Proposal: Astar Network workshop & meetup in Medellín, Colombia

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to greet you and to be here again. Next month there will be a series of events about Polkadot here in my city, so I bring you this proposal with the intention that we participate and spread the Astar brand:

Workshop & Meetup by Astar Network LATAM DAO in Medellín

Introduction of the DAO

According to the World Bank, the population of Latin America reaches 659 million people, and Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Therefore, there is a need for information and education in the native language of this region, which has tremendous potential.

The way we will work to address this problem and seize this opportunity is by creating ASTAR LATAM DAO, an autonomous organization that will promote the growth of ASTAR and web3 education for all residents of the region. In a separate document that we are working on, we will describe the principles, mission, and vision of ASTAR LATAM DAO. In summary, we aim to be the first formalized DAO within Latin America in the entire Astar ecosystem.

One of our goals will be to spread awareness of the Astar protocol and its vision in our region through in-person and virtual events, workshops, meetups, and the construction of the first Astar academy in Spanish.

Our team currently consists of:

  • Ramz - Astar Core Team
  • Erol Caballero - Astar Ambassador
  • Van - Astar Ambassador
  • Macario Zamorano (MacZam) - Engineer, Master in Finance and Investments / Risk Specialist, Astar Ambassador
  • Carlos Rodríguez - Rust Blockchain Developer and Astar Technical Ambassador

Introduction of the Proposal

We are convinced of the enormous potential in our region; that’s why we are focusing our efforts on building educational spaces that lead to the education of new developers in the Astar Network ecosystem.

For this reason, on behalf of Astar Network LATAM DAO, we want to carry out 1 workshop and 1 meetup at 2 of the largest universities in the city of Medellín. In this workshop, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the Astar Network ecosystem
  2. Introduction to development tools within Astar (Swanky suite)
  3. Basic functioning of the Astar blockchain and its scalability models
  4. Building smart contracts with Ink!
  5. Deploying contracts on test networks (Shibuya) and the mainnet (Astar)
  6. Downloading and implementing local nodes of the Astar binary
  7. Interacting with nodes through a graphical interface (Polkadot UI and Substrate UI).

These are the topics that will be covered during the Workshop on September 20 of this year, and during the Meetup, we will discuss the use of Astar Network at a user level on September 21.

To strengthen relationships with other projects, the event will be carried out in collaboration with ambassadors from Polkadot Mexico and Polkadot Bogotá. The aim is to join forces and increase the adoption of Polkadot and Astar Network in the city of Medellín, Colombia.

Desires for the Workshop and Meetup

For the events, we wish to reward attendees for their participation and effort.

Event Budget

With this budget, we aim to achieve a significant impact of more than 50 people between the workshop and the meetup. We will promote through social media and by rewarding participation and engagement in protocol development. During the workshop, we will be building NFTs and observing the inner workings of Oracles and bridges. In the meetup, we’ll be asking questions and rewarding interest in the protocol.

Desired Impact

Our target audience can be summarized as:

+50 individuals attending the workshop and meetup, of which
+40 individuals will be students, and among them will be developers
+2 projects to be created during the workshop

Highlighting Previous Work

For us, it is an honor to highlight the excellent work we have been doing to date. One of our proudest accomplishments was conducting 4 workshops in the city of Medellín, led by our technical ambassador Carlos Rodríguez. You can learn more about this work here:

Furthermore, we’ve also had involvement in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, where again, in collaboration with Polkadot, we held workshops at the Cripto Latin Fest, a highly influential event in our region. You can catch a glimpse of our work here:

We’ve also been present in the virtual realm, with participation from all our Latin American ambassadors. You can see more here:


For us, the growth and adoption of Astar Network are a priority, and thus Astar Network LATAM DAO is deeply committed to conveying both the essence of the protocol and its advantages throughout Latin America. This is just the beginning of a significant collaborative effort that we have been carrying out for some time.


I am the president of one of the leading university clubs in Turkey. I know how important real-life events are for future generations to create their own networks. I support this event. Please do not forget to support the event process with good visuals and advertise ASTAR on social media.


I consider this a really good way to promote,explain and attract developers :clap: I will support this proposal :+1:


Waiting for this, Awesome!


I wanna stay in this event in my city !


One way to reach new DEVs, and generate a community of builders, is to look for them in universities and institutes.

In these spaces we will find people eager to learn, eager to create, eager to be part of something and with ambition.

With discipline and perseverance, we will find talent in more than one Latam country, and I believe that if we keep the focus on going to educational centers we will have success cases with useful Dapps in some geographies.

I support the proposal


Yes, that’s it! Thank you so much. Of course! You can count on very good content about the events.

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Thank you so much for your support, VasaKing!


Coming soon, Alex, coming soon!

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Yeah! We’ll soon celebrate the events!

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Yes, Mac, that’s it! Astar LATAM DAO in progress.

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Great step to da moon. Let’s go :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Yeah! Supporting the Astar Network growth in LATAM!

This would be a good event to introduce Astar to University students, and maybe attract some builders for Astar, support this proposal! Looking forward to seeing some pictures and success of the event!


LATAM FTW! Greta event, appreciate your effort. 100% support this proposal!


More events like this are needed, LATAM has a great potential for the adoption of Astar and Web3, sharing knowledge about Astar is a wonderful thing, you have my support.

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Thank you so much, DrCAO! I’ll do my best!

Oh yeah! Thank you for your words!

You’re rigth. I appreciate your support, Van!

I am excited to continue building things in Colombia together with Carlos