Proposal: Astar Network workshop in Medellín, Colombia

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to greet you all. On this occasion, I bring a proposal to conduct an intensive bootcamp consisting of 3 consecutive sessions in the city of Medellín. This city has been a strategic point for blockchain development in the region, which is why I believe it would be powerful for us to make this bootcamp a reality in order to showcase the Astar Network brand and its technology. I am sharing the fully detailed proposal with you here:

Astar Network bootcamp by dotlabs()


dotlabs() is the largest blockchain developer community in Medellin, which seeks the professional growth of its members through free and quality education. We believe in equal opportunities and the transformative potential of education for the future of societies.

dotlabs() plans to create and conduct an intensive bootcamp of 3 continuous face-to-face sessions, which will cover the basics of Ink!, Substrate, and Polkadot, to reach a basic level of development. The main objective of this intensive bootcamp is to promote the brand, as well as its products and services in the city of Medellin. This will allow us to create traction on Astar Network and its ecosystem, which in turn will enable us to have a larger audience when conducting another learning event on behalf of the most famous and efficient parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem, Astar Network.

Objectives and Goals

Our goal is to inform and train developers about the Astar Network and its advantages in creating products and services on this network. Our objectives are divided into:

  • Having a participation of more than 40 people (face-to-face and virtual).
  • Creating at least one product that will be deployed on the test network.
  • Expanding brand recognition in the city of Medellin.
  • Promoting the adoption of the network through the use of its dApps.
  • Delivering basic tools to build on the Astar Network.

Our greatest focus will be on promoting the network to observe an increase in its construction, an increase in the use of development tools, and an increase in visits to the Astar website.

Work plan

The work plan is to carry out 3 continuous face-to-face sessions, starting on Saturday, May 6, and ending on Saturday, May 20. The first session is planned to clearly and broadly explain the basic peculiarities of the smart contract programming language Ink!, the Polkadot ecosystem, and blockchain tools. In the second session, we will cover the topic of Astar Network, how the blockchain chain works and its development ecosystem, and finally, we will create a dApp that allows us to tokenize digitized objects from the real world. This product will be deployed on the Astar Network. The points we will cover in this bootcamp are:

  • Astar Network and its ecosystem
  • Astar Network development tools: Faucets and tokens
  • Polkadot.js and wallet creation
  • Introduction to Ink!: fundamentals, features, and versions
  • Local nodes for deployment
  • Development tools in Visual Studio Code
  • Smart Contract development
  • Smart Contract Standards
  • IPFS service on the Astar Network
  • Creation of DApp on the Astar Network

To achieve the objectives of this program, we will have a professional workshop leader with experience in blockchain development on the Astar Network, who will facilitate the achievement of the proposed objectives, incurring the following expenses:

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Expected Results

The plan is to impact and influence 40 attendees (30 in-person and 10 virtual) who, upon completing the bootcamp, will have the basic knowledge and necessary tools to start building on the Astar Network. This will contribute to the expansion of the network in Latin America, especially in the city of Medellin, which is committed to blockchain development. The expected results are:

  • Number of hours of the bootcamp: +8
  • Impacted attendees: +40
  • Number of new users of Astar Network products: +20
  • Amount of merchandise given: +30

Team and Resources

The largest blockchain developer community in the city of Medellin, dotlabs(), will be responsible for carrying out the entire construction and implementation of the bootcamp. You can find us on the following social media platforms:

  1. Website:

First link to view our plan:

Second link to view our work:

The planned team for the task is:

Carlos Rodriguez, COO of dotlabs(), Rust developer & developer relations.

His social networks:



In order to contribute to the growth of Astar Network in Latin America, dotlabs(), the largest blockchain developer community in Medellin, will carry out an intensive bootcamp consisting of 3 continuous sessions that will provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for building on the Astar Network and its ecosystem. This program will take place starting from Saturday, May 6th, and will end on Saturday, May 20th. The creation and implementation of this event incurs some expenses outlined in the above section. Finally, this bootcamp aims to create adoption and recognition of the Astar Network brand in the city of Medellin, which is highly committed to the development of blockchain technologies. Therefore, we are confident that we will contribute to the growth of Astar Network in this region.

On behalf of dotlabs(), we commit to carrying out this event with total professionalism and transparency, and we look forward to creating a strong and lasting relationship between both brands.


@Juminstock Astar Tech Ambassador Carlos thank you for your proposal and I am in full support. I know you will carry yourself well and represent Astar in the best way.

