Astar Network in Ethereum Latam Day

Hello community and fellow Astar members. I’m Carlos Rodríguez, a technical ambassador of Astar Network in Colombia for a couple of months now. Since I began as the official representative of Astar in my region, I’ve been dedicated to expanding the brand and increasing user adoption of our network. Alongside Ramz and other Latin ambassadors, we founded the Astar LatamDAO, aiming to achieve significant milestones. In this regard, I present this proposal: Astar Network’s participation in the Ethereum Latam Day.

Introduction to Ethereum Latam Day

It is a space where the entire Ethereum ecosystem (including Layer 2, which aligns with this proposal) comes together to discuss Ethereum updates, the technologies under development, and the products and services created by ecosystem developers.

The activities I’ll do

In the speaker selection process for the event, I was chosen, and I will be part of a panel featuring all the Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. I will be discussing the Astar zkEVM and how it makes Ethereum and Polkadot networks fully compatible. In addition to my participation as a speaker on the panel, I plan to:

  1. Educate attendees about Astar zkEVM as an Ethereum Layer 2 solution.
  2. Provide information about the projects and services available on Astar.
  3. Attract new developers to the Astar ecosystem and its zkEVM.
  4. Offer guidance for projects and companies looking to enter the Astar ecosystem.
  5. Conduct two workshops on Astar Network, Ethereum, and the Astar zkEVM.

Along with the Ethereum Latam Day team and considering the good relationship between Astar Network and NTT Data, we have thought about holding one of the two workshops at the NTT Data Peru facilities, reaching a larger audience and organizing a sort of side event. NTT Data Peru is providing the spaces at no cost.

Workshops structure

Workshop number 1 at NTT Data’s facilities:

In this workshop we will have an audience experienced with the basics of blockchain, so I plan to dictate these topics:

  1. Consistent onboarding on Polkadot architecture and how Astar connects to it 2.
  2. Introduction to Astar: Cross VM, dapp staking and scaling model.
  3. Introduction to Swanky suite and its benefits
  4. Deploying contracts in Shibuya using Contracts UI
  5. Astar zkEVM and UA
  6. A bizDev opener :eyes:

Workshop number 2 on the second day of Ethereum Latam Day:

In this event, our audience will be new to blockchain, so I plan to guide these topics:

  1. basic introduction to Astar
  2. Astar architecture
  3. Astar advantages: Dapp staking, ink!kubator and tooling
  4. Smart contracts in Astar: Solidity or ink!
  5. Building contracts in Astar zkEVM and UA

The value I’ll bring to Astar and Astar LatamDAO

Being a panelist at Ethereum Latam Day 2023 ang guide the workshops will give me the opportunity to directly impact over 500 attendees, the majority of whom will be developers and founders of projects, as the event is primarily targeted at this group. However, there will also be artists and regular users who can utilize Astar Network’s services.

As a technical ambassador for Astar in LATAM, my mission is to expand Astar’s vision and connect with individuals who are willing to support the adoption, usability, and growth of Astar, as well as projects looking to deploy on our network.

Why the event is important?

In addition to the impact we would have by conducting the workshops and participating in the main panel, the event has a strong emphasis on inclusion. The team itself comprises talented women, and the attending projects are also represented by both women and men. Besides having the presence of one of the most significant female DAOs, H.E.R. DAO.

Finally, one of my main missions is to introduce the Astar zkEVM to existing projects and seek business relationships. Some of the famous projects that will attend are:

Planned budget

With all the effort to reduce costs and attend the event with the right expenses, I managed to establish these, which are the lowest costs achieved:

Total amount in USD: 2.231,63
Total amount in ASTR: 145,375

I’ve tried to allocate the minimum amount for the entire trip, and in case we spend less than budgeted, I will communicate it.

The event website:


Another great initiative, to introduce our star to more people, I wish you success in holding the event.


Wow! Just by looking at the photos, I can tell that it will be a fun and informative event for users. Thank you for organizing such a great event.

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Carlos, did you already input gimmick/marketing staff such as swags, standing banner, etc? This is for the booth itself.

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Very nice iniciative Carlos! I think its important to show the Latam has a lot potential and can contribute for the ecosystem.

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Great proposal, I’d love to see it done.
Do you need to add the cost of printing materials and other necessary items?

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I appreciate the effort you’ve put into organizing this fantastic event – the photos alone convey a sense of both enjoyment and valuable information for participants. Thank you for planning such an engaging and informative experience Carlos!

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What a wonderful initiative!
I completely agree with it.

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Really like all the energy and efforts You put in these events :smile: I will support Carlos proposal :+1:

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Amazing @Juminstock

I`ll support this initiative!

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Thank you, Kabrine, I value your message and it really is what we are looking, to expand the brand to more users.

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Thank you for your help :clap:t3:

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It will be! I’m very encouraged by that. NTT Data is giving us some amazing spaces for the workshops, it’s going to be a success.

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Thanks for your message, Rudy! I have already added it to the document, I will create t-shirts and stickers to hand out to the developers. As for the stand, the cost covers the space they will give us, a screen to show our products and give information to interested people :grin:

Thank you so much, buddy! I think that so, we’ve a mission, to expand the Astar brand!

Thank you. Yes, of course. This week I will receive the bills for the costs :wink:

Much appreciated, Matt! As always, in favor of Astar’s expansion in Latin America.

Thank you so much, Bao! :clap:t3:

We will do our best to make the event a success, thank you for your support, VasaKing! :boom:

Hey buddy, thanks for your help!