Ceres Liquidity and Token Lockers - dApp Staking Application

Dear Astar Community,

This is Danijel, Co-Founder and Lead engineer at Ceres Blockchain Solutions (https://ceresblockchain.solutions/). We are focused on design, development and implementation of software solutions based on Web3. One of our in-house projects is Ceres, which consists of many products including Liquidity and Token Lockers which I am proposing to be registered in dApp staking.

Project Overview:
Ceres is intended as a DeFi Service Provider in DotSama ecosystem. For now we have Liquidity and Token Lockers launched on Astar network and Liquidity and Token Lockers and Launchpad launched on SORA network. Besides that we have Demeter Farming Platform on SORA and DEO Arena Play-to-Earn game available on both Astar and SORA.

dApps Overview:
Liquidity Locker is a decentralized application that brings more transparency and security to Zenlink and Arthswap exchanges and Astar/Polkadot ecosystem. Project teams are able to lock their tokens liquidity and ensure that it cannot be pulled out for some period giving investors proof of security and seriousness of the project.
Token Locker is a decentralized application that gives project teams ability to lock their team/marketing/other tokens for some period in order to ensure investors that those tokens will not be sold.

dAppRadar - https://dappradar.com/dapp/ceres-liquidity-token-locker
There are actually 3 contracts (liquidity locker for Arthswap, liquidity locker for Zenlink and token locker) but dAppRadar wanted to make it as one dApp on their site.

Past Performance & Milestones:

  • Ceres project is launched in August, 2021. In Initial Liquidity Offering, we raised 500,000$.
  • On SORA network, we have whole package for teams to start up their project: Use Launchpad to create ILO and raise funds; Liquidity and Token lockers are integrated into Launchpad so liquidity and team tokens will be locked to provide investors with security. Then, projects can create farming and staking for their tokens on our Farming platform without coding (we provide Farming-as-a-Service).
  • On Astar, we have launched lockers so far. If community is interested, we will provide other services as well.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

  1. Increase liquidity of Ceres (CERES) and Demeter (DEO) tokens on Zenlink DEX
  2. Co-marketing activities
  3. Development: mainly to pay for developer salaries and recruit new developers to improve existing and build new products

Ceres dApps (Liquidity Locker, Token Locker, Launchpad, Governance) - all products available on SORA and lockers available on Astar - https://dapps.cerestoken.io/

DEO Arena (one of the first P2E games in Polkadot ecosystem, available on SORA, Astar and Ethereum) - https://deoarena.io/


Other links:

Telegram - Telegram: Contact @cerestoken
Twitter - https://twitter.com/tokenceres
Medium - https://tokenceres.medium.com

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Hello @DanijelCBS,

Before we consider your application to dApps Staking, I’d like to highlight a few points and find out more about your projects and contributions to Astar Network.

To sum up your contribution to our ecosystem:

  • $CERES and $DEMETER tokens can be transferred from Sora Network since October 2022 and are tradable on Zenlink. However, volume and liquidity are low on Astar compared to the Sora network. Cf: DexScreen
  • In March, you deployed the Liquidity and Token Locker on Astar but so far, according to your dApp, no team has used it and no liquidity has been blocked.

  • Deo Arena is also available on Astar Network, which is great because the game looks really fun, but there’s a lack of users, I tried to play but no one was available. Maybe you should introduce your games to the Astar community, I know they love blockchain games.

My main question is: What are your plans for the Astar network and for addressing these problems?

By the way, if your dApp Staking application is successful, the rewards you receive should be used to contribute to the Astar ecosystem and in this case to pay developers to develop on the Astar network and not on the Sora network or other ecosystems. I’m sure you already know and understand, but I’d prefer to remind you.

I’d like to see a detailed roadmap of your plans for Ceres on Astar network. See this application as an example.

On the Sora network, you have many interesting tools that could be useful on the Astar network, e.g. Launchpad, Staking, Ceres Tools, Demeter Farming etc.

Ceres’ dApp Staking application makes a lot of sense because Ceres is an important project in the Sora network ecosystem and I have no doubt about the team’s intentions and skills, but as I explained earlier, I’d like to know more about your plans for our ecosystem.

I look forward for your feedback!