As I have gotten to know you, and in our call, I can easily tell you are dedicated and committed to educating and providing resources to fellow neighbors, friends and people who are interested in blockchain technology.

The workshops and classes you have already been doing, and the experience you have, make you more than a suitable candidate to instruct these 3 workshops. You provided the receipts as requested, have a detailed plan, and I can see this having a great effect to the 40+ people you wish to instruct. I would recommend collecting feedback from the attendees by having them answering a brief survey about the workshops and your instruction at the end. This kind of feedback can help make you a better instructor and fine tune the workshops.

I’d be happy to provide my virtual presence as well if requested, to help answer and motivate students.

Thanks again and I wish you success!


Thank you so much, Ramz! All my work based on this workshop is aimed at supporting the Astar ecosystem and achieving greater recognition for it in my region. I am delighted to be able to carry it out.

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GO go Carlos.
We are totally agree to introduce the ecosystem in Medellín Colombia, and later in Colombia.
Hope to become a reality this proposal :smiley:
This proposal has something very interesting is community and developer focus.


Thank you very much, Sergio. Let’s go!

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Full suport with doing workshops in Medellín to learn more about Astar Network and its advantages to deploy over this network.


Hello @Juminstock,

I really like the way you described your proposal and provided all the information we would need. This is a good example of the guidelines everyone should follow when submitting a proposal to the Astar community.

I support your initiative and I think it will be a good opportunity to get new developers to contribute to our ecosystem. If I understand your work plan correctly, during your presentation you will focus on the WASM side of Astar Network using ink! to develop dApps, right? Since WASM was recently launched, this makes a lot of sense, but I would suggest presenting EVM and XVM as well, as it is a major strength of Astar to have tools for developers to move from Solidity to ink! in the most seamless way possible.

Last point for me in terms of transparency, could you explain your budget a little more. The numbers between the quotes and the budget you provided don’t match and I’m wondering why. For example, for the pizza, the screenshot shows a total of $592 when you have $144 USD for food in your budget. I hope you don’t intend to pay the difference out of your pocket. Is this due to the exchange rate between the Colombian peso and the US dollar?

You have my full support for this event and I hope to see photos and videos of the event afterwards. The Latin community is very involved in crypto and should know more about Astar!

G’, Astar Ambassador


i love your idea Carlos, my full support for this proposal. I have no doubts about your excelent work with dotlabs() and i wish the best succes on this iniatitive.


I can see the budget is $541+ but the on the quotation it is $170. The numbers don’t tally. Or, am I missing something?

  1. What is the amount you are requesting?
  2. Please get the vendors to quote accordingly.

Thank you, Juan, It will be, you’ll see.

Hello, Gunit. Thank you very much for supporting the proposal. In the first point you are right, I am focusing on working with WASM however I will take your recommendation and I will plan the content of EVM and XVM, I assure you that I will include it in the work plan.

On the second point, I explain the confusion, the invoices that are in the document are in COP, Colombian pesos, and the total cost I put it in dollars so that you as ambassadors could understand it, that is the confusion, I am sorry for the misunderstanding but the total cost of the meal is 144.41 USD.

As for the photos and videos of the event, of course! Even the sessions will be recorded with all the participants and content.

Again I want to thank you for all your support, I hope to be able to carry out the event.


Thank you so much, Francisco, I appreciate your support for the proposal.

Hi @moonme, that’s right! The cost of the event is +541 USD, here’s why:

The invoices I attached to the document are in COP, Colombian pesos due to the fact that local companies cannot generate invoices to me in USD, hence the confusion is born. However, converting the prices of food, merchandising, stickers and prizes for the best products, we obtained a total of 541 USD.

Here I attach the prices in pesos and their conversion to dollars:

I hope that with this I manage to solve the confusion.


Fantastic concept! This idea seems promising, and the budget appears to be carefully planned and cost-effective. Wishing you all the best for a successful event!


I like the proposal with all details and concrete plan, it is great to organize this kind of workshop and train the developers, good luck with it, hopefully, some of them would build on Astar!


Thank you so much, @Sequaja. I will do my best to make it a great event.

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Thank you so much for the good wishes, @DrCAO. Yes! that’s it, the goal is to include more developers in the Astar Network.

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I appreciate your quick response and the clarity of your proposal.

I have nothing to add except to wish you good luck and may Astar shine in Colombia!


Thanks for the breakdown.

So, can you agree to receive the payment after the event ended and you provide all the official receipts and event report?

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Thank you so much for your support, I will do an excellent job, I assure you.