HEALTHREE secures 210 Million JPY in funding!

Dear Astar community members.

Today, HEALTHREE announced a press release that it has completed raising a total of approximately 210 million yen.
Astar Network上のweb3ヘルスケアアプリ「HEALTHREE」累計2.1億円の資金調達を実施。web3技術を活用し、ヘルスケア市場への本格進出へ。

Tokyo Wellness Impact Fund, W fund, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital, and Kanpo NEXT Partners have invested.

With HEAL3 ‘s web3 technology, we’re accelerating our entry into the healthcare market.

We will continue to work hard to contribute to the development of AstarNetwork and the expansion of the ecosystem.

I would like to introduce the missions currently being held.

BADGE Mission

Fee: 0UHT

Reward: Badge:January BADGE mission NFT: Event NFT common set limited design for BADGE Mission

Region: Anywhere

Start at:January 28, 10:00 JST

End at:February 4, 09:59 JST

• - This is distance mission to achieve 5km in 7days. It’s a free mission. Additionally, receive NFTs and badges for completing missions! With a badge, you can participate in the February BADGE Ranking. The number of mission completions determines the prize upgrade for the February BADGE Ranking! Accumulate UHT with NFTS and get ready for the ranking!

*1) BADGE Ranking

BADGE Ranking is a ranking exclusive to those who have earned badges in Ranking Mission or BADGE Mission. Not only the achievers of this BADGE Mission but also those who ranked in the top 50 in past UHT ranking missions are eligible to earn a BADGE, so you can participate.

*2) Details of the upgrade

-The number of completers determines the increase in the rewards. For instance, if the number of completers surpasses 600, prizes for the range of 400 to 600 completers will be added to the base rewards.

-Base reward


-Badge for Top 50 february badge ranking


-100UHT + Enhace Scroll 3×2


-50UHT + Enhance Scroll 3×1

-The number of mission completions determines the prize upgrade.


-101~200:Enhance Scroll 2×2


-201~300:Enhance Scroll x2

-400 500:Enhance Scroll 1x1

-completer: 600





-completer: 1000





・App Download





・NFT Mint Page(official)






Congratulations, happy to see it.

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Thank you so much!!
I’m very happy to share it with you all😊


Congratulations on your achievement :confetti_ball:
I am aware of the time and effort you have put into strategizing and developing.
along. This time, I feel that your tremendous efforts have truly paid off.

I am looking forward to your future endeavors. :muscle:

Thank you, Wasabi-san, for your consistent contributions to the community!


Thank you so much!

HEALTHREE was founded in 2022 and has grown as an innovative application service.

The project will continue to develop new products and services that combine blockchain technology and healthcare to realize a Healthy & Wealthy world.
Through the elements of gamification, we will create new health habits experiences that have not been possible before, and contribute to solving global health issues so that as many people as possible can live healthy lives.

I am filled with gratitude every day to the Astar team, Astar community members, all investors, and users who support the management team developing HEALTHREE!


As a fan of HEALTHREE, I am extremely happy!

I believe this announcement will be an opportunity to gather more votes in the dApp Staking v3 starting next week. Does the HEALTHREE Team have any plans for campaigns or similar initiatives for the v3 launch?


Thank you so much!
I am not part of the management team, so I do not know about plans for campaigns or similar efforts towards the release of v3. However, team is always thinking and acting on the development and growth of the Astar ecosystem. The press release was a surprise, but I think there is still a lot to announce. We would be happy if you would continue to pay attention to HEALTHREE. Thank you for your support!


Congratulations on this thread achieved! I see you have contributed a lot to the community. May the successes in the Japanese market continue!

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Thank you very much! We want to deliver the products we love to more people in the Japanese market. We also recognize the importance of leveraging this momentum to accelerate our challenge to global markets. We will do our best to increase the number of users of Astar Wallet. Thank you for your continued support!

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Congrats HealThree team!


Thank you very much!
We will continue to do our best to respond to your kind words!

Congratulations. Thanks for sharing the information :).
Really like the idea to motivate people to be healthy.

Do you have any information on the Badge Mission how many people have participated?

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Thank you very much!
According to the official X announcement the day after the badge mission ended, there were 638 users who completed the badge mission.
I think at least more users exercised with badge missions. Exercise, eat management, and sleep are all important. By activating healthy activities, we can improve our lifestyle, expand our possibilities for different activities, and increase our productivity. Brush up life with HEAL3. :man_running::sparkles:


I love that concept and the way you enact physical activity on a regular basis. good job!


Amazing! If you make it a habit, it will improve your health and become fun. Thank you for your kind words😃

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As one of DApp stakers, one simple question.

In the community where I am active, there are many crypto players as well and when it comes to M2E projects, it seems that they tend to immediately think of Stepn, and the crash in token and sneaker prices around mid-2022 still acts as a deterrent to them regarding M2E projects even in 2024.

Could you explain the differences between yours and other existing M2E projects if there is a specific narrative or utilities that are able to persuade them?


It’s a good question!
I will comment on what I am aware of.

HEALTHREE allows you to earn tokens through movement, sleep, and diet. It features anime-style avatars that you can dress up with NFT clothing and earn tokens while managing health through various activities. Additionally, tokens earned in the game can be exchanged for products such as Häagen-Dazs or Amazon gift cards.

Both apps earn tokens by expending energy through exercise, but HEALTHREE also includes sleep and diet as elements for earning tokens. As you know, HEALTHREE uses the Astar Network blockchain, which is a different technological foundation from STEPN.

Dear team members, if there are any other unique features, I would be grateful if you could provide your comments!


Very nice summary of the application, buddy!


I strongly agree that items like Amazon gift cards and Haagen-Dazs represent a good way to facilitate the influx of off-chain capital for the implementation of sustainable tokenomics through collaborations with real businesses.

I also think that creating a precedent in Japan, the most active market for on-chain integration, and then expanding it to various countries based on that, sounds like a significant potential.

I remember being very hopeful about the potential of collaborations with real world businesses years ago with Sweatcoin, but it was not easy, as I recall. I think it would be beneficial to learn from their failures as cautionary tales.


Thank you very much.

There are an infinite number of X to Earn projects, but the founder of HEALTHREE is always thinking about how to create a unique form that does not exist in conventional models. All of their research into product development is focused on what is best, sustainable, and will lead to earnings.

HEALTHREE is not only an app for general users, but also promotes business diversification and promotes corporate loyalty by providing “HEALTHREE for Biz.”, which is a solution for corporate welfare, health management, and human capital management. The fact that we are undertaking initiatives that contribute to improvement is very unique.

HEALTHREE is a game designed to provide incentives for people who continue to practice healthy habits over the long term by combining the ease of getting started with PvP. There is a story about contributing to people’s health by utilizing a new element called Gamefi.

HEALTHREE aims to be an app that more people can enjoy for a long time by creating a blockchain game and economic zone that everyone can enjoy while becoming healthy, rather than in a speculative context.

There is a great compatibility between healthcare and blockchain.
・It is possible to accumulate healthy habits
・Can encourage action on healthy habits
・Trust can be built based on records.

I think the most valuable feature of Game-fi is its ability to change people’s behavior. HEALTHREE uses these Game-fi features to promote health activities and create new ways to maintain health.

It is an approach that is different from other Game-fi, and at the same time, an approach that is not found in other healthcare apps.
HEALTHREE will utilize blockchain technology to create the first step to making the world a better place.