Bandit Network - dApp Staking Proposal

Hi, Astar community,

My name is Sandesh, Founder at Bandit Network - I am super excited to apply for the Astar dApp Staking program!

About Bandit Network

Project Overview

Bandit Network is a comprehensive web3 campaign toolkit and a distributed incentivized growth network of various companies to scale the traction of campaigns built using our toolkits.

Vision: Help Web3 Companies and Brands Grow!

Our Campaign Toolkits include:

  • Whitelabeled Quest platform
  • Quest Aggregation from different quest platforms
  • Quest Leaderboard/Aggregated Leaderboard
  • Whitelabeled NFT launchpad
  • Whitelabeled NFT launch aggregator
  • Whitelabeled Referral Toolkit

Distribution partners include:

Testimonial from Luke mulls, Vice President, Brave Browser:

How Will Bandit Help Astar?

Astar is utilizing Bandit’s Web3 campaign toolkit to run the upcoming campaigns related to the zkEVM launch. Bandit will also generate more on-chain activity, adoption, and visibility through our partner platforms like Brave and Unstoppable Domains, etc.
Soon, Bandit will deploy a campaign growth protocol that will serve as a bidding mechanism to provide cost per on-chain transaction for various on-chain activity providers.

Team & Investors:


We take security seriously at Bandit Network:

  • We have partnered with Gitcoin Passport for sybil attack prevention.
  • We have integrated Blowfish to enhance our fraud detection capabilities.
  • Our smart contracts have been audited by QuillAudits.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

All rewards for dApp Staking through Bandit will be used to grow the Astar ecosystem dApps using our campaign toolkit & network.



Your proposal is well generated, with an excellent team behind it and several partnerships, which speaks well of the project.


Thanks @Juminstock :heart:


It looks very interesting. I would like to ask a few more questions.

  1. Could you please provide me with some statistics on what you have done in the past? How did it go?

  2. How much income and expenses does the project have


Thanks @BoomBLB. Apologies for the late reply. I am in the EST time zone right now. Please find the answers below.

  1. We have helped more than 150+ dApps on their campaigns. You can see the tweet list here. Just raise a read request. And, more than 250,000+ wallets have interacted with our platform.
    Some of the key ones are:
    Shardeum L1:
    Brave Browser:
    Bonk Meme coin:
    Unst domain:

  2. We are a 1.5yr old, revenue positive company with a revenue of ~$200k per annum & our monthly burn rate is like ~$15k. (Google cloud has given us $200k worth of free credits)


Don’t worry. Thank you a lot for your response. I got your points =)


Bandit’s proposal for Astar dApp Staking looking good. Got one question tho:

How will Bandit Network ensure its campaign growth protocol can handle different on-chain activity providers’ needs?


Thanks @Matt. Our toolkit is built on the ideologies of Lego, where every component (NFT mint, Twitter tasks, on-chain tasks, etc.) is built as an individual application. We call it a Lego. Using the campaign builder tool, the user can mix & match the Legos & build the campaign. This approach makes the campaign builder adopt any customised needs of a user. Also, we will be coming up with a Lego factory where developers can build & submit new Legos(applications).


Very interesting to see additional actor on this market trying to join the game.
It will increase competition with current actors which starting to request prohibitif tarifications for their services due to low competition.

Bouncing on that, what would be Bandit advantages over Zealy, Airlyft, Gleam, galxe etc…?


That is a good question that becomes interesting when posed in the current context, as you rightly mention, with less competition than expected.


Great observation @Mouthmouth68 :heart:
Our toolkits are white-labelled. This means you can have a quest platform on your website instead of on a 3rd party platform. Using your own quest platform, you can build & retain your community on your own platform rather than a 3rd party platform. ‘NOT YOUR PLATFORM, NOT YOUR COMMUNITY’ is our ideology. For that reason, Astar is utilising us for their own internal campaigns.

Just to summarise, we are like Shopify, whereas the names(competitors) you mentioned are like Amazon.


So if I understand well, we would be able to build our own Zealy website using your toolkit then this website would be ours?
If yes, how do you bill your customer?


Yes. You are right. We have a SAAS with pricing. like Shopify.

List Bandit in dApp Staking
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  • No
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Let builders, build!


I voted yes. Thank you for applying to dApp Staking.

There are many web3 campaign toolkits available, but what do you think are the benefits of using Bandit Network?


Voted YES , more dApps on v3 will bring more competition and visibility imo. Welcome to Astar :grin: :handshake:


It was AYE from me, let’s build!


Thanks a ton, Bao. We really appreciate it.

I have replied to a similar comment. Considering repetitive reply, can you please find my answer here :heart:: Bandit Network - dApp Staking Proposal - #11 by sandesh


I understand your advantage now. So basically if i want to make a campaign, front end will be using mine with backend logic on yours right?