Introduction to Ongoing Missions and Update Information of HEALTHREE

To all participants on AstarForum,

Hello everyone!
I am Wasabi, the moderator of HEALTHREE.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the ongoing missions and recent update information concerning HEALTHREE (HEAL3).

Currently, there are three different missions being held which I will introduce below.

(1) HEAL3 JUMBO in November

Fee: 0UHT

Reward: ASTR: Lottery 10 winners, 1,200ASTR each.

Region: Anywhere

Start at: November 3, 10:00 JST

End at: November 13, 9:59 JST

• For 10 days from the 3rd of every month, HEAL-3 JUMBO! dAppstaking rewards ASTRs will be given away to 10 winners drawn from those who complete the mission. If you don’t have NFT yet, this is your big chance. 1,200 ASTR will buy 1 set of NFT. This is a great opportunity, and you can achieve it with 1km per day

• This is a reward mission running 10km in 10 days.

• Since this is a user reward mission for HEAL3 staking rewards, the participation fee is 0UHT and anyone can join the mission.

• Ten winners will be selected by drawing from among the achievers to receive an ASTR worth one set of NFT.

※The wallet registered in your account will be the receiving wallet for ASTR. Please note that unregistered accounts are not eligible for the drawing.

(2) Wallpaper drop mission-World Tours-

Fee: 10.00UHT

Reward: UHT: equal sharing with achievers

Wallpaper: Dropping based on your clothes luck parameter

Region: Anywhere

Start at: November 1, 10:00 JST

End at: November 8, 23:59 JST

• For every kilometer accumulated in the total distance of the mission, you will be entered into a wallpaper that can be used as a background for your avatar. The lottery will automatically start at the end of the exercise and if you win, you will get the wallpaper.

• The probability of drop depends on the total amount of “Luck” parameters of the Clothes you are wearing.

• The wallpaper you get can be changed by tapping the avatar on the home screen.

• The maximum number of drawings is 10, and no additional drawings will be conducted for additional moves after the mission is completed.

※The maximum number of drops during the mission is one.

(3) Collab Mission with beyondclub

Fee: 0.00UHT

Reward: Wallpaper: Special design for collab with beyondClub (Achievement reward)

Region: Anywhere

Start at: October 30, 10:00 JST

End at: November 6, 9:59 JST

• This mission is a free mission open to all with a participation fee of 0UHT. It can be completed by performing 5 km of exercises within the time period.

• Those who complete the mission will receive a Wallpaper with a special collaboration design with beyondClub as a reward. It can be used as a background wallpaper for your avatar.

• This mission is also one of the “Astar Journey with beyondClub” campaign organized by beyondClub and this mission achievers will have a chance to participate in the campaign and receive ASTAR.

※This Mission is one of the Quests of the campaign “Astar Journey with beyondClub” organized by beyondClub. For more information, please check the campaign page.

Campaign Page : Astar Journey with beyondClub

Above are the introductions to the current three missions.

Please take this opportunity to participate and make use of it for your health.

The most recent update information was shared on October 31st at X during the customary Monthly HEAL3 AMA (Japanese).

The viewing link is here:October Monthly HEAL3 AMA

I will introduce the summary from the AMA.

October Monthly HEAL3 AMA: Summary




OA, About Invite Mission

・Introduction of message from the new director PM Shibarisa of Invite campaign development team


Invite Mission Overview


Invite campaign, future of HEAL3, extension of Invite Campaign (till Tuesday, 11.7) and how to invite


Q&A Corner

・Invite Mission


・Measures against network errors

・Future in-app

・App security

・Team Mission

・Eat, Sleep




Invite Mission

For detailed instructions,check the campaign page below:Pioneer Invitation Campaign - Oct, 2023

・ Scheduled for early November. The current Invite Campaign, where you can invite friends, is ongoing until 11/7.

In Invite Mission, invited users and their friends collaborate to achieve a mission where everyone completes 5km within a deadline. Invitations to the mission are possible up to a maximum of 4 people including the inviter, with a minimum start of 2 people.

・ Invitations are valid for 3 months, with different time frames set for mission participation.

Measures against network errors

・ Recent network errors were identified as mainly caused by disconnection with external services, and provisional measures have been taken to reduce the occurrence rate of errors.

・ Communicating actively with Google, and will share details as soon as they are identified.

Official Store Launch

・ Aiming for an official launch within November. The timeline may change depending on external service providers.

・ Although there are no plans to abolish the exchange limit, opportunities to reach the limit will increase through missions and reward mechanisms.

・ Negotiations with about 10 new brands are ongoing, and integration into the store is currently awaiting approval.

Security Enhancement

・ For wallet creation, a third-party service Web3Auth is used. Web3Auth employs a multi-part computation (MPC) mechanism to enhance account protection.

