Proposal to use the ethereums which are currently blocked in the lockdrops 1 and 2 to create a crowdloan for the parachain auctions

Do you think it would be possible to use the ethereums that are currently blocked in the lockdrop 1 and 2, by converting them to KSM or DOT, in order to create a crowdloan that could be used to win the kusama or Polkadot auctions?

In return,the investors of the lockdrops 1 and 2 who will give their agreements to convert their ethereum to KUSAMA or DOT, will receive SDN or PLM tokens as a reward.

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This is technically impossible since ETH is locked on our smart contract where only user can move/withdraw ETH. Thanks for making the topic but it is not possible.


that,s two sides,whatever you deal with any useful technology,can,t combine ETH & DOT as be one

Close this post because this is technically impossible.