Astar Network and Osaka City

Dear all,

I introduced myself a few weeks ago and said that I would give my contribution to help Astar Network grow both in Japan and in Europe, since I strongly believe in the project and in Sota Watanabe.

Given the recent excellent results of Astar, also as regards the recent partnership with Shibuya city, I want to communicate that next week the city of Osaka has proposed to me to make a call to talk about Astar Network. Specifically, the Osaka International Business Planner (IBPC Osaka) who is responsible for bringing together businesses in the Osaka area with the city at the governmental level of Osaka, proposed a call to me to talk about a potential partnership with Astar Network. The idea would be to make an agreement similar to that of Fukuoka.

As I was saying, I’m used to working in IR and dealing above all with governments and institutions, so since I support Astar Network, I’ve decided to give my contribution too, we’re a good community and if everyone does their part with their skills we can do something great.



Hi, Francesco Ros-san. Good-day to you.
I’m Kyoka, a member of Astar foundation, especially for the Japanese market.
As we can see your post about potential partnership with Osaka city, we’d like to talk about more and see what we would do for the best.

If you are available to discuss about this more and share the details with the team, please reply me and contact on my address(

Best regards!!


Nice to meet you and thanks for the reply. I just sent an email to the address you provided

Need to think about it well

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From the municipality of Osaka they replied that on March 14th at 8 CET and 16 JUST they will organize a call with me to talk about a possible partnership between Astar Network and the municipality of Osaka

They have already given me an appointment for next week, March 14th. Specifically I will speak with the Investment Promotion & Overseas Business Planner International Affairs Department of Osaka. The goal is to involve the municipality of Osaka and related enterprises established in the Osaka area for a strategic partnership with Astar Network.

Trust me, I’m used to doing this type of work, I’ve been doing it since 2018 for companies in the fintech sector in general, and basically in the European area I take advantage of my contacts with the European institutions. For me it is a pleasure to be able to contribute to making Astar Network great. Except that before aiming for the European Union, I would like Astar Network to consolidate throughout Japan.

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I had the meeting with Osaka, it went very well and they are interested in understanding a possible partnership. However, they would also like to have a meeting with the Founders. I will send more details by email later today.

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