1 Zero 1 Knowledge Event powered by Astar Network İstanbul/Turkey

Okay, I understand the whole thing.
Thank you very much!

I look forward to your report after the event.

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@MrKarahanli-Emre - i appreciate you taking the time to respond to my concerns.

I am truly sorry if you feel offended by my queries - projects / stakeholders with nothing to hide should welcome scrutiny and the opportunity to discuss any concerns by the community which is part of the reason why this forum exists.

Thanks for confirming you don’t receive any payment whatsoever (in any shape or form) from NL - this helps to somewhat alleviate concerns around the conflict of interest point if truthful - but it’s good to have this on official record from you.

I assume it is the case that other NL ambassador(s) that are also an official Astar ambassador do not receive payment(s) for any reason whatsoever from NL either then. If anyone has any evidence or information to the contrary, or i am incorrect in my assumptions, they should speak up, or risk being complicit if information to the contrary comes to light.

Personally, I am not satisfied with the dApp staking project selection process for this event.

There was no process actually followed - projects in my opinion should not be discriminated and not given the same equal opportunities for any reason (including size, jurisdiction location, etc.). This leads to a ‘rich get richer’ scenario and is not in the spirit of decentralization in my opinion.

You, and your team / delegates, could have been more organized and submitted this proposal with more time to allow a process to be followed in advance. The proposal assumes too much and is too close to the start date time to realistically allow any other dApp staking projects attend.

For this reason, i will be voting no in townhall for this request.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this community.

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Way to go, buddy! After reading your answers to VasaKing’s and you425’s questions it’s super clear to me your intention with the event. I definitely support Astar’s participation in this great space to expand our brand.


Thank you, my friend.
We are ready to make any transparent statement to show our sincerity.

Let’s announce Astar together!

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Thank you for taking the time to comment.
The invitation is still open. We would love to have you with us. Perhaps being among us in real life (if you want to break your anonymity) can help you see our efforts and our sincere realistic intentions.

I prefer a community that questions and asks for accountability rather than a community that keeps silent about everything. Constructive, not destructive. I would be very happy to see logical comments, not unfounded ones!

Thank you for being part of the community.

The vote for the 1 Zero 1 Knowledge Event funding request is open on Townhall :

Please vote wisely! :ballot_box:


I voted Yes, I am believing Turkey market will affect astar. Turkey has the biggest opportunity in europea for crypto field

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Thanks for opening the vote, Gai.

The event will be an opportunity to present AstarNetwork to the ZK&Polygon&Ethereum&Polkadot ecosystem in one event.

We are already excited!

Thank you very much for this proposal, it looks great to me, it would be good to have a speaker in the event and share Astar there! I would like to support this proposal!

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Hello @MrKarahanli-Emre
Do you have any news about the speakers?
Are Phala Network, Polygon, Astar Core Team confirmed their presence?


hello @GuiGou
The AstarNetwork team had to work hard on an important job on the dates of the event. Therefore, they all need to stay at home.
I will be representing AstarNetwork.

We are in contact with Benjamin, Polygon Event leader, he is at OOO but he is questioning the availability of everyone in the Polygon team. We are waiting to hear from him.

Clave team are very close friends of ours and almost all of the team members are in Istanbul. There is no concern for that side.
Leo also said okay for Neurolanche.
I am trying to be in contact with Zoe for Phala (nothing clear).
Utilify founder also said okay.

If one of the speakers is not involved, there are many figures in Turkey that we can replace (Mina, RischZero, Aleo etc. etc.) We will announce a community partnership with many projects using ZenoKnowledge infrastructure. If we are short of speakers, we can meet them directly from these partners, but our priorities are the ones mentioned above.

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Voted AYE! Let’s keep growing around the world!


I voted Yes at the TownHall.
Turkey market is important for Astar Ecosystem. The requested budget seems reasonable.
I hope the event is a success.

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Hello @MrKarahanli-Emre

Your proposal has been approved by the community, please provide a native Astar address to receive 58 892 ASTR from the Community Treasury.

Thank you.


Congratulations fam!


Thank you to our community!



As approved by the community, 58,892 ASTRs were transferred to ZkXuTVXB4s6sPgf42gviV2GcTHkvXks72sbVB7rqevzr2xu :


Good luck with the event and don’t forget to share your report and photos in this discussion. :clap: