Mones Astar NFT Game - dApp Staking Application

Hello Astar community,

Greeting from Mones team! I am Jack, Project Manager of Mones. We’d like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing!

I. Project Overview: Mones Astar

Mones is an NFT game, in tactical turn-based RPG game genre, which challenges players through a new unique mechanism called Time Stop. Specifically, players can stop all ongoing activities to strategize battle to adjust or control any character in the formation.

Mones on-chain feature is published on Oxalus Platform (

Mones is currently running on BNB Chain, published on App Store and Google Play Store, and we are going to release a new server on the same existing installation. It will be for Astar Network and Astar users. We called Astar server in Mones is “Mones Astar”, in short.

  1. With the tagline: Here for the Play-Own-Earn revolution, Mones has compelling competitive advantages compared with other NFT games in the market:

  2. Superior game design with high-quality 3D graphics & gameplay. Actually, Mones is a remake of the traditional game called Ceres M that was released years ago, to ensure a complete gameplay experience, not the type of click-to-earn games (we have the right from Neoul Entertainment Game Studio).

  3. Social-driven features:

    a. In-game chat
    b. Guild: This is a feature that has just been released in the game. Any player can create a new Guild or join an existing Guild. Members in Guild will contribute Taxes (which are deducted automatically when players passed any stage in Adventure mode). Guild owners will use this Tax to upgrade features in Guild, helping to increase the overall strength of all members.
    c. Profile Visit: Players can visit other players’ profiles to see all Heroes that other players own (including Equipment), making Mones more transparent than ever.
    d. In-game Mailbox: Players can send messages to each other through the in-game mailbox.
    e. Friends: Players can make friends and send Honor to each other daily. Honor is an in-game currency for summoning stronger heroes for free.
    … and many more interesting social features…

  4. Superior game design with high-quality 3D graphics & gameplay. Actually, Mones is a remake of the traditional game called Ceres M that was released years ago, to ensure a complete gameplay experience, not the type of click-to-earn games (we have the right from Neoul Entertainment Game Studio).

  5. More than 200 gorgeous heroes (B, A, B+, R, SR, SR+) and various rarities of equipment (heroes and equipment are NFTs): Normal - Magic - Hero - Legend - Mythical - Immortal

  6. Free To Play: There are 3 free heroes to play already in every new account, and also more free stronger heroes in both attendance reward daily and free Honor summons

  7. Play To Earn: Players can participate in Arena mode, and compete for high rankings to receive rewards in ASTR tokens.

  8. Epic combats with auto play system and 8 attractive game modes.

  9. Original Pitch deck:

  10. Gameplay video:

  11. Project intro video:

II. Our Mission & Vision

With the success of Ceres M - the traditional version of Mones, we decided to convert it into a web3 game on blockchain named Mones with the mission to “Make NFT game great again” and the vision of onboarding both web2 and web3 users worldwide.

Mones has gone through a development phase on BNB Chain, has a certain set of users, and after reviewing all previous data, we determined that Japan is one of the most potential markets for Mones. By developing a separate server for Astar Network but on the same installation (which was released on both App Store and Google Play Store), Mones players on BNB Chain can be navigated through Astar Network very easily, thereby increasing the number of users for Astar Network.

Mones Astar will have an Online Checkin feature (this is the page on BNB Chain: Mones Daily Checkin | for example). Checkin Online is a very important feature that helps onboard web2 users to web3, by giving incentives for users to interact with smart-contract to check-in. We hope that becoming a member of Astar Network is an extremely important milestone, helping Astar Network become more widely known, as well as being the first springboard for us to join Japan market.

