Poll: Whether We Should Issue SDN Tokens to the 2nd Lockdrop Unclaimed People?

Hello everyone. We announced to launch Shiden Network as a Kusama Parachain last week. And the topic I would like to discuss here is whether we should issue SDN tokens to unclaimed people during the 2nd lockdrop or not.

As we discussed, we don’t and won’t issue PLM tokens to unclaimed people during the second lockdrop. See our poll: Poll: Whether We Should Issue Token for Unclaimed Participants of Lockdrop#2 or Not

The difference between Shiden and Plasm
A good thing of Shiden Network is that Shiden is not launched yet. So, there is a possibility to issue tokens for unclaimed people at the genesis block. (Plasm has been running and the token economics and token number have been decided. If we issue tokens for unclaimed people, the community portion or the core team portion will be diluted.) However, we didn’t decide the total supply of Shiden and the network hasn’t launched yet. It might be possible to issue SDN for unclaimed people without hurting the existing token economics?

The good thing is that we can invite all lockdrop participants. But the bad thing is that it takes a long time and our resource to do this. According to our dev, taking snapshot of chain storage is not enough and have to make additional issue manually.

※ Please write your opinion here with your reason. We don’t need an answer just saying Yes!/No!


Only PLM holders shd get SDN. Those who didnt claim their PLM are not PLM holders and they shall not be rewarded with SDN.

Also, this will ensure the same amount of tokens on both PLM and SDN.


It seems a little strange to me to discuss this.

Only PLM holders can get SDN tokens.

They are not PLM holders.

I think this question is closed and team spends too much time on it because of people who can’t read the instructions.


In conclusion, I’m against distributing SDN to second-time lockdrop unclaimed people.
I thought it was a good idea as a remedy for the second lock drop unclaimed person.
I think the reason is that the resources of the core team should be used for the shortest route to the completion of the Plasm Network.
I think it’s extremely important to take good care of the people who participate in the community, including rock drops.
However, the current blockchain community is Genesis and presupposes IT knowledge and information gathering ability. Of course, it is necessary to improve this situation in an efficient way.I don’t think we should allocate core team resources to inefficient work to make up for it.


as many of the members have said, I do think it’s fair to consider that the people who didn’t claim their tokens as non-PLM holders. Because we want to reward only the PLM holders while maintaining the token economics, I am against the idea of issuing tokens for the unclaimed participants.

However, if we want to prevent alienating the Plasm community while keeping things fair for both the economics and the unclaimed participants, I think it would be an interesting idea to give them a bonus reward that is based on the unclaimed PLM token amount (not the number locked ETH, but the calculated PLM tokens recorded by the oracles, which will only account for the ETH price at the time) if they support Shiden for the Kusama auction via the Crowdloan module (i.e., the KSM lockdrop participants). Basically, instead of just issuing tokens, we can give those people another chance by providing a bonus reward to the KSM lockdrop participants with unclaimed PLMs based on the event records on Plasm.
This method will only be applicable to participants who hold KSM while having unclaimed PLM tokens, which I think it’s fair to say that they are willing to support our network and our community. We should also keep the bonus rate low for unclaimed 2nd lockdrop participants so that it won’t disincentivize people who already claimed for the 2nd lockdrop and have participated in the KSM lockdrop as well.

Of course, doing this means more work on the developer side (this will mostly happen by distributing the bonus via an external script after the auction), and I would not recommend it on a grand scheme of things. But I thought it would be fun to throw my random idea out here to get the conversation going :stuck_out_tongue:


I think people are missing the point of token economics. All people who want to claim their PLM only want what was agreed during the lockdrop. No more no less. If everyone received their tokens then that would be the token economics. That would be the supply. There was a vote to issue PLM to unclaimed people therefore it can be done. The vote of 45 people is the small and insignificant part in all of this. Not the 700 people that need the team to step up and supply them with the PLM that they locked their Eth to receive and what ever the team would have done to issue these if the non-significant vote was actually indicative of a community of over 10000 people should be done. Greed of current token holders who feel their investment will somehow be diluted if the ‘insignicant’ 700 people receive their tokens should not be the focus of the team. You can’t have it both ways. Either 700 people are insignificant and a vote of 45 is significant or actually the 700 people are significant and the 45 person vote is not. If the decision is that 45 people is significant and the 700 is not significant then there is no argument that these insignicant number of people should receive their PLM because the word insignificant means it will not affect other investors. Please Team can you do the right thing by your supporters. Thanks again.


If a decision about issuing SDN may mean more work for the team let’s make it easy for the team and presuming the team already had a plan in place to issue PLM if the ‘vote’ was yes then let’s just do that and save the team any unnecessary extra work. Makes sense and will allow the team to get on with other work. An excellent point Sota, I agree the team should focus on the project so let’s make it easy and instead of more work lets put in place the original plan thus meaning no more extra work for the team. Thanks again.

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Either way as a person affected by the decision not to open the lockdrop 2 claim I am all for a token allocation based on PLM calculated from the lockdrop. Still think supporters should get the PLM they invested their Eth to receive though. I am really excited by this discussion. Thanks again.


Please do not make multiple replies. Please make it one.


As Shiden Network is a canary for Plasm network with all the same functionality I think token economic and total supply should be the same as in Plasm network. So my opinion is that SDN should be issued only for those who hold PLM token.


Only PLM holders have the right to receive airdropped SDN tokens right? And only the people that claimed had the right to receive PLM, so it should be the same for SDN.

Basically the same as the KSM airdrop for initial DOT holders. Very straightforward if you ask me.


Only PLM holders shd get SDN +++++


The community needs more new people, so we should learn from UNI and release it to more new participants

If you don’t own any PLM tokens in your PLM wallet you don’t deserve to own SDN tokens


The logic wants only PLM holders have the right to receive SDN tokens.

The opposite would be a serious credibility error for SDN network.


PLM Holders are part of the community. I do not support any decision in support for providing any token related to this project to non-plm holders. Again, we need to discuss this again just because ONE person is making noise is ridiculous. 7% lost their chance 3 times!!!. There is no such thing as “4th time is the charm”. #claimedmyplm


new people will come into the community with the next lockdrop.

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It’s really interesting reading all the above comments. I know most of you think I’m annoying and are crying about my situation. Yes probably both are true however why are people so passionate about something that doesn’t affect them. I honestly don’t think you are greedy or anything like that but the only reason to be shouting everyone down very much seems like greed. If 100% of people claimed PLM correctly during lockdrop 2 then none of your reasoning makes any sense. The fact some didn’t and you don’t want them to can mean only one thing. All those points aside, the battle seems lost on allowing lockdrop 2 claims to reopen even though the people who voted didn’t even know what the team was going to do if the vote was yes. A little strange none of the super engaged active community members didn’t ask…

Anyway the matter of SDN tokens. This should be a decision made by the team and team alone. I will be happy to accept any decision made by the team. I think they should drop it to all people who locked funds in any lockdrop phase irrespective of their claim status and if the team really does care about the whole community I would like to think they can discuss the option of giving people who didn’t claim correctly during lockdrop 2 more tokens to show goodwill and support to all. All the correct claimers can keep all their PLM so they should be happy with this resolution. I think voting on this issue is pointless and the team should make the final decision. Look forward to reading more good debate on this topic but that’s my 2 cents worth.


Only PLM holders can get SDN tokens.
It should looks like option to claim SDN for PLM

First off, I think it’s awesome and really appreciate that you have chosen to include the early supporters in the Shiden Network release.

I’d be happy with whatever the team decides on who to include in this one.

Best of luck with the upcoming exciting times and developments for both projects!