Astar Network in Ethereum Latam Day

Hi @Juminstock,

Nice proposal!

As we are receiving more proposals to fund Astar promotion during events, it may be a good time to establish standards for event funding proposals.

Let’s start with your proposal.

Could you provide more context about the Ethereum Latam Day? Where is it located? When will it take place? Is this the first edition, or can you share the metrics from previous editions?

What will be the content of the workshop at NTT Data facilities?

Regarding the budget, please include quotes or invoices to justify each item. Use the ASTR EMA7 price to determine the requested ASTR allocation. Also, don’t forget to add your address to receive funds.

Good initiative! I support participating in quality events to promote Astar to other ecosystems. :+1:


Hi @Gunit, thanks for your help and I agree with the position on the verification of the event.

In summary,

Ethereum Latam Day is a two-day event in which they seek to bring information about the protocol closer to the Spanish-speaking community, taking into account that the content they will give, is usually in English. Talking to the organizers, they plan to do it every year from this edition onwards.

The event will be held on December 1 and 2 in Peru, the first day will be broadcast talks to have a greater impact and the second day will be a gallery of projects for users to learn more, (Astar would be on the list).

This is the first edition of the event.

I am planning (and still working on it) to deliver this content at NTT Data facilities:

  1. Introduction to Astar Network and modular blockchains L2.
  2. Substrate wasm and Substrate EVM
  3. Astar products and services: dapp staking, swanky suite and more.
  4. Astar zkEVM
  5. Development and deployment of contracts in the Astar network.

As for the budget, of course! I’ll be uploading the respective invoices tomorrow at the latest!

I will be happy to give you more details :D.


Could you explain a bit more about the two worshops you are planning to hold?
Thanks for the proposal, ser!!! I support you.

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Hello @Gaius_sama,

A special greeting to the entire community. Let me introduce myself, my name is Simón León, blockchain developer and member of the NTT DATA innovation laboratory from where we lead the blockchain practice for America with our clients. For a couple of years we have made efforts to bring Astar technology closer to the entire developer community.

I have personally given meetups in Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia sharing information about Astar and on this occasion I am in charge of organizing the Ethereum Latam Day as an event carried out thanks to the collaboration of communities from 7 countries (especially women in technology ), the objective is to generate high-quality content in Spanish, give visibility to Latin American talent and bring technology closer to developers in our region.

This will be the first time it has been done for the Ethereum ecosystem in Lima, Peru, but I already have 2 years of experience carrying out the Polkadot Latam Day (an activity where Carlos had his first contact with Astar in Medellín a year ago) in various countries.

Regarding the activity at NTT DATA, it will be part of a public and freely accessible side event for developers where Carlos will be able to explain about Astar zkEVM as a layer 2 solution for Ethereum.

This represents an example of the effort we make to promote the adoption and understanding of technology among all participants. For our part, we will be happy to receive them, facilitate any means of participation and continue promoting these types of initiatives. Greetings


Community driven initiative is always welcome. For people to use your product, you’ll have to educate them about the use cases, and that csn be achieved through events like this. All the best Juminstock :+1:

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As in other events, you will be supported by Emre-Mr_Karahanli, our official ambassador! We hope more events like this will be organised.

Also, please don’t forget to collect feedback from the participants after the event and share it with us. This will not only help you get better results in your future events, but also make it easier for ambassadors (like me :D) who want to organise events in their local communities.

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I was with the whole Ethereum community last week for Devconnect. They have amazing people. It would definitely benefit us if you introduce one of them to Astar :slight_smile:

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Hello community and fellow Astar members. I’m thrilled to the incredible dedication and initiative @Juminstock has shown as the technical ambassador of Astar Network in Colombia. His efforts in expanding the brand and fostering user adoption are truly commendable. The establishment of the Astar LatamDAO alongside @0xRamz and other Latin ambassadors is a testament to their commitment to achieving significant milestones. Carlos’s proposal for Astar Network’s participation in the Ethereum Latam Day is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our network on a broader stage. Kudos to Carlos and the entire team for their outstanding work!


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Of course. I really plan well structured topics:

In the first instance I want to give a consistent and complete onboarding to the astar ecosystem and its tools, once there move on to contract development with swanky and finish with the Astar zkEVM connection and show UA progress. Much more of this will also be dictated, depends on time ;). Thanks for your support mate.

I totally agree with you, at the end of the day, educating our audience is the most important thing to me. Thanks for your help!

I thank you very much for these suggestions my friend and I will keep them in mind to make better and better events :wink:

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Wooo, many friends of mine went and have commented that the event was a success. We need to represent Astar in events like this :slight_smile:

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Leo as always the admiration is mutual, I am a faithful follower of yours. Thank you for supporting the proposal, all in favor of expanding Astar.

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G, the invoices have been raised. Some prices are in Peruvian soles but in the budget table they are broken down in dollars. I hope this gives more clarity :slight_smile:. I’ll be attentive.

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Hi Carlos,

Thank you for providing these quotes. I’ll now open the poll.

Can you also explain what you’ll be doing in your workshops and update your initial post?

Thank you

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Hey @Gaius_sama, the initial post has been updated. I have included the more information about 2 workshops. Let me know if there is another question :pray:

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Please also update the funds requested in ASTR tokens using the current EMA7.

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Funding Carlos’ attendance at Ethereum Latam Day (~2.231,63 USD)
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  • No
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Voted Yes. We need more event to introduce Astar. Thanks you also @Juminstock. Also If you want to make any event in europea or Italy tell me please. @Matt @Poggi_Luca :white_heart:


The post has been updated!