New Year Astar Event

With a number of developments in the Astar ecosystem such as wallet integrations on the Astar Portal (Metamask and Clover) and tremendous achievements such as winning the Polkadot 3rd auction and its eventual January 17th, historical launch plus Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, OKX and Gate listings, it is important to keep the community everywhere engaged about such a project.

Given the above background, I move to propose an Astar meetup with the IT college leadership of Makerere University(College of Computing and Information Sciences) in the university’s preparation for the 100 years celebrations.
Makerere university as an oldest institution of higher learning in East Africa strives to achieve high level innovation. This has been proved more by the covid-19 shift in the mode of teaching. That is to say, shifting from physical to online/virtual learning and even holding university elections online.

This has however come with a number of challenges…custodial election system, data stuffing and students defaulting tuition dues to mention but a few.
This has created a ripe platform for such an institution to embrace blockchain.
This comes at a time when Shiden Network has launches the Builders Program. As an Alumnus of the same institution and an Astar great enthusiast, it is my role to introduce Astar Network to such a community.

Therefore, I will hold an event with this group in the College of Computing and Information Sciences Mandela Hub early Fed to actualize the above explained rationale.

Expected Matrices.
I hope to reach out to at least 4o undergraduate students with coding knowledge and about 10 postgraduates of the same caliber.

Success measurement.
My event success will be measured through a report on this very forum as well as with the local media coverage of the event. This rests in my prior engagements with such communities in my previous Astar Meetups.

Previous Experience.
I have held Astar monthly Meetups since September, arguably the very first Astar Meetup among the Polkadot ecosystem in Africa Aster Meetup - Google Drive
and more successive meetups, here being my previous and most recent one Astar December - Google Drive

Estimated Budget
Venue Rent 200$
Snacks and Drinks 608 =480$
Swag 10
12 =120$
Covid-19 SOP Kid 2*5 =10$
Total estimated Budget 810$

Note; I will highly welcome any one from team to join this meetup via Meet, you can let me know if you can spare some time early next month so I can schedule the meetup to favor your time zone

I am tagging @sota & @Maarten for a review of this proposal.


Hello @Maarten and @sota calling your attention and feedback on this.
The event has been carried forward as am your approval.


Hello Mucu256,

Id be happy to sponsor the event as part of the Astar Degen Community. Join the discord and tag me @ramz. I would like to add that pictures be taken and shared with the community/social media as part of the conditions :slight_smile: Either way we can discuss it further if you’d like, here or in discord.


Hello @0xcfloki sure,
I am open to all that. I have organized events for Astar before and shared on twitter


Crypto Pro

Thanks everyone who made our @AstarNetwork end of year workshop a success @henskensm @WatanabeSota @ChrisMalize3


So I am very open to that, let me ping you on discord.

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Hello @Mucu256 I am sorry for being late. We have been busy last week.

We can support your activities with our treasury funds. One requirement I have is that please record your presentation so that we can understand your contribution more.

Does it work for you?


Hello @sota That works absolutely right. I am also glad to inform you that @0xRamz has already taken care of this.
Hoping to share the event report here soon.


Hey there @Mucu256! Just saw @sota reply and it would be best to receive funds from the Astar treasury as it can be publicized that it came from the Astar and the team. That way it’s not privately funded from independent members like myself.

I’ve given it much thought and I’m glad to inform you that I will personally see to it that in the “Astar Degen” group, specifically the DAO, we will create a “Global Reach” sections. It will be funds devoted to each continent. Africa will be allocated the $810 (in ASTR) I was going to donate. This will help direct funds for the next project you, or someone else from the many nations in Africa, would like funded. This way we can hold a formalized vote and start creating a more sustainable way to fund them.


Thank you @0xRamz for your update.
I truly concur with your opinion for this event to be funded by the Astar treasury especially since it is already in cognizance of the team. More appreciations for the thoughtful update in the Degen DAO. I believe the Global Reach fund will push the Astar African ecosystem forward.


Hi @Mucu256

If you agree on sending us the recording of your presentation we can fund this with our treasury. If you want us to join online let us know, would be cool to speak directly to everyone there.

Thanks for your application!


Hello Astar Community,
Salutations from Uganda. With your approval of the above application, I am happy to report the success of our event. I have been working out a strategy to get some software students take up blockchain final year projects, particularly Astar. I t thus incubate on me to keep them engaged.
Also as the terms of the application, below is a link to the event photos and recordings.

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Do you also have the complete recording of your presentation?

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Hello @Maarten I get you.
The footage in the file above is all that we were able to capture.
I hope we can put up with that so I can capture a full one for any other presentations I shall host.

It was part of the requirement to get rewarded with our Treasury.

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Oh yeah,
As I wrote to you on discord, I recorded part of the session which I have shared.