Proposal: Astar Network Meetup in Tokyo

Dear Astar community,

To further enhance the influence of Astar Network in Japan, we are planning to start a regularly held community-led Meetups with the help of the Astar JP team. At these Meetups, we’ll share the latest updates on Astar Network, invite guest speakers, and allocate time for community networking. For the first Meetup, we are planning to start it off a little bit big as we will have Maarten, the representative of Astar Foundation, and Ramz from the Astar Growth Team & Community Leader to discuss “Astar Tokenomics 2.0” and “Astar Community,” respectively. We would like to propose a budget for the event so please have a look at the event details below.

Event Data: November 5, 1:00 PM ~ 4:30 PM

Event Location: GOLDEN EGG (

Expected Guests: Approx. 100 people

Requested Event Budget: 17,000 ASTR (Approx.106,000 JPY)


The purpose of this initiative is to grow and nurture the Astar Network Japan community. Additionally, it aims to provide a networking platform with the Astar team, Ambassadors, and ecosystem partners, and to efficiently share the latest information.


The goals are as follows:

  • Guest Attendance: 100 people

  • Event Satisfaction: 4/5 or higher (via Google Form survey)

Event Budget Allocation:

We are requesting a budget of 17,000 ASTR (Approx.106,000 JPY) to enhance the meetup experience for our guests. Since there are no venue costs, we plan to allocate the entire budget to catering. The allocation details are as follows:

  • Foods: 13,000 ASTR(Approx.80,000 JPY)

  • Drinks: 3,000 ASTR(Approx.20,000 JPY)

  • Expenses: 1,000 ASTR(Approx.6,000 JPY)

Meetup Agenda:

1:00 PM ~ 1:20 PM <Opening>

1:20 PM ~ 1:30 PM <Astar Network Overview (Astar JP Team)>

1:30 PM ~ 2:10 PM <About Astar Tokenomics 2.0 (Guest: Maarten)>

2:10 PM ~ 2:50 PM <About Astar Community (Guest: Ramz)>

2:50 PM ~ 3:00 PM <Closing>

3:00 PM ~ 4:30 PM <Networking>

Desired Impact:

The desired impact is to elevate both the quantity and quality of Astar supporters. Specifically, we aim to nurture community members who will support and disseminate information about Astar, similar to Ambassadors, through Community CatchUp.

Future Plan:

In the Japanese community, we are planning to hold regular Meetups starting with this one. For the second meeting and beyond, we aim to attract 50-70 guests and intend to hold Meetups at a pace of 3-4 times per year.


  • you425

  • tksarah

  • shin takahashi

  • bao


This initiative is a crucial step in further enhancing the influence of Astar Network in Japan. The success of this Meetup relies on everyone’s active support. We warmly invite you all to back us. Thanks for reading this proposal thoroughly and please feel free to ask us any questions.


Lovely initiative and 100% support! How would you claim your expenses? Doesn’t seem to be included in this proposal?


Yesssss! Let’s make Astar bigger and bigger in Japan.
We do need to get more traction inside EVM user and this initiative is great to bring Polygon and Astar community together.

Also I have the same question as @Kahori about expenses.


Let me add more insight of this proposal. Japan ambassador team has been generously contributing the growth of the community. Most official events have been supported by them too. However when including all the effort to the current point system, it does not seem to reflect the outcome compare to what actually has been done since the main objective of point system is social engagiments via apps than off-line meetups. I would like all to be aware that this is important time for us all to make successful launch for Astar zkEVM and I do wish them to have ease mind to create events that they know that all cost would be covered.

This proposal only include catering service for 100+ people. I would like this proposal to have all actual expenses like planning time, travel expenses. They should be deserved.


Thank you for your comments and suggestions! After discussing with the team, we’ve decided to increase the budget by 1000ASTR, bringing the total to 17000ASTR. We sincerely appreciate your support for our activities.


Requested Event Budget: 16,000 ASTR
(Approx.100,000 JPY)

Event Budget Allocation:

  • Foods: 80,000 JPY
  • Drinks: 20,000 JPY


Requested Event Budget: 17,000 ASTR
(Approx.106,000 JPY)

Event Budget Allocation:

  • Foods: 80,000 JPY
  • Drinks: 20,000 JPY
  • Expenses:6,000 JPY

Thank you for your comments!
We plan to energize the Japanese community even more with the launch of Astar zkEVM!

As for your question, I’ve answered it in the previous thread. We sincerely appreciate your support.

Thank you very much to Bao and the JP ambassadors for this initiative.
During the bear market, it is the community that keeps the momentum going, and I fully support an initiative that contributes to this as an Astar member. The past events hosted by Astar showed that there are people who are interested in the latest updates of Astar. We want to make sure that those people are continuously engaged, and hosting a community event as such will be enormously helpful.

I also hope this kicks off the series of community events that will be hosted in Japan from now on, on a daily basis. Also, I hope the JP ambassadors could showcase the success of the event, and for other ambassadors to follow their lead.


Wow wow wow!

Great proposal. This will enhance grassroot engagement and participation in Astar ecosystem by the community. Happy to support the proposal.

BTW, do you have plans to include other regional ambassadors as guest in the future ? :laughing:


Thanks for the comment, Tatsu!
We’re working on preparations to make this Meetup the best it can be. We’ll also do our best to ensure this Meetup leads to more in the future!

Thank you for the enthusiastic support!
We’re excited about boosting grassroots engagement in the Astar ecosystem too.

That idea is cool!
Let’s definitely plan for it in upcoming events! If you ever come to Japan, please let me know!

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I`ll support this proposal. We need to further establish Astar’s reputation in Japan and facilitate the onboarding of new users in the world’s third-largest economy.


Thank you for your support!
We’re on the same page about strengthening Astar’s presence in Japan and attracting new users from this significant market. Your backing means a lot to us!

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I love local events and support them as much as possible.
I support this!
But I have a request. Please specify the costs in stable currency or astr, not in Japanese currency.
It would also be very good if you could somehow mention the Astar zkEVM.


Thank you for your support!
I’ve made the requested changes as follows.

  • Foods: 13,000 ASTR(Approx.80,000 JPY)
  • Drinks: 3,000 ASTR(Approx.20,000 JPY)
  • Expenses: 1,000 ASTR(Approx.6,000 JPY)

We also intend to mention Astar zkEVM at this Meetup!!

Excellent proposal Bao!

We need to multiply initiatives like this among community ambassadors and contributors.

I support you 100%.

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Thank you very much for the initiative and I fully support this proposal! One question, is this fully in-person or have some online option? if you have online option and time allows, I would like to support online as well!

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I really like the idea :clap: :smiley: Usually I prefer to have a sort of memorial about these events , have You considered some Tshorts or goodies to give away during the event ? Of course You have already my total support :grin:

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Thank you, Gunit!!
I truly believe that engaging with our community ambassadors and contributors in this way can make a significant impact. Your support means a lot to us.

Thank you for your support!
We are primarily planning for an offline event, but we are also considering switching to an online event if needed.
Thank you for your insightful question!

Thank you for your support!
That’s a great idea! We’ll discuss it with the team and consider it positively.

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