・ HEAL3 account owners can check the private key at any time. Since wallet creation is done on a per account basis, security is strong. Be careful as exporting the private key to an external wallet and leaking it will allow access from anywhere.

・ Through MFA (Multi-Factor Authorization), robust security is achieved by setting up phone number authentication and two-step verification. (Can also be set from settings)

Team Mission

・ Utilizing badges to set participation eligibility for specific missions. Going forward, there will be more missions that cannot be participated in without certain badges.

Progress of Eat Sleep

・ Technical verification is ongoing for the Sleep feature. No progress at the moment for the Eat feature.

Please take a look at the archive as well.

These are the latest topics.

We will continue to do our best to contribute to the development of AstarNetwork and the expansion of the ecosystem.

Please look forward to future updates.

Thank you always for your support!


Thank you for the update.
As a user of HEALTHREE, I’m looking forward to the Official Store Launch!

Could you tell me more about this part?
I’m interested in the Sleep function.


Thank you bao,for your comment and sharing.

HEAL3 team has some cool updates on our app’s Store feature straight from our Product Manager.

  • We’ve assessed that there are no technical or legal hurdles, and we’re fine-tuning the details.
    November is our target for the grand opening of the Store, and we’re working in sync with external services to get everything ready.

  • As for the Store’s exchange limits, we won’t be removing the cap. However, we’re upping the game by increasing the chances to boost your limits through Zealy rewards and various missions.

  • We’re in the midst of adding about 10 new brands to the exchange lineup, currently under review.

I’m keeping an eye on ‘Sleep’ developments and will share updates on that front, including any news on 'Eat’:green_salad::zzz::sparkles:

Thank you always for your support!

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Thank you for your response.
I’m looking forward to these updates.
I’ll keep supporting you!!

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Thank you very much!

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Hey Wasabi, is there any updates on pipeline regarding to add / sync with wearable devices?

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Thank you for your update!

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This update is very important, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, souleater.Pipeline updates for adding/syncing wearable devices have not been announced yet, but it’s a very exciting future.
I’ll be sure to let you know when the H3 team announces new worlds that you can play on your smartwatch or smart glasses!

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Thank you, Matt. I’m so happy with your reaction that I’ve been dancing morning!
I will also let you know if there is any latest information from the H3 team!

Thank you,Juminstock. I’m very honored to receive your feedback! I’m happy to be able to share the passion of the H3 team with you!

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I like your product, happy to help you if you need a hand in the future.

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The product concept sounds interesting. I would like to ask a few more questions.

  1. Who are the direct competitors of the project?

  2. What are the pros and cons of the project?

  3. If you look at the market trend, this seems to be a little late. How to stimulate awareness?

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Thank you, Juminstock. I 'm filled with gratitude for your kind words.

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Thank you,BoomBLB.

As a moderator, I would like to express my personal opinion.

  1. HEALTHREE is dedicated to ‘HEALTHY and WEALTHY’ as its purpose and strives to be the ‘No.1 Healthcare Blockchain Game’ as its mission, working to increase the number of people living healthy and prosperous lives.
    We aim to improve health management with innovative approaches and, while we refrain from naming specific competitors, we acknowledge being in competition with companies that share similar goals.

  2. The primary allure of our project lies in the value of behavioral change facilitated by Game-fi elements. Through various missions, we generate excitement among users, which ultimately leads to the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits.
    The ‘Move’ feature is currently implemented, and we are in the process of developing ‘Sleep’ and ‘Eat’. Although market awareness is not yet widespread, the H3 team and community are advancing step by step. Users can easily submit feedback, bug reports, and feature requests through a dedicated form in the app.
    We also hold monthly AMAs on platform X to ensure communication with our users is valued.

  3. When it comes to market awareness, we believe that education and enlightenment activities are key. We disseminate the importance of a health-conscious lifestyle through blogs and social media, clarifying the benefits of our product. By sharing genuine user feedback, we aim to communicate the value of HEALTHREE to those who have yet to experience it, with the goal of supporting a healthy and affluent life for all.

Thank you so muuch for your clarificarion. We’re glad to have you here =)

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Great to see all the activities :slight_smile:

I was curious if you have plans to implement to support more wallets, incl. hardware wallets


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HEALTHREE always doing an excellent job on the Astar Network. Congratulations to the team for their proactive efforts.

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Thank you,pithecus.
I will share any progress I make with activities other than exercise. Regarding wallets, MetaMask and in-app wallets are available. Support for other wallets is undecided at this time.

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Thank you, Disruptor1.
I am very honored to receive your kind words. We will continue to contribute to the Astar ecosystem and do our best to expand this great app and service to the world.

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