Unstoppable Grants Proposal: ApeXChimpz (AXC) + full IP

That’s awesome. I like your move, and we have the same vision that users should stake because they trust instead because are getting benefits which maybe not bring value to the whole ecosystem.

Looking forward for more updates.

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Congratulations keep building, we look forward to future updates. WAGMI

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GM @Moon-Bearer :gorilla:

ApeXChimpz joined the Unstoppable community grant program at the beginning of November.

How has the development of your project gone over the past month? Have you made any progress?

It’s also that time of the month to share your monthly check-in with us, as required by the UCG program .

Please share with us:

  • Your progress and what you’re working on;
  • Have you reached the milestones set out in your proposal and, if not, why not?
  • What are your next milestones and how do you feel about achieving them?
  • If you have sold tokens, please indicate the quantity and price at which they were sold, the hash of the transaction and the reason for the sale.

You can find inspiration in the report created by SFY Labs.


Dear ASTAR community,
GM @Gaius_sama ,

Thank you for the request and the interest in our overall progress in AXC.

I am happy to share some updates with all of you (the ones that I can share :wink: ).

Overall we can split the progress topics in two different categories of technical and social progress overview. I believe that both are important because you cant build on tech alone when you don’t work on growing your social capital.

So let’s jump into technical progress first and see what we have done in the last weeks that has somewhat a technical background:

  • EVM-connect-NFT
    We sent out NFTs to all our NFT holders with instructions to burn that NFT and leave their EVM address in the burn-memo. This way we already prepare for migration by connecting a KSM account with an EVM destination address.

  • Progress of EVM-connect-NFT
    By now over 300 accounts have connected their Substrate address.
    Please go and check your KSM account on https://singular.app/ to see if you also received the NFT and can take action.

  • BIG TOPIC: dApp ///all natural/// reward program
    We have created and implemented a reward program for all dApp stakers in our AXC dApp. This program does NOT rely on $ or $ASTR payouts to stakers but on modularNFT rewards.
    Or in other words: You stake in our dApp, you receive FREE NFTs from our project monthly. The program is set up to bring an upside to our NFT holders and boost their rewards. But it also includes people who are new to our project and delivers them exposure for free.

    EVERY account with at least 1000$ ASTR in staking receives monthly free NFTs from us. Please visit this page to get a complete overview of the rewards and how they are calculated. dApping with AXC — apeXchimpz
    SImple most important takeaway: We reward support in our dApp with our own product so people who support what we build, can actually use the product that we build. Also the base rewards in the fruit baskets can vary from equippables to XChimpz, to other NFTs.
    If you have any questions or would want to read more about this, please join the discussion here: https://discord.gg/jDurwwJWJT

    Oh by the way…the fruit baskets of this current staking season will all include the equippable ASTAR Hoodies for the XChimpz! Again, there will be 4300 XChimpz and currently only 181 stakers will receive the items for them…. Supply Shock?
    Take a peak here to FoMo into our dApp and get yourself some free equippables:

  • Stakers in our dApp
    The support in our dApp has grown to 181 stakers at the moment of me writing this.
    I believe that this is a remarkable success. The progress is also very good. In the last 10 days we could see 40 new stakers backing our efforts.
    It will be interesting to see all this evolving, when the first reward NFTs are delivered after staking season 1 (end of december), and the people see what is happening.

  • BIG TOPIC: Stake read-outs
    We have created a script that can read out all staking addresses and their NFT holdings to calculate which reward NFT who would receive. This includes scanning for different NFTs and adding up their values in our reward programm + their boosts. As you can stake from EVM and from Substrate, the script covers both. It is actually a much bigger win, than I can describe it here because this is the automation which our whole dApp-reward-system is based on. We have plans to make this accessible to more projects on ASTAR too.

OK so this was an overview about the technical progress or topics that include code or some sort of technical component.
Lets have a look at social developments which I believe is a very important part.

After a long time of very little interactions on socials, we picked the ball back up since ASTAR EVM went live on Singular and we could finally start our moves.

  • BIG TOPIC: Engagement
    The engagement on our socials is climbing constantly. We see more interaction and followers on our posts on X and more activity in our Discord too. Obviously this isnt anywhere near bull market hype, but that’s alright and we have a lot of room to keep getting better. Our engagement rate on X is currently between 5.1 and a staggering 12.9%!

    Sometimes it is hard to put doings in the social sector into KPIs and results of great communication + making friends with other projects, will only show weeks later. Very happy about the progress here.

    Obviously all our social activity is directed towards ASTAR and as our follower numbers and engagement are growing, ASTAR visibility is growing.

  • Making friends in the ASTAR ECO
    Building together is way more fun. Also we are big believers of creating a vivid NFT environment on ASTAR to turn more eyes towards this eco. This we have in common with many projects on ASTAR and also with the fine people of Neurolanche X Labs ASTAR-Strike. Since Wednesday all our NFT holders have access to playing ASTAR-Strike. No doubt this is also a great way to bring them all even closer to ASTAR. See here: https://twitter.com/neurolanche/status/1732369340496769154

    There are other friendships developing and plans being worked on…but that would be for the next update because the news are not out yet :wink:

  • Overall the community is very positive towards our move to ASTAR EVM and we can feel this by the growing trust in our doings and the volume/amount of NFTs that are being bought. When you look at the SIngular sales bot that is reporting all the sales from singular, you will see that the amount of AXC NFTs being traded is dwarfing any other sales numbers and people keep buying Bananas in anticipation of the XChimpz which the NaNas will turn into when we migrated. Telegram bot: Telegram: Contact @singular_sales_rt

Alright, so this was a bit of a lengthy overview of our dealings of the last 6 weeks.

