of their money.

Therefore, with @Juminstock, we propose to host a vibrant and engaging meetup in Maracay on June 7th, where we will introduce attendees to Astar Network and its unique advantages, encouraging them to start using our innovative products and services.

This activity is a continuation of the meetups already held in Caracas and Valencia in May, where we had a first approach with the Venezuelan community and the Astar Network in Venezuela. Now we will be coming to the city of Maracay, another of the most important cities in the country.


Most attendees will be users familiar with managing crypto assets and wallets, primarily focused on cryptocurrency exchange rather than development. Thus, we will tailor our activities to educate them on the practical tools Astar offers. The activities planned are:

1. Opening Astar Wallets: Guiding participants through the creation and setup of their Astar wallets to seamlessly interact with our network.
2. Token Earning Dynamics: Engaging activities where attendees can earn ASTR tokens, making learning fun and rewarding.
3. Insightful Talks: In-depth discussions covering:

  1. What is Astar Network?
  2. How does Astar Network work?
  3. What is dApp Staking?
  4. How has dApp Staking V3 improved the system?
  5. The Yoki Origins Campaign
  6. Astar Network’s multiple networks
  7. How to become an active user of Astar Network

4. Networking: Providing a space for attendees to interact with each other and the organizers, fostering the exchange of ideas and experiences.
5. Event Closing: Wrapping up with final remarks and expressing our gratitude to the participants.

Event Objectives

Our primary aim is to attract active users to our network, utilizing Astar’s tools and adding value to the ASTR token.

Each meetup will consist of 1.5 to 2 hours of engaging content, explaining everything about Astar in a simple and understandable manner. We anticipate an attendance of approximately 30 to 35 people. Snacks, stickers, merch and an interactive dynamic to start using the ASTR token will be provided.

The key objective is to deliver content in a clear and relatable way, creating strong connections with new users in our network, we also seek with this space to provide a first practical approach to Astar Network, where users can download their wallet and learn how to use the network directly with us.

Our Motivation and Rationale

Venezuela is a top-five country in cryptocurrency usage, reflecting significant and growing adoption. Our goal is to further boost this adoption by educating citizens about Astar and its products. This will enable Astar to expand throughout Venezuela, while new users engage with our token and participate in events like the Yoki Origins campaign.

Value to Astar

Astar will be among the pioneering protocols to host events in Venezuela, gaining early adoption. These meetups will educate users on crypto asset management, enhancing brand recognition. Additionally, we will conduct an interactive dynamic during the meetups, encouraging attendees to use the ASTR token. More Astar adoption, more Astar usage, more Astar expansion.


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Budget Astar

Total Amount in Dollars: 1003 USD

Total Amount in ASTR: 10903.7 (According to EMA7)

Date proposed for the meetup: June 20

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Well, I liked the previous events organized in Caracas and Valencia so I will support this one as well. On the other side I will prefer to see more dApp ideas and forum applications coming to Astar as well.
I think every country has some specific needs and this is where these events show their best.
Wish You good luck, I will support this proposal :smile: :handshake:


Thanks for the proposal!
I see that the last one was a great success, and I will support it.

One concern I have is about Yoki Origins.
I understand that the event will be held on June 7, but the Yoki campaign will have ended by then.
What do you think about this?


Thanks for your continued support, my friend! First we will introduce the users about Astar (since Astar has never come to Venezuela before) we will explain how we work and our advantages, in future events we plan to dictate technical workshops to create new applications on Astar Network.

We keep working to expand Astar!

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Thanks for the support, mate!

Indeed, by that time the Yoki Origins campaign will have ended, but we added it as a point to discuss during the event to express our success story. Yoki Origins was our first campaign on Astar zkEVM and it was a total success, so we will talk about it to make users eager and waiting for next campaigns from Astar.

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Same, liked the previous events and there was always transparent reports on the progress you made. Would love to see more people work on specific projects coming out of these meetings aswell!


Same here!

IRL events are cool but we are paying $33 per person ($1000/30) just to tell them about Astar and maybe they never use our chain after that… I support the proposal but I would love seeing tech events focusing on developers.


Also, I want to mention that together with @Juminstock we are working on a workshop to be held in Valencia, the first city where we were in may, with the Polkadot team and its tools in the Spanish-speaking community.

We are working on a proposal to be executed in the last days of June.

If approved, we will also be able to include technical elements of Astar Network in the formation for developers.

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Thank you for your reply!
I understand that you are going to introduce the campaign.


Nice ! Happy to support it as well :smile: :handshake:


Thank you for the initiatives. The detailed information plus the clear roadmap is great. Anyway, you have my full support. =)


That’s a great initiative!!
Of course, I support this proposal.


Thanks, mate!

We are planning this together with the Polkadot team to conduct some Polkadot x Astar technical workshops.

Of course we are, buddy! You just need to understand this:

We are a super new blockchain network coming to a new country that didn’t even know us, people didn’t understand the benefits of our network, that’s why we started with meetups, to introduce the public. Now we will be in another main city which will be Maracay. Now, Ezio and I are planning the realization of a technical certification on the Polkadot network using Astar as the main development parachain, it will be a success because we have been working step by step, before possibly these technical workshops would not have enough acceptance from the public, we are taking as a reference another blockchain that did the same here in Venezuela and its acceptance was great.

Now, we will focus on developing small apps to onboard devs and get them to start using the network!

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Amount requested: 10 903.7 ASTR

Approve Astar Network Meetup in Maracay Proposal
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain
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Greetings, I’m thinking of planning a big event with Astar and other projects in the zk ecosystem in the near future.

I support you as I believe that such events are important for the awareness of the ecosystem and attracting users.


Totally agree with you, mate!

Remember that if you need help, you can consult us at any time.

I really support this type of events in my country, but after some that have been held I do not know what the scope in terms of development is.

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Hey Ezio,

Thanks for taking your time to prepare and submit the proposal. Kudos to a successful event hosted in Caracas last time in collaboration with @Juminstock as you continue to build a growing vibrant community in Venezuela, it would be nice to build a dev community so builders who would eventually deploy their dApps on Astar would emerge in the future. I support your proposal. Keep building :fire:

Thank you :saluting_face:


Cannot add anything else , happy to support this proposal :handshake: :star2:

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As already stated, I voted in favour. Looking fowrad seeing the reports on it! Hopefully we get some more devs out of these events :slight_smile:

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