Greetings to you @Gunit and the entire Astar community,

First of all, I would like to say that your questions, conclusions, and concerns are absolutely legitimate, and we appreciate your care for the Astar ecosystem.

As you mentioned, in the October last year, we added liquidity for Ceres and Demeter and also funded the Celer Bridge service to enable a bridge to the Astar network, giving the community the choice of whether to hold their tokens on Astar, Ethereum, or SORA. Unfortunately, until now, no liquidity has been locked on the Astar network. We had some contacts who were interested, but it didn’t materialize as we can see. We hope that in the future, new projects and investors will recognize the importance of using our DeFi services (token locker and liquidity locker) to enhance security and transparency. Our lockers are not a tools for every user on the network, it is intended for new projects to lock their liquidity and tokens so we think Zenlink, Arthswap and Astar should notify new projects about that.

DEO Arena has also been integrated into the Astar network, and according to our seasons leaderboards, it has been reasonably well received at the end of each season. The challenge with this game is that it is multiplayer, so if there are no players online on the other side at that moment, the game cannot be played. Developing a bot that can play on behalf of another player in such situations is one of the development priorities for the game. We also need to emphasize that the development of the game (and Ceres Tools as well) and the provision of part of the season rewards were funded by the SORA community, while integration with the Ethereum network and Astar network were done without any incentives, and our team financed the rewards for players on those networks. We had meeting with Vincent from Astar last week to see how we can improve the game and promote it together.

Our current plans regarding the Astar network include building the Ceres Launchpad and further developing the DEO Arena (on the SORA network, Astar network, and Ethereum) to prepare for the upcoming bull run, where we believe parachains, including the Astar network, will play a significant role.

The Ceres team has always been transparent and has built dApps based on community demand. We are certainly interested in continuing to build on the Astar network, just as we have been doing on SORA for years. The funds collected from Astar staking will undoubtedly be used for development on Astar, enabling us to have faster and higher-quality development. We are not a team funded by VCs or any other means; we are solely supported by tokens, fees, and grants, and we are extremely proud of the support from our community, which appreciates our work.

Thank you for feedback. I hope we answered your questions in the proper way.

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Hello Danijel,

Thank you for your answer and your transparency. I didn’t know Ceres was a community project and I respect that.

You have my vote for your dApp Staking application, I wish you good luck in your goals and hope to see improvements and use of your product on Astar Network.

Feel free to use this post to let us know about your progress.

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The voting is passed. Congrats!

Please proceed with the following:

  1. Register the dApp on dApp radar.
  2. Have a developer native account with transferrable 1001 ASTR and share the address with us.
  3. Have a verified smart contract and share the address with us.
  4. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo, and share the link to the repo with us.
  5. Create a PR to the Ecosystem Page. As our website is open-source, you can contribute directly to it - just create a PR on your own! To have your project included to our website, you will need to create a PR here.

When all of these are done, we will whitelist your addresses.

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Hi @moonme, thank you! It is a pleasure to get Astar community support!

  1. Registered both Liquidity and Token Lockers together as the same dApp. dAppRadar wanted to make it as one dApp on their site. https://dappradar.com/dapp/ceres-liquidity-token-locker
  2. 0x788d71Ce87f8B37a3c2b88A409cb2Fb60a65c6e9
  3. Here are verified contract addresses:
    Liquidity Locker (Arthswap) - 0x886DA82C2abeB5d4F69f4458feD2D3c485096C77
    Liquidity Locker (Zenlink) - 0x935b2a960930A5D535E9842bCba1881bB8b9f1Fb
    Token Locker - 0x158A08bCFD8821bA5ed252FD6B13d7013455B2A2
  4. GitHub - CeresEcosystem/astar-smart-contracts
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I apologize for not being more specific. The address that holds the 1001 ASTR should be the native substrate one, not EVM.

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Here it is - aPUYjN4yYazE7uYxfYZ5eT6a2211ZYANTaK4HUUqPm3LFgR

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The following addresses have been whitelisted.

Developer Address: aPUYjN4yYazE7uYxfYZ5eT6a2211ZYANTaK4HUUqPm3LFgR

Smart Contract: 0x158A08bCFD8821bA5ed252FD6B13d7013455B2A2

Connect the dev wallet to the portal, go to the staking tab and you will be able to see the register button. Congrats and please do announce this to your community and get them to support you by staking.

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