For the next weeks we are in the final stages of preparing our APE collection for migration.
Afterwards the migration of the BuffChimpz will happen.

Obviously we will keep pushing on the social front and to engage more + breach out into more directions. (Like the Japanese community for example).

It is vital that we don’t just cater to the people who already own our NFTs and know us, but also that people who might only be on the ASTAR side, get to know us and expect and await our NFTs and our community, when we migrate over.

SO yeah, keeping busy and thrusting forwards and upwards.

I would like to welcome each and everyone of you in our community. Please feel free to follow us on X->https://twitter.com/apeXchimpz

and jump into our Discord → apeXchimpz | AXC

Also I am happy to answer all questions that might arise and help you get an overview of our project lineup which will get a major spring cleaning with our migration, to be easily graspable.

Thank you for reading all this and for supporting us in whichever way possible.
If you stake in our dApp or have input or ideas….very happy to hear it all and get deeper and deeper into ASTAR.

Have a great weekend!


Thank you for the update. I have a few additional questions.

  1. In terms of social growth, do you have any targets? For example, how many people will you have within the next few months, etc.

  2. In addition to question 1, what are your plans to achieve that goal?

  3. What are your contingency plans if the situation does not go according to plan?


Hello @BoomBLB ,

thanks for your questions.

1: Keep growing engagement is currently our main goal. Currently we are at very solid 5.5% on X over the last 28 days. (1-5% is considered good engagement rate in 2023)
September was 3.8%
October was 4.9%
November was 5.1%

Growing engagement with our project is indicator for us how well our doings (like coops and news) are received and ultimately also how well we can integrate us in the community on and around ASTAR.

2: Find our place amongst the other projects on ASTAR, cooperate with them and engage in partnerships that bring an upside to all parties involved. (Like now with Neurolanche). This besides delivering our Products which will create traction as well.
(The sales of Bananas on the 2ndary market are a very good sign for this)

3: We have a long term vision that we want to achieve. If something we set out to do, doesnt work, we learn from it and find a new angle of attack. Especially in Crypto being agile is very important for smaller projects. When you are a big company and can only move slowly, it obviously is a different situation.


Thanks for update my dear friend. I am really happy to see your updates


Good job you have been covering this time, I will review your progress in more detail in the future.


Thank you so much for your clarification =)


Excellent update, I think the team is hitting the mark, rewarding stakers with NFT is really exciting.

On the other hand the migration issue is something really complicated for the basic user, I hope they can do it without any problem.

Also creating community is really challenging, but I think they are on the right track, making partnerships with projects within Astar or other ecos will certainly attract the eyes of new participants.

Keep it up!


Gm @Moon-Bearer and Happy New Year! :star2:

It’s your 2nd month in the UCG program and also time to share your #2 monthly check-in with us, as required by the UCG program .

Please share with us:

  • Your progress and what you’re working on;
  • Have you reached the milestones set out in your proposal and, if not, why not?
  • What are your next milestones and how do you feel about achieving them?
  • If you have sold tokens, please indicate the quantity and price at which they were sold, the hash of the transaction and the reason for the sale.

Thank you!


Anxious to see how things go on this project :nerd_face:


Sorry for the bit late reply here.

We have been busy to finalise the steps for the APE migration to ASTAR EVM.

The migration now successfully started and we have the first of our OG APEs on ASTAR EVM:

NOTEWORTHY: The migration of the NFTs is pretty much FREE for all our holders.
Only one BURN TX on KSM is needed to trigger the mint and recieve on the ASTAR EVM end.


You can now find the APEs here:

In the next days we will follow up with the distribution of the Tickets/Vouchers and Fruit Baskets to our dApp stakers. These NFTs can then be traded or later be redeemed for equippable items for the XCHimpz.

Migration of the BuffCHimpz is the next in line after this.
Pretty big step and pretty big steps ahead!

Busy doing and building.

I believe I would want to keep this months update this brief as it actually packs a big punch even though its just very brief.

Looking forward to the next steps!



GM everyone :slight_smile:

We just posted another update in our Discord:

If you arent in the Channel yet, happy to welcome you via this link:


Thank you for the report!
I’ll join Discord right away and check it out.



Let me know if you happen to have any questions. Always good to get feedback to improve the way of communicating.


Appreciated your update, keep up the good work!


For sure!

We are just preparing our NFT collection on EVM for the WOWchers tonight.
The WOWchers are the “Tickets” our dApp dApp stakers receive for backing the project.

Later when the XChimpz are live, our community can turn the vouchers into equippables.

Actually I just uploaded two artworks for the WOWchers to our dApp just now

Distribution of the WOWchers will start tomorrow with the highest tier one, the APEic WOWcher. Next day, next tier…


Great news! Thank you for submitting the report. Reading your publication I see that you have achieved significant growth, I applaud you for that because it speaks of your effort, congratulations!

AXC can now help creators on Singular on Kusama, to migrate their collections to ASTAR EVM.

We have built the “white glove service” migration and can onboard creators into ASTAR EVM!

Thats a HUGE step forwards to strengthen and grow the NFT culture on ASTAR.

Yumi will be the first collection that we will help to join us.