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“Undoomed” is a play2earn tower defense blockchain game produced by Croesus Studio , a game of the players, by the players and for the players. The main goals of our project are Fairness and Playability.

Fairness: More of 70% of our token will be minted by the players, everyday the COSS token will be distributed among all the players that have join the battle that day according to their results and the total number of players who have joined. More players mean more tokens will be distributed with a limit of 5000 COSS per day (of a total of 21mill tokens supply).

Playability: Undoomed is not an idle game, all the decision the player makes have a huge influence on the battle results, therefore in their COSS token rewards. Players need to mint NFT Heroes (using ASTR token), stake those Heroes to get Crystals (our in-game currency), in order to recruit troops that the Heroes will lead into battle. The more enemy attack waves the players survive, the higher reputation points they will get. This reputation points will transform in COSS token at the end of the day.

Our game is ready to launch, currently in open testing phase on Shibuya network, you can join here:

Team Members

JIMMY :- Co-founder. Product and Tokenomics
BERNIE:- Co-founder . Game Engineering
YING:- Co-founder. Game Design
HUMBERTO: Business Development
ANN: Community Lead

More info on the Team here: Croesus Studio - WIKI



4% Liquidity

3% Private Round*

8% Team**

4% IDO

5% Ecosystem

76% Play2earn

  • 6 months lock up followed by 2 quarterly releases of 50% (1 year)

** 8 months lock up followed by 10 monthly releases of 10% (1.5 years)

For detailed info on our Tokenomics you can check here Tokenomics - WIKI

Next Steps:

Contracts Audit

NFTs Sale


Game Launch

NFT market integration

For Detailed info on our Roadmap you can check here RoadMap - WIKI

What we requested :

Dapp Staking Listing

Backer and investors introduction

Arthswap connection

Network Integration

WEBSITE http://undoomed.space


TWITTER https://twitter.com/UndoomedGameFi
DISCORD Undoomed
TELEGRAM Telegram: Contact @Undoomed
WIKI https://docs.undoomed.space

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