LOCKON - Multi-Chain Transaction Tracking Service

Project Overview

LOCKON tracks transactions and asset information from multi-chain wallet addresses and full nodes.

Unlike traditional copy trading, LOCKON uses AI to track transactions and asset information from multi-chain wallet addresses and full nodes, and unlike traditional copy trading, it uses bridges and aggregators to guide optimal transactions and improve transaction reproduction.

LOCK ON makes effective use of important information that no one has been able to utilize yet.



Stats/Past Performance:LP and Gitbook are already available.

Track Record:Selected for Fracton, an incubation program specializing in Web 3.0.


Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated Duration: month

LOCK ON displays Aster netowork’s past and current trades on a dashboard, allowing you to trace the best trades that are making a profit with Aster nework.


  • Estimated End Date: By the end of 2022Q2-

Track your ShidenNetwork transactions and display them on your LOCKON dashboard.

/Ranking of the most profitable addresses on Aster

/Portfolio of specific addresses

/Past trading history of a specific address

/Past asset and profit history of the specific address


  • Estimated End Date: By the end of 2022Q4

/ It will be possible to trace the best trades using Aster network on the official release of LOCK ON.

Future plan

(Defi area)

Expand LOCKON on Multi Chain (Ex.Astar, Avalanche, Solana, etc)

Start liquidity mining program on DEX on Astar network.

List LOCKON on Major Exchanges.

We need to accumulate enough transaction data in Astar and Shiden to be able to support other chains first. list to dAppStaking should be considered when the product release to Astar/Shiden is closer.


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