B2E Proposal - DeStore Network

Please find attached our Astar B2E Proposal 1.1 with the latest upgrade to V3. DeStore has decided to align its ISPO with the V3 terms and make adjustments to the 1.0 proposal.

The main points that have changed are as follows:

  1. V2 stakers will receive an early supporter bonus for their 1-month support, each getting their share of a 0.5% equity pool.
  2. The ISPO will be broken into 2 pools.

With our community in mind, each pool of stakers will be divided into two groups:

  • Stakers with less than 25,000 ASTR, staked with DeStore for the duration of the term, will receive 0.25% of the Equity allocation based on their contribution to the pool

  • Stakers with more than 25,000 ASTR, staked with DeStore for the duration of the term, will receive 0.75% of the Equity allocation based on their contribution to the pool

  • Note: Stakers who supported DeStore prior to the release of Astar dApp Staking v3 release will receive an additional 0.5% of DeStore equity, based on their contribution to the pool, as a token of appreciation

Note*1 - Allocation to each staker will be based on their contribution to the pool

  1. Removal of the ASTR airdrop to avoid possible future complications with regulators.

Please find the full document here: DeStore Proposal 1.1


This information you share with us is tremendously valuable, your team is doing a great job in making the project grow by leaps and bounds.


not that steak this is a steak

It’s been a minute, everyone; how so much has happened in the last two weeks? It’s hard to keep up, but it’s my duty to ensure that we are aligned with our community! So here are some milestones.

Before dapp staking v2 ended, we reached 150+ discord memembers, 270 people staked 10.7M $ASTR, totaling $2M USD! Since our community call, we wrote a recap here - First Community Call Recap. After a long wait, our first community… | by DeStore Network | Feb, 2024 | Medium.

In the last several hours, with the opening of V3, we have reached 8M $ASTR; wow, thank you, guys, for all the support!

As Joisah posted above, we have changed a few things with allocation for our ISPO, but this aligns with our direction of giving our small stakes a better chance and bigger whales to fight for a bigger piece of the pie. With doing so, allocation equivalent to the % of the ISPO will be for token allocation. We can’t release too much for internal talks,. We must ensure it’s sustainable and our tokenomics align with our future! So that being said, come stake with us as we are gearing up for some cool giveaways and whatnot as we hit certain milestones! Stay tuned!

:man_farmer: Stake now or forever hold your peace: http://tinyurl.com/destoredappstaking


Well Done!!! I am supporting DeStoreNetwork.


Hello @everyone, there was a mistake in the infographic below:

This led to all our ISPO information to generalize a term as 3 months. We have discovered that a term is approximately 4 months (122 ERAs) and have updated our ISPO information to reflect this. I have also advised the Astar team to correct the infographic via our Telegram channel.

We understand that in a fast-paced developer environment on the bleeding edge of technology, mistakes happen, so it is okay.

We would appreciate any positive support if you see any negative backlash on social channels.

I will not edit the posts above; rather, I’ll leave them as history.

Please find attached the updated proposal document that communicates the ISPO over 4-month terms: Updated Proposal Document

Best Regards
Josiah Kotzur


I think this is a very important topic that needs to be covered soon, thanks for your understanding! Surely @Gaius_sama has already mapped it to make the correction.

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To add value here, in the recent Community Update @ 35min 13sec - Watch here
These discrepancies haven’t been altered, and this could affect public perception with us changing these nuances.


:sun_with_face: GM! Proud announcement! Join us at EthDenver with Polkadot friends. Representing the Astar community, we’re eager to connect with everyone!

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Thank you so much for the updates. I trust this event gonna be so fun =)


:sun_with_face: GM Everyone! The weekly Update is here! What an :clapper: action-pack week with Dapp staking v3, gaining :eyes: 10M $ASTR in 24 hours, announcing :pushpin: 2 events we are attending, and our 1st Community Call recap! - Original Post

:dart: Still have time to earn our ISPO + Token allocation: Stake here!

:door: Exciting entry into DeStore’s Dapp Staking v3, warmly embraced by our Astar Network community! - Original Post

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Surpassing 10M staked $ASTR in 24hrs is incredible! The overwhelming support reflects the :star2:bright future our community envisions. Thank you, everyone! - Original Post

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:circus_tent: Gratitude to Polkadot for the booth opportunity @ EthDenver, and to thank specifically @Jerad for letting me know ahead of time, thank you friend! Catch us at various events all week, Feb 26 - Mar 4. - Original Post

Finally, our :memo: recap of the 1st Community Call is here! A must-read! :open_book: - Original Post

Continue more with us on X


Thanks for the answer

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You are really doing a great job, congratulations on such great updates!


Hi Dustin, thanks for sharing the update! And it would be great if the Discord server link can be updated, as it says the link is invalid at this moment!

Fully support the project! :saluting_face:

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It looks like our Discord link is invalid, so here is a new one! Discord Invite

:sun_with_face: GM Astar Fam! Our Astar Network Recap is now available! :deer: From joining stages with Polygon & Quickswap to reaching a 100M staked $ASTR to exploring #zkevm for our DeAR App, it’s been a strong couple of months! We appreciate the support. Let’s keep building :clinking_glasses:
(Link to Post)

:deer: We joined :infinity: Polygon, Quickswap, and Aztec Crypto for #ARLTP EP 54, where we :notes: rap out the space! What an epic way to connect :link: with the Polygon Ecosystem! (Link to Post)

:tada: As festivities were underway, we were delighted to join Astar for their #zkEVM Polygon CDK launch party :champagne: with partners Gelato, which coincided with the release of #Yoki. What exciting times to be a part of the :crystal_ball: future of the next stage of Astar 3.0, coming soon! (Link to Post)

:star2: It’s been a massive success, reaching 100M Staked $ASTR! With all this support, we’ve been able to develop our :deer: DeAR App and build towards Astar #zkEVM! Your support keeps our :blue_heart: dream alive! Thank you! (Link to Post)

:checkered_flag: In conclusion, we’re aligning with Astar #zkEVM on Polygon Agg layer, gaining a :trophy: competitive edge for future projects within the Astar #zkEVM ecosystem! We are excited to stay ahead and keep building! (Link to Post)


Great news you share with us! I have noticed your presence at multiple events spreading the word about your project and the Astar project, Thanks for your input! Your project is growing more and more.

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Your progress is awesome!!! Thank you so much for your contribution and information =)

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Thank you for your report! Wish u best luck!

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Thanks for the updates :grin: :handshake:

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Good progress!! Please keep up the good work!

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