Complete list of Wallets & Exchanges for Astar ecosystem

An up-to-date list of wallets & exchanges that support Shiden $SDN

Wallets (web & mobile):

Exchanges that support Shiden Network:
Please see Coingecko or Coinmarketcap for the complete list of supported exchanges:

This list will be updated over time.


nice,well done ,waitting anyway

Great Work. Thank you

Hi Maarten,

Do you know when metamask hardware support will be deployed for those of us who have our plasm stuck in a deposit address we cannot access otherwise?

Looking forward to it! Thanks!

These are added to the list

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Hi Maarten,

Is it already possible to stake SDN on the Network ?


You can stake already if you become a collator in our network.
For now you need to wait for staking solutions from our partners or dApp staking. We are doing our best to make this available as soon as possible for our community.


not doublt,i believe in come ture it in this month.well done