D'CENT Wallet - dApp Staking Proposal

Welcome. Will try the wallet soon! :slight_smile:


Congrats to the team! And glad to share that I have my DCent wallet recently. :slight_smile: Perhaps one suggestion for the potential users, wouldn’t it be great if there is any staking tutorial using the DCent wallet? Or please share if you already have such. That’d be of great help.

And curious as you support a variety of blockchains/protocols, I think you already have received lots of feedback from other integrations. Would you be able to share any feedback among them particularly impressive? :slight_smile:


I support what you say, Pithecus, I think educational content on new tools is essential, it would be great to see such content from this new tool that is now part of the Astar ecosystem.


Hi there! Thanks for the congrats and for joining the D’CENT fam! We’re excited to have you on board.
Staking Tutorial:
You’re absolutely right, a staking tutorial using D’CENT Wallet for Astar would be incredibly helpful. We hear you loud and clear! Here’s the good news:

  • We’re currently working on a comprehensive update that will support Astar zkEVM in your D’CENT Wallet, alongside the existing Astar EVM and Astar Native support. This means one wallet for all your Astar needs!

  • Even better, we’re collaborating closely with the Astar team to bring “Cold Staking” functionality to D’CENT Wallet for Astar dApps staking. This translates to:

  • Enhanced Security: Stake your ASTR tokens directly from the secure D’CENT Biometric Wallet.

  • Unmatched Convenience: Claim rewards for up to 28 eras in a single transaction, saving you time, fees, and hassle.

Stay tuned! We’ll be rolling out a detailed user manual and video tutorial to guide you through the staking process seamlessly.

Feedback from Other Integrations:
We appreciate your curiosity! While we can’t share specifics publicly, the feedback on our integrations has been overwhelmingly positive. Users love the security, convenience, and flexibility D’CENT Wallet offers across various blockchains and protocols.
We’re confident the Astar integration will be just as impressive, providing you with a secure and streamlined experience within the Astar ecosystem.
Thanks again for your question. We’re committed to making your crypto journey smooth and secure!


Hi DCent team, love to see your detailed response, really appreciate it!

As one of the DCent wallet users, highly look forward to seeing the upcoming tutorials (with video!), the zkEVM integration as well as the cold wallet feature! Indeed, this would be the features the actually cold wallet users were looking for! You have my full support!


We would like to share the goods news with the members of Astar forum too.
D’CENT Wallet Supports Astar Network zkEVM Integration from now!


Great news! I will buy the D’CENT Wallet on Amazon.
In Japan, if I order the wallet, I can receive it today! It’s a great experience for users.