KIRIFUDA Dapp Staking Proposal

Very interesting project! I really like the close relation to LINE app, this can help us to reach more users. Similar to waht we are seeing with WeME on Polkadot eco. SocialFI has great potential


I agree with you very much, I also like that close relationship with LINE, since at least in my country it is quite famous.


Thank you so much for community accepts.
We already have an Astar below.

And we need to prepare a few steps.


We done 2. and 3., 4. process.

  1. Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer
  3. sent
  4. sent via google form.

Thank you!

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For whitelisting, the smart contract must be verified. You can do this directly on blockscout or subscan :

You can consult our documentation if you need clarification on how to verify a contract on Blockscout : How to verify a Solidity smart contract on Blockscout | Astar Docs

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Finally, We done verifying contract.
Our system does not have direct contracts, but deploys contracts at the time of issuing NFT for each client, so we use Hello World-like contracts.

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That’s a reasonable way since as you mention, you have no contracts to show over there. thanks for the update!


Addresses have been whitelisted. You can now register on the portal by connecting the native wallet.

Guide: Register dApp | Astar Docs

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