Proposal : Reimbursement Expenses for Pintu Community Meetup at Bandung - Indonesia

Hello Astar Community,

Along with this proposal, I would like to propose a reimbursement for my expenses and production cost for swags doorprizes on latest Pintu Community Meetup in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Details as follows :

*Please note ASTR price taken with EMA 5 Daily on Binance,July 3 2023 / ASTR ($0.0447)
*Please note IDR(Indonesian Rupiah) price taken with EMA 5 Daily on Binance, July 3 2023 / 1 USD = IDR Rp15,023
Event : Community Meetup (small event with 20+ attendees)
Hosted by : Pintu (a local crypto exchange in Indonesia /
Date : July 1, 2023
Location : Caffe Bene Dago, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Speakers : Astar Network (represented by me), and Near Indonesia


Swags :
3 Unique Tshirts with decent materials and each tshirts has a different prints
Production Cost :
1 Tshirt + DTF Print : 82,000 + 35,000 = Rp117,000
Total 3 Tshirts = 3 x 117,000 = Rp351,000

Trip Expenses :
Note : From Jakarta to Bandung, Paras’ Team offers me to go with them
Travel Cost Bandung To Jakarta via Shuttle Bus : Rp164,000
Travel Cost from my place to Paras Office : Rp60,500
Travel Cost from Bus Shelter to my place : Rp20,500
Personal expenses during trip / meals : Rp100,000 (No proof of purchase)

Total Cost
351,000 + 164,000 + 60,500 + 20,500 + 100,000
= Rp696,000
IDR to USD = USD46,32
USD to ASTR = 1,036 ASTR

Address to receive : YZn94AfMctQHscmKotKX5AdDMtr4mhypKjet99FdYrmmimg

All Documentations and Proof of Purchase :

Event Highlights on Pintu SocMed :

If there’s any questions, feel free to ask. Let’s discuss!
cc : @Maarten @moonme



Can you summarize what was achieved from this meetup?

e.g. happy community etc.

Also, since this is the first Astar meetup in Indonesia, are the community looking forward to have more meetups?


Hi @moonme ,

From my own perspective :

  • a lot of attendees never heard Astar before, and they didn’t knew that Polkadot itself has a group of L1 Blockchains on top of them (parachains)
  • I introduce dApp Staking (Build2Earn) mechanism, and few of them asking me personally after the event how to be whitelisted as a Dapp on Astar Portal, we exchanged contacts and I will do the follow up. This is their MVP/early beta : not yet live
  • also I exchanged contacts with (a local media portal of cryptonews) with idea how to introduce blockchains to campus, also will follow up again later.

Conclusion :

  • I shared within that session that Astar Network really good for them who wants to try and experimental with Web3.0
  • Very positive response with Build2Earn, I guess half of the attendees were people involved in NFT / other web3 projects on other chain, as I spot a mod for IDNFT (a big NFT community creator/artist/collector in Indonesia) also.

My personal objective to be honest to aim developers community that resided in Yogyakarta and Bali, as I believe in order to create user’s demand, we need to create a “playground” for users.


I support this initiative!
Thanks a lot @souleater, for representing Astar in Bandung!


Totally support this!
Can you explain how will you reach Indonesian Community out? I mean marketing and stuff. Great initiative @souleater.


Thank you very much for representing Astar in Indonesia. This is such a great initiative from your side. I support you. Thank you


At the moment since Astar is based on Substrate (and I would like to emphasize on our Wasm side), I’m still discussing with Polkadot Senior Amba for Indonesia (Husni / PastaMan on Twitter) what’s the best direction to get more devs build for Astar.

Maybe going campus to campus, or held bi monthly or even quarterly meetup for devs. I don’t know, still thinking how to put efficiently especially regarding cost.

For growing Astar community in Indo, actually not too hard as myself is a mod for Polkadot Indo unofficial tele group (we don’t have official one eventhough we had 2 amba from Indo if I’m not mistaken). But my strategy more subtle, and dependent on organic. I’m more intrigued to grow dev community especially for Astar since we had dApp Staking mechanism.

Reimburse The Event Expenses Using Community Fund
  • Yes
  • No
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Good proposal, I vote yes ,

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Support @souleater ! Share some images on Socials we will spotlight you too!


I’m very happy to see community meetups develop and I know @souleater is always doing great job, happy to support

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Already tweeted by Paras and Astar Indonesia Twitter acc last week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I also support this proposal, we need this hard and transparent work in these days especially! Well done.


Amazing. I support the proposal.

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Voted yes.
Everything that helps to grow the Astar community is good.


The vote is passed.

@Maarten please reimburse 1,036 ASTR to:



Well received! Thanks @Maarten
Please close / lock this thread :pray: