Trezor Lockdrop

I used for lockdrop metamask but signed with a trezor. I have also used that automaticly generated PLM address.
I did not receive any seed for this address. How I can log in into Polkadot.js with my Trezor and that generated address?

Since the seed is stored in your Tether securely, you don’t need to have another seed address. This can be a good reference How to use Ledger with Polkadot - YouTube

There is now such feature on Trezor to install Polkadot app. So how do I get PLM wallet to polkadot.js?

Your address will be generated from the private key on your Trezor. Then you can access the wallet through our portal and even send it to another one you created outside your Trezor.

The issue is that, smart contract has been signed over the Metamask where the Trezor was connected (the ETHs were in Trezor). So that wallet where PLM went, has been generated from Trezor’s seed.

But there is an issue. The seed in this Trezor was using 24 words + 1 cypher phrase. As far as I know, PLM wallet support ono 12 or 24 words.

Is there anything what I can do ?

I found out that seed it not an issue.
The current problem is that I am doing import of multisig wallet (more wallets under one seed). Is there a way how Polkadot/Astar will solve it?

I’ll ask our lead dev @hoonkim to answer this.


Unfortunately you cannot import multi sig wallets for Astar’s ECDSA account. However with the custom signature pallet, it is possible to sign a transaction directly with your Trezor without exporting your private keys. Please try using our MetaMask connect option in the Astar portal. I hope this information helps