Proposal: Web3 Weekends Tashkent . Series of 6 Workshops to educate the local developers community about Astar Network and WASM

Proposal: Web3 Weekends Tashkent . Series of 6 Workshops to educate the local developers community about Astar Network and WASM.
Proponent: Alex PromoTeam
Date: 24/02/2023
Requested allocation: 6x500$ = 3000$ (USDT/ASTR ) + Options (950$)

Short description:

Central Asia and especially Uzbekistan is facing exponential growth of IT activity and developers community. But there are almost no blockchain specialists here. We want to solve this problem and introduce the Astar Network and Wasm to the youth and growing Uzbekistan developers community. We already collaborated with the local government agency that regulates crypto and blockchain activity and Tashkent IT-Park. We invited talented Senior Blockchain Developer Eugene Piker to Tashkent to make this meetups and workshops on a high educational level. We already have 100+ local developers community (in telegram - Telegram: Contact @web3weekends and Linkedin ) Those, who want to learn EVM and WASM smart contracts, and are going to increase it at least to 300+ till the end of this Workshop Series. We are going to start March 2023 and do all workshops March-April 2023 on weekends.

My contacts:
Telegram - @AlexPromoTeam
Discord - AlexPromoTeam#0488


  1. Venue for 50+ Visitors (and more if needed) . With Equipment , good location , sound, projector. 1,5 hours full rent - 200$.
  2. Pizza and drinks - 100$.
  3. Marketing, invitations, promotion of the event and 1 assistant to guide people etc - 50$
  4. Photo and Video + editing and posting. We are going to make these Workshops as videos and post it online for those who can’t attend the meeting - 50$.
  5. Eugene Piker reward - 100$
    Totally - 500$ x 6 Workshops = 3000$
  6. Optionally. We can make Astar swag and give it to most active attendees - 500$
  7. Optionally. We are also going to make NFT certificates to praise the active attendees. We are going to mint it on RMRK 2.0 Design and minting costs - 200$.
  8. Optionally. Invitation of Dmitry @x7CFE to Tashkent as Astar Core Dev to tell something interesting about the Astar and WASM, make networking and answer the questions. Tickets - 150$, Hotel - 100$

Here are the topics of Workshops:

  1. Astar Network EVM NFT Minting
    2.How to make smart contract on EVM
    3.How to make smart contract on WASM
    4.How to make DEX (basic Uniswap V2) on Shibuya EVM
  2. What is dApp Staking and Build2Earn program how it works
  3. What is XCM and how does it works. How to make XCM transactions.

Eugene Piker СV
Blockchain analytics and programming: over 7 years
Haskell programming: over 12 years
C programming: over 18 years
Rust programming over 4 years
Substrate development over 3 years

Blockchain: bitcoin-ng, hashgraph, DAG, Ledger DAG, Sharding, SideChain, OffChain methods and smarts, Scriptless scripts, Bitcoin script
Proofs: BFT, Work, Stake, Burn, Authority, Activity, variants (leased, delegated, voted …)

Substrate development, polkadot, pallet development, extending consensus in substrate
Parachain development, parachain registration by bidding, locally by sudo, direct inclusion of wasm inside relay genesis
Creating custom relay chain and running parachain on it, for tests and production
Also including parachain in relaychain genesis state it self

Introduce the Astar Network and its key features to Uzbekistan developers community
Get at least 50 Visitors every Workshop
Grow the local Substrate and WASM devs community ( 300+ members)
Productive contacts with Astar core team 5-10+
New Astar Ambassadors - 1-3+
Article and Video content to increase the effect of the event.
Astar Network Brand recognition and value increasing.


Thanks for wanting to do this. This is the kind of activities that can bring value. We can use the Community Rewards funds for this.

By the way, since you are doing 6 workshops, are you going to discuss the same topics on all workshops for the same group of people or different group of people for each session?


looks valuable workshops and initiative for Astar. just wondering if someone will also be at the workshop in person except for Eugene? I guess it is a 5 hour workshop session per day? Will there be any registration fee for the participants or stuff to bring for the workshop (f.x., laptop)?

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Seems interesting! We need more such initiatives planned across countries… thanks for setting this… its a learning for me, and i would love to do something similar here as well!


This initiative is great. I only think you can live stream the event to reach a wider audience.

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Every workshop is the one topic
We hope to create the community of developers , of course there can be different people from one event to another, but we hope there will be core audience, who will be interesting educate themself in EVM and WASM.
We also have idea to make the developers team here.

There will be host - me, speaker - Eugene and 1 assistant. We plan to do 1,5-2 hour workshops. We have telegram group especially for this workshop series , and we also have google form to registrate, but we decide how to operate it best.

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its not so easy to make such a workshop online because you need 2 cameras, but we are planing to record it and make the videos for those who cant attend


Great initiative. Price is very reasonable for 6 workshops. I would like to know the turnout, just for interest.
Plus materials for these workshops could be used by other community members who decide they want to do the same in their hometowns.

I will inform here how this initiative will go and what results will be

I support this proposal well written and detailed! Full support!


also I cannot be located there in person, but it would be great if the materials and recordings can be shared with the community (or public)! great!

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@0xRamz @Maarten

Shall we proceed with this by using the community rewards funds?

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Given the scope, reputation of team and listed deliverables, this is a yes for me. Community rewards should be used in this case as well.

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Great initiative, we need more valuable exposure like this!

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Yes, this will be with community rewards fund.


Please proceed with the events and make a report on this thread after each event.

  1. Date and location of the event.
  2. Number of participants.
  3. Topics of discussion.
  4. Link to the photos and videos of the event.
  5. Bills to support the expenses claim.
  6. Wallet address to receive the payment.
  7. Whatever that is relevant.

ok, I can prepare such a report after the event pls share

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We did the first event as a Proof of Concept. We get huge interest from the local community. First workshop attended the devs who want to learn new and students who want to learn new perspective skills . We hope to increase the audience of this workshops and the Web3 Devs local community.

Here is the links to photos and videos, pls like and share: