Proposal to delist Sirius Finance from dApp staking

I hereby propose to delist Sirius Finance from dApp staking.

  1. Sirius Finance is an incubated project but have performed very poorly.

  2. Sirius Finance is Polkaex on Shiden. Is Polkaex still on Shiden?

  3. Sirius Finance dumped on the very first hour of listing. Even the private investors lost money on the first hours. To me, this is just a money grab project who is taking advantage of this unregulated space.

  4. After almost 2 years have gone by, nothing has changed within Sirius. Their X comment is disabled? Why? Are they afraid or they simply don’t have any community.

Thanks for your time and please open the vote soon. The bull market is returning and I want to see only hardworking legit honest projects earning the dApp staking rewards.


I have followed Sirius finance very little, but with the information I have I assume that his efforts have been terribly low. I support the proposal that they be expelled from the program.


Another bad incubation project. Among the projects proposed to be delisted, it can be called those that really do nothing.

We have a liner community of over 1000 people on telegram and not one has used it. If we want to develop DEFi, we must first remove the old cumbersome structures.


I am William, from Sirius Finance. thanks for your proposal but a lot of points don’t reflect reality.

  • Sirius finance has never been an Astar incubated project

  • Sirius finance isn’t Polkaex and yes Polkaex is still on Shiden

  • Sirius finance had issues at launch where MEXC dumped the tokens sent to them for listing and campaign.

  • Sirius finance isn’t and has never been a money grab, we couldn’t raise our seed round on Astar, had to refund all public round funds to maintain trust, did 2 audits with Peckshield and Slowmist. There’s no new development because there are no funds to keep up which Astar team and most investors have already been made aware of

  • Twitter comments were only turned off on only about two occasions because of spam bots. Our telegram group and discord have always been up.

Sirius finance has never been a cash grab and we will always follow the Astar network ecosystem and contribute our best.


I support @moonme proposal and I haven’t seen much progress from Sirius Finance team over the time.

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Are you sure that Sirius is not Polkaex?

Because myself and a bunch of ambassadors were there during the meeting the Sirius team abd you one of your team members said that you are of the same team?

But also, during the meeting most of of you didnt even turn on the video.

So, who are you actually? Can you reveal yourself?


MEXC dumped tokens?

Shall I call MECX to join this conversation?


Thank you @moonme for sharing, I am not familiar with Sirius, and cannot find any information about the team. Hopefully they would have monthly reports to the community just like others.

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“Yes, you can call them, but exchanges never admit when they’ve done something wrong. I used to work at an exchange, and sometimes they would dump a project with fake tokens.”
“When we launched on the exchange, we didn’t know why there was a large volume of token sell-offs.”

As a stablecoin trading platform, we have completed the development of all features on the technical front. Currently, we are also the largest stablecoin trading platform on the Astar network.

What is this article about then?

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Like I mentioned above, Sirius Finance focuses on stablecoin trading with low fees and minimal slippage. However, Polkaex is a separate project, a one-stop DeFi platform primarily centered around a regular dex. These are two distinct projects.

I believe that opening a vote could help to solve this problem in the long term. The results of the vote will be determined by the votes of everyone involved. Everyone will be able to express their opinions and cast their votes as they see fit.

If there is no funding, there is no development and if there is no development there is no dApp staking is simple, thank you William.


If you are not willing to do new development, don’t you deserve to be paid for dappstaking?

we finished all the development.

If Sirius has completed all development and will not make any new developments or improvements in the future, then I don’t think they deserve the reward of dappstaking.

Astar Docs says the following.

On the Astar/Shiden Network, dApp staking is how developers who build dApps can get compensated. By having a basic income, developers can keep building and improving their dApps.

Am I wrong in my perception?


You can stop Dapp staking, but please refrain from smearing our project. We’re thriving and currently the largest stablecoin trading platform on the Astar network.Thanks

Hello, @williamm,

I am really in favor of @gemo’ message, he is totally right. We are in the world of technology where everything evolves very fast, and especially in web3 where the ecosystem is improving every day. Don’t take it personally, but to say that Sirius finance has already reached its peak of development is totally wrong, not even big financial products like Binance or Coinbase have reached such a point, updates are constant.

From my side, I am reading about you and I see favorable numbers, some things are still not totally clear to me but I am still researching.

I think we are missing a more macro view of the matter, to know everything that is happening around your product, a report would be good for us, maybe more concrete data. Thanks

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I also feel that @gemo 's opinion is valid.

I haven’t been actively engaged in the community, so I’m unaware of the internal situation.
However, continuously providing dApp staking rewards to a dApp that has declared all development as completed and foresees no further improvements is akin to continually giving scholarships to graduates. My point doesn’t concern the usefulness of the services provided by Sirius finance’s product. I’m not criticizing the product itself.

The freedom to decide where to stake lies with the stakers. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to stake. In that sense, dApp staking v3 could be an educational update for stakers. However, my concern is about the situation where a dApp that has finished development with no future improvements is listed as a candidate for staking. I feel that this situation is not ideal.

In other words, it’s about whether to exclude from the menu dishes that have been decided not to be served even if ordered.