Wyvern: a proven secure protocol for building marketplace

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For the ASTAR ecosystem to be able to ride on an audited and trusted exchange contract without the need to spend a lot of effort to build a new one and also get well documented SDK to build their own marketplace.

Accompanying this implementation will be documented adaptations of the 721 and 1155 contracts that are compatible with the exchange in which the community can leverage on to create new NFTs.


Wyvern V3.1 adaptation on the ASTAR network.

The objective is to create an audited NFT marketplace protocol in which anybody on ASTAR who wish to build a marketplace can simply connect via a simple to use frontend Javascript SDK without the need to build a marketplace contract from scratch.

Wyvern V3 is a proven marketplace protocol that has already be deployed on both the the Binance Smart Chain (aka. BNB Chain) and the Ethereal Main net supporting Manga Token’s Manga NFT Marketplace known as Trophee.

History of Wyvern:

Wyvern is a peer to peer exchange protocol for NFTs. It was first developed in 2018 with Opensea is the most active user on Ethereum main net. Ever since then, there has been many improvements made to the Wyvern protocol and it has evolved up to version 3.1. The key purpose of Wyvern is to take care of the complexities involved in building a secure marketplace and allow its partners to focus on user experience and their business.

Features of Wyvern:

  • Auction any kind of item: Trade any kind of nonfungible asset — from rare virtual kittens to ENS names, land rights, or even smart contracts.

  • Buy & sell in any configuration: Trade ERC20 tokens, ERC721 NFTs, or custom assets in any combination

  • Trade mixed set of assets: Trade three Cryptokitties for a pack of Gods Unchained trading cards, and perhaps add in a few DAI to sweeten the deal.

Output of this project:

  • an adapted Wyvern 3.1 exchange protocol on Astar

  • associated compatible NFT standards 721 & 1155 examples

  • a simple to use Javascript SDK for marketplace frontend implementations

  • Audit of the adapted Wyvern 3.1 exchange


Manga Token team

What’s Manga Token?

Manga Token is a reward, payment and staking token for the manga industry to facilitate supporting your favourite manga artists through a new form of digital merchandise called Manga NFTs and we are building the world largest Manga NFT marketplace for authentic manga collectibles from original manga artists. We are on both the BNB Chain (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain) and Ethereum main net respectively as BEP20 & ERC20 tokens.

Technical Achievement:

We are the first to rebuild the Wyvern Protocol V3 along with a brand new JS SDK from scratch and a compatible 1155 contract on the BNB Chain.

Wyvern Protocol V3 reference:

Trophee Wyvern Exchange git:

Trophee 1155 standard git:

Our business:

We are running our very own Manga NFT marketplace for manga artists (mangaka) to launch their own manga digital collectibles. Not limited to only art (for example image files), we support various files formats like PDF, music, video and zipped files to give mangaka the freedom to express themselves as some might wish to issue “thank you” notes as a collectible in the form of writing, audio note or even in video recording.

Trophee.xyz is our NFT marketplace that runs on both the Ethereum main net and BNB Chain. In a few weeks, we will also be launching our manga reader on Trophee in which fans can play a part in translating manga from Japanese to any other languages for other fans to read.

Trophee URL:

Git repo:

Manga Token Team:

Name: Elvin Li

Role: CEO

Biography: In 2007, Elvin Li founded ZelRealm Interactive. Since then, he has continued his endeavor garnering over 13 years of experience in the software industry in various technical and management positions across several companies. He was appointed as the Head of Research & Development at Reebonz, helping manage, plan, and create new digital solutions with management alignment. Elvin has also worked as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Kwerkee, overseeing, designing, constructing, and evaluating e-commerce product implementations. And since July 2019, he has been the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of 2359 Media, responsible for growth and acquisitions, investor relations, and business and digital transformation for clients.

Name: Young Shin

Role: CFO

Biography: A serial entrepreneur with more than 12 years of chief executive experience. In 2008, Young founded Mayn Interactive and became its Chief Executive Officer. Mayn Interactive eventually got acquired by Smilegate, one of the five high-grossing video game developers and publishers in Korea. He subsequently became the Chief Executive Officer of Smilegate Europe and published Crossfire, the world’s most played online first-person shooter game in Europe which was first released in South Korea on May 3, 2007. With over 8 million users and 650 million registered players, Crossfire was a success as it topped charts, making it one of the highest-grossing video games of all time.

Name: Hiroaki Ikegami

Role: Content Director

Biography: Hiroaki is Japan’s most sought-after producer, having experience as a licensed agent of Marvel Japan and Universal Studio in the early stage of his career. Since 2008, Hiroaki has been representing Japanese IP owners, authors, and creators, producing animation/ live-action films, manga, and games with Hollywood and Chinese partners. He has since produced six films & two TV Series and is now grooming seven authors and manga artists.

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