B2E Proposal - DeStore Network

Congrats, DeStore team!!
You are in Tier2. Please keep up the great work.

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:tada: Something big is coming! All our new ISPO shareholders will be the first to enjoy our :gem: DeStore token! Stake your $ASTR to be a part of our story!

:brain: Learn more - Stake with us – DeStore


UX/UI was great. Thank you so much for building awesome things =)

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wow, DeStore token? Thank you so much for the updates Dustin!


:purple_heart:Gm! Thank you for supporting DeStore. We want to announce Josiah and I are running for Polkadot Head Ambassadors. :brain: Combining our skills, we can better advocate for Polkadot and partners like Astar. Your support means the world! Feel free to reach out anytime. My DMs are always open!

:ballot_box: Giving us your votes and leaving us comments helps us the most! Thank You!

:ring: Proposal Link:Vote Nay for this Proposal | Polkassembly

I will give a more thorough update soon on what’s happening with DeStore. Thank you so much for all the support!



:purple_heart: GM friends and family, I wanted to reach out as I am running for Head Ambassador. Josiah and I initially applied under Polkadot proposal #1015. However, with the community feedback, we decided I would pursue the Head Ambassador role while Josiah independently applied for a Senior role later. I would appreciate any votes or comments to help support me on my journey. Your voice matters. Thank you!

:ballot_box: Vote: Head Ambassador Proposal: Dustin Lee | Polkassembly


As expected :confetti_ball:
I think the Head Ambassador is cool!

By the way, do you have any plans or thoughts on what kind of activities you will be doing as a Head Ambassador in the future? I would be happy if you could tell me specifically because I want to refer to it for my future activities!

Are those the main contents being proposed? [Head Ambassador Proposal: Dustin Lee | Polkassembly]

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I aim to highlight projects Polkadot’s core may have overlooked, such as Astar and those utilizing the substrate framework. With my industry insight and fresh perspective, I can help expand Polkadot’s reach. As my proposal outlines, I’ll advocate for Polkadot while supporting Astar, benefiting both DeStore and Astar. This effort will foster broader conversations and collaborations, integrating Polkadot with other ecosystems.


That’s cool. I support you!

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Any concrete ideas already what you want to achieve as an Polkadot Head Ambassador?

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Once I have a solid foundation, I’ll be creating some KPIs. My main focus will be educating everyone about what’s happening outside the core Polkadot ecosystem. While Polkadot focuses on the protocol, projects like Astar are emphasizing adoption.

My aim is to showcase the innovative work being done in other ecosystems, learn from their experiences, and leverage our tools. Many ecosystems use innovative ideas without acknowledging their sources, and they’re not very transparent about what others do. We need ecosystem agents to advocate in other spaces like I’ve been doing in Polygon spaces, building relationships and gradually educating them about our efforts.

Rather than force-feeding information, which is often Polkadot’s approach, we should adopt a more community-centric method. The broader ecosystems value community more than ever.