III. Past Performance & Milestones

We have delivered many valuable features for the Mones community. With Astar+Shiden community support, we aim to continue delivering lucrative benefits and attractive features:

  • March 23rd, 2022: game Alpha version release
  • April 5th, 2022: INO event (batch 1) and Marketplace release
  • April 23rd - May 10th, 2022: game Beta version release for NFT holders to test
  • May 27th - June 5th, 2022: INO event - NFT Sale batch 2 on various marketplaces
  • May 27th - June 15th, 2022: Testnet version 1 release
  • June 26th - 30th, 2022: IDO on LaunchZone Launchpad and Unicrypt
  • July 1st - 7th, 2022: INO batch 3 on Mones’s marketplace
  • July 8th - 14th, 2022: Testnet version 2 release
  • July 15th, 2022: Mainnet version release on Google Play
  • In August: Appstore Publishing
  • August - October, 2022: Game update version 1.1
  • November - December 2022: Game update version 1.2 (Guild feature, SR Summon ticket…)
  • December 2022: 1,000,000 first Arena battles
  • January, 2023: Mones game official release on Astar Network

IV. Our tractions:

  • Total users: 110K +
  • Monthly DAU: 20K+
  • Discord members: 42K+
  • Twitter followers: 82K+
  • Marketplace volume: 110K+ USD
  • Onchain transactions: (withdraw/deposit NFT or token): 30,000+

V. dApp Staking Reward Usage

Rewards from dApp Staking will be used only for rewards in Arena mode. Mones team does not withhold any reward from dApp Staking. When there is a specific number from the reward from dApp Staking, we will have a dynamic notification to update this number in real-time right in Mones Astar for all players to understand.

VI. Usage of ASTR Token in Mones Astar

At all in-game use-cases such as Evolving Hero, Crafting, and Searching for an opponent in the Arena mode, players can use ASTR tokens instead of using Diamond (purchased through In-App Purchase).

To be able to deposit ASTR tokens into Mones Astar, players will need to prepare ASTR tokens on AstarEVM, then visit, connect wallet and make a deposit ASTR into smart-contract - this data will be updated to the balance in the game.

Players can also use ASTR Tokens to buy NFT Chests (Hero and Equipment) on-chain. In detail, you can refer to the original Mones chest sale page here: The number of ASTR tokens will be updated automatically and pegged to the USD price.

VII. Official Contract Addresses:

  • Mones Astar Hero NFT: 0x1F5D887BEc6455477DC73e37248eD018295be8E1
  • Mones Astar Equipment NFT: 0xF14517cCdF954aaCdB94c56dAe8B7252b5067842
  • Mones Astar Chest NFT: 0xF5920c724C978091F1d5E7892bf96D43605B1C51
  • Mones Astar Marketplace: 0x39fa18e4430ce85F718AbD9db12284ec97dd9A1D

VIII. Official Links:

  • Download on Google Play:
  • Download on Appstore:
  • Website:
  • Whitepaper: (Content for Astar server will be updated soon)
  • Marketplace:
  • Discord:
  • Telegram:
  • Fanpage:
  • Blog:
  • Twitter:
  • Youtube:

IX. Expected Launch Date of Mones Astar:

Expected Date: January 15, 2023
We have released the internal test and now in the final stages of testing before launching.

Thank you for your support and Happy New Year!


I look forward to the launch of the game. The idea of using the dApp staking reward to incentivize players is nobel.


Thank you for the proposal. Gaming use cases are critical during the bear market and look forward to using Mones!


Thanks for your application. It looks like you have a solid roadmap but I prefer to wait until you launch your product and grow a community in Astar before dApp staking voting.


Oh this is nice!.

Btw is it possible in the future if you have partnership with other dApp/NFT project on our eco? Such as Cosmize or Astar Degens or else. It would be nice to see if I owned Mones costume on Cosmize metaverse. Or Astar Degens helmet on Mones or maybe a Shrine / Temple based on Candy Girl NFT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also do you have a test / beta before launch?

my view is to preview the product and what is the feedback from the community before submitting a dapp staking. welcome to astar network :v:

I agree with you here. dApp staking can always come later.

What the community wants now is the product and if they can keep the business up and running, we can vote to list them.


Playing Mones for close to two weeks, so far looks great and I like the energy-saving feature :slight_smile: I am wondering if users on BSC could bridge their heroes and items on Astar easily, or it is better to start the game from scratch again?

By the way, I also think it is a very innovative approach to using the dapp staking rewards sorely